How Much Do We Owe

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How Much Do We Owe – An urgent rethink of how we help each other prosper, from one of the leading policy experts of our time

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all participate in the social contract every day through our families, communities, workplaces and mutual obligations among our citizens. Caring for others, paying taxes, and receiving the benefits of public services define the social contract that sustains and binds us as a society. Today, however, our social contract is being disrupted by changes in gender roles, technology, new work models, aging populations and the threat of climate change.

How Much Do We Owe

How Much Do We Owe

Minochet Shafiq guides us through all the stages of life we ​​go through (parenting, education, illness, labor, aging) and shows us how to rebuild society. She shows, based on evidence and examples from around the world, how all nations can provide their citizens with basic comforts that allow them to live decent lives and contribute to society. But we owe each other more than that. A more tolerant and inclusive society will collectively share more risks and ask everyone to contribute as much as they can to help them reach their full potential. What we give each other identifies key elements of a better social contract that recognizes our interdependence, supports and invests in each other more, and expects more individuals in return. .

What We Owe To Each Other T.m. Scanlon First Edition Signed

A powerful, optimistic, thought-provoking book that offers practical solutions to current challenges and shows how we can build a better society together.

Minoche Shafiq is Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has served as Vice President of the World Bank, Undersecretary of the Department for International Development, Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and Vice President of the Bank of England.

“In this wise and lucid book, she calls for a new social contract based on her three principles: security for all, investment in competence, and the efficient and fair sharing of risk. -Martin Wolfe, Financial Times

“In his new book, What We Owe Each Other: A New Social Contract, Minoche Shafik revisits our position and quotes Yeats.

Longtermism: William Macaskill And Robert Wright Debate Elon Musk’s Philosophy Of Choice

“Provides a compelling diagnosis of current social ills and offers many suggestions on what policymakers can do.” -Diane Coyle, Financial Times

“The books dealing with the social contract are often comforting, even sloppy. They quote Rousseau and construct grand theories. , is simply defining a social contract: behave as we can expect from each other in society.” – Julian Damon, Telos

“What we owe each other … clarifying why, when and how government policies can help society achieve its goals. Drawing on its extensive experience and extensive academic research, it provides more preparation to advocate for new commitments to a stronger society. I would cautiously hold out hope that it is possible.” -Andrew Stevens, Christian Century

How Much Do We Owe

“I call on you to use the opportunity of the pandemic to change the way we look at rights and obligations…a welcome update to Rousseau Wien’s ideals of duty, responsibility and reciprocity.” – Kirkus Reviews

We Owe Form, Carbonless, Snap Out Format

“Minoche Shafik’s latest work on economic policy presents a strong and compelling moral argument. We provide a rigorous and concrete analysis that allows us to make decisions.” Contemplate that world as it needs to exist. It’s a great starting point.” – Melinda Gates

“Informed by her many travels to every corner of the globe, Minoche Shafik weaves economics, philosophy, wisdom and common sense into a social contract of simplicity, firmness and harmony. A must-read recipe for improvement.” – Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank

“What we owe each other is a thought-provoking, beautifully reasoned, easily accessible book in an attempt to understand why the ties that hold society together are so formidable, and what they can do about us.” To make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren?” Nzoi Okonjo-Iweala, Director General of the World Trade Organization

“In this timely call for a new social contract, Minoche Shafiq invites us to rethink what we as citizens impose on each other between generations and from generation to generation. In the tradition of Beveridge, one of his predecessors as director of the LSE, Shafiq points to a more liberal social contract that shares risks and maximizes opportunities. In an age that seems

We Don’t Know Them All But We Owe Them All

“We hear from many places that things are broken in Western democracies. But how do we fix them? We are building a new social contract that supports each other and society. There is a need,” argues this tome, and building a welfare state…avoiding the mistakes of the past and adapting to the challenges of the present. It is.” – Massachusetts Institute of Technology K Daron Acemoglu

“An essential contribution to an important milestone in history. Minoché Shafiq paints a picture of the great challenges of our time and inspires us to meet them. , will appeal to all those interested in improving a world that is essential for people…a place.” Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

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How Much Do We Owe

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“This book will change your understanding of how grand the scope of human history is, where it fits on that spectrum, and how much you can do to change it for the better. It’s simple and , ambitious.” — Ezra Klein, Host of The Ezra Klein Show Podcast

“It shows us that we need to think very, very long term seriously about what the future has to offer us. provides a new perspective.”

“What We Owe the Future” is an intellectually thrilling exploration of moral philosophy and human history in the hands of a highly accomplished thinker and articulate author…thought-provoking.” – Charter

“Relentlessly optimistic and bravely realistic, this is the most inspiring book on the ‘moral life’ I have ever read.” – The Guardian (UK)

We Owe It To Each Other To Care

“Focused on the interests of future generations in the infinitely long future, MacAskill has spotlighted important and neglected debates and made them vivid and enjoyable to read. He believes this book will change the world.” We want to, and we can.” – Financial Times (UK)

“Passionately optimistic… There is something to ponder on each page, boldly exhorting people for centuries to do the right thing.”

“MacAskill provides a comprehensive analysis of contemporary threats that examines the intersection of technology, science and politics, while offering a fascinating glimpse into humanity’s future potential. equally.”— Publishers Weekly

How Much Do We Owe

“What we owe to the future is a book that is both informative and wise. It teaches us much about history and the future, about overlooked risks and moral shortsightedness.” – The Boston Review

What Do We Owe The Afghans We’ve Left Behind?

“No living philosopher has influenced my ethics more than Will MacAskill. This is an absolutely thrilling and essential book.”

“An extraordinary book. I have never read a book so profound and original and at the same time so relatable…The publication of this book is a momentous occasion. William MacAskill is the most important man alive today. His masterpiece.” – Rutger Bregman, Dutch historian and author of Utopias for Realists

“This is a book of great courage, clarity, insight and imagination. Being realistic, optimistic and always readable is a miracle that MacAskill deserves much praise.”

“There are moments when you can easily change the outcome, but failing to bend those curves properly can do a lot of damage in the long run. This fascinating book is more tenacious about such pivot points.” It tells you something.” We think conveniently; few products are more important. “

What Do We Owe God?

“Many books promise new ‘big ideas’, but few compare to MacAskill’s What We Owe the Future. A fascinating and in-depth study.”

“WARNING: This book may radically improve your morality and broaden your compassion. What we owe the future will improve the lives of billions and trillions of sentient beings. It’s an exciting roadmap on how.” We can try. So read this book for yourself and your grandchildren’s grandchildren. “

“This mind-boggling, timeless, prescient and brilliant book raises one of the most important questions we face as a species: MacAskill is ethical.”

How Much Do We Owe

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