Haccp Plan Template Uk

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Haccp Plan Template Uk – The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system provides a systematic, globally recognized approach to reducing safety risks in the food production system.

Use a HACCP system to control potential biological, physical and chemical hazards that threaten the integrity of each of your food products. Each of your products or processes needs its own HACCP plan.

Haccp Plan Template Uk

Haccp Plan Template Uk

Every HACCP plan requires that you complete a number of prerequisite programs before you can begin building a HACCP system.

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This schedule varies according to the type and way you process your food. They usually include items such as:

The HACCP system is a team effort, and your HACCP plan is only as strong as your team.

This should also include employees on the operating floor. They add practical insight into the process and help identify any oversights. Involving these team members adds a sense of ownership to the HACCP process, which increases the likelihood that its implementation will be successful.

When writing your HACCP plan, keep the details specific but concise. Use direct, no-frills language. Your plan should be easy to understand and follow.

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Who buys food and why? This part of your product description will provide useful information for determining critical limits later.

Many food items can be described as food supplies for the general public who buy it to cook at home. However, if you make certain products, such as dairy-based infant formula, you will need to specifically identify them.

For example, to write a description of baby formula, you might include that the formula is designed to be mixed with water.

Haccp Plan Template Uk

The second step of your template requires you to identify opportunities and processes or product flows.

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Here, the HACCP team uses the product description, intended use and primary market to develop a complete description of the manufacturing process from start to finish.

A product flow diagram, or flowchart, simplifies the steps in the process. The diagram doesn’t need to include fine details at this point – that comes later.

The next step is to verify the flow diagram you created. Your team should provide this multiple times: you should visit the site where the system is located and walk through each step of the chart as you would during the manufacturing process (ie, walk the line).

Your verification step ensures that the flow chart includes all the practices and materials in the process so that you can identify each relevant control point in the following steps.

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If the process changes across shifts or seasons, your HACCP team should conduct at least one inspection during each version of the process. Multiple visits help create a more complete flow diagram.

Remember: If your commodity flow diagram is wrong, your HACCP plan will be ineffective. Take the time to verify and get it right the first time.

With the process flowchart complete, your next step is to evaluate it for hazards. Check each step identified in your flowchart for biological, chemical and/or environmental hazards.

Haccp Plan Template Uk

Threat analysis will help you determine which steps in your product flow are critical to protecting consumers. (See Principle 1 for more details.)

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Document the hazard type, probability, and control methods on the hazard analysis worksheet. Make sure you have the legal requirements to control each threat you identify.

With your process flow verified and threats identified, you’re ready to use a CCP decision tree to identify critical control points (CCPs) for each process step. You will find this explained in Principle 2.

A CCP is the point at which you must intervene to eliminate, reduce or prevent the threat to an acceptable level.

It is important to remember that one CCP can handle multiple threats and you may need multiple CCPs to control the same threat.

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The critical limit (see principle 3) represents an acceptable value (either maximum or minimum) for food safety.

If the values ​​you observe are outside the critical range, you face a greater risk to consumer health. Therefore, each significant limit should be as strict as any legal limit that applies to your method, if not more so.

After you complete your HACCP plan and for as long as the HACCP plan is in place, you will need to verify significant limits as well as monitoring and corrective actions.

Haccp Plan Template Uk

Monitoring is a planned sequence of measurements and observations that determine whether the CCP is in control. This is an important part of recordkeeping and future verification.

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Your monitoring process helps identify trends out of control, allowing you to take next steps (corrective actions) to avoid deviating from a critical threshold.

As you develop procedures, you should consider factors such as the number of critical control points as well as the complexity of preventive measures and monitoring.

Note that responsible employees must be trained in monitoring techniques and have a thorough understanding of the process’ objectives.

Ideally, they would be in a position to provide unbiased reports to ensure accuracy. Employees should never check their work.

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For example, if you work in meat production, the law may require items such as accepting only clean and healthy animals for slaughter and dressing.

Every plan developed in your organization needs validation and verification before it is guaranteed to be ready for use on the floor. These principles are described in 6.

It includes two activities. First, you verify that the HACCP plan will work as designed. This requires on-site work.

Haccp Plan Template Uk

Second, validation uses scientific and technical principles to identify whether the HACCP plan provides the necessary controls for identified threats.

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The same rule applies to monitoring: verification must be done by outsiders or team members who will not participate in daily monitoring or data collection.

Your HACCP plan will also identify future verification and validation points. Both frequency and method should be visible in the plan.

For example, if you run a meat or poultry operation within USDA scope, you may find that USDA inspectors conduct some verification activities. Both programs are required by the USDA.

Finally, identify necessary records and develop systems that keep them up to date (Principle 7). Both your team and the regulator need it.

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An example is the HACCP plan (seafood industry) which includes critical limits, monitoring, corrective action and verification for a CCP. View and download the HACCP scheme template.

Without a consistent paper or digital log, you’ll lose important information about your product and, if any deviations lead to consequences, you could be subject to penalties.

Keeping the paperwork simple is helpful. Then, it will be easy to read, complete and keep updated. Each record must identify the person in charge of that record.

Haccp Plan Template Uk

Ultimately, your HACCP plan is complete—but it’s only as good as your implementation. Your HACCP system helps you monitor critical control points to prevent a slide toward chaos.

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It’s important not to underestimate the importance of your paperwork as well as the value of verification and validation throughout the process. These are important for regulatory compliance and certification More importantly, they help you ensure that your system works as designed.

Don’t forget: Digital recordkeeping and data management software can simplify your HACCP system maintenance and make compliance more manageable.

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HACCP • 9 min Read What to Expect from the HACCP Certification Process Checklist • 3 min Read the HACCP Checklist to Improve Your Food Safety Program. To ensure general sanitary condition of food business. However, HACCP studies can identify certain prerequisites that are critical to food safety for controlling a particular hazard and are referred to as ‘operational prerequisites’ or ‘OPRs’.

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For example, sterilization of a piece of equipment may be identified as important for hazard control.

O157. If there is no control over the subsequent spread of this bacteria, this prerequisite is described as an ‘operational prerequisite’ as it is necessary for safe food production.

The flow chart shows an example of a decision tree for identifying critical control points (CCPs). The chart consists of labeled boxes connected to each other by arrows, showing multiple questions with yes or no answers. Answer the questions in order to determine if a particular step in your process is a critical control point.

Haccp Plan Template Uk

Question 2. Is the measure specifically designed to eliminate or reduce the potential occurrence of the hazard to an acceptable level? (The HACCP plan must define acceptable and unacceptable levels within the overall objectives of CCP detection.)

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Question 3. Does the contamination with identified hazards exceed the acceptable level(s) or does it rise to unacceptable levels? (Acceptable and unacceptable levels must be defined within the overall objectives of CCP detection

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