Guitar Chord Charts

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Guitar Chord Charts

Guitar Chord Charts

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How To Get Started With Guitar Chords

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Learn Left Handed Power Chords

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Guitar Chord Charts

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Guitar Chord Charts Templates

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Guitar Chord Chart For Beginners

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Guitar Chord Charts

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How To Use The Blank Guitar Chord Chart And Tab Template

This type of information sharing may be considered a “sale” of information under California privacy laws. Opting out of tailored advertising will opt you out of this “sale”. Read more in our Privacy Policy, Help Center and our Policy on Cookies and Similar Technologies. Chords are the foundation of music, and we think it’s never a bad idea to put your words to work when you’re stuck at home at those odd hours. Learning some new charts. We offer ukulele and guitar chord charts for you to learn and share with us! You can download the charts by clicking on them below…

For beginners, these charts look confusing with lots of random lines, dots and numbers. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

A guitar chord diagram represents the fretboard if the guitar were standing vertically and you were looking directly at it. The vertical lines represent the strings of the guitar. The strings from left to right (in standard tuning) are low E (6th string), A (5th), D (4th), G (3rd), B (2nd) and high E (1st chi).

The horizontal lines represent the curtain. The dots on the chart indicate where to place your fingers along with the numbers for each finger. Your index finger 1 and 2 are for your middle finger, 3 is for your ring finger, and 4 is for your pinky finger. If you see a “T” in a chord, that means playing the note with your thumb.

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You can also see the Xs and Os at the top of the chord chart. “X” means you mute or don’t play a string, and “O” instructs you to play that string open, with no fingers on that string.

Ukulele chord charts are similar to guitar, but with fewer strings (only 4). When the ukulele is standing upright, just like guitar chord charts, the strings are shown as vertical lines (left to right G C, E, A strings) and the frets are shown as horizontal lines.

Likewise, each point represents the position of your finger. So how should you position your fingers? You play the C string on the second fret, the E string on the third fret, and the A string on the second fret. And “O” instructs you to play that string open, with no fingers on that string. Just like the example above.

Guitar Chord Charts

Knowing how to read a chord chart correctly is an important step in any player’s development. Tag Ernie Ball (@ernieball) and share your jams on your social channels using the hashtag (#StayInAndPlay) and we’ll re-share your music on Ernie Ball’s Instagram. We’re all in this together and we invite you to #StayInAndPlay.

Chord Chart Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

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Chord Chart Png Images

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We use technologies such as cookies to customize content and advertising, provide social media features, and analyze site traffic. We also share information about your use of the Site with our trusted social media, advertising and analytics partners. By clicking “I agree” or continuing to use this website, you agree to this use. See details. One of the first skills that all guitarists learn is how to read a chord chart. These charts are very helpful in showing chord shapes and their fingerings. Luckily for us, it’s an easy skill to master and by the end of this article, you’ll be reading chord charts like a pro!

Before we get into what these numbers, dots, and letters mean, let’s take a look at a blank diagram and break it down first.

Guitar Chord Charts

Starting at the top, the thick black line represents the guitar nut (the white, sometimes cream-colored or black object that holds the strings up on the guitar):

Beginner Guitar Chord Charts

The boxes below the nut represent the different frets. First row

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