How To Add Automatic Date In Excel

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How To Add Automatic Date In Excel – If you use Excel regularly, I’m sure you’ve seen the date and time in your cells. Data often contains a record of when it was created or updated, so it is important to know how to work with this data.

Microsoft Excel can do basically anything with data, if you know how. This tutorial is another important step in adding skills to your Excel toolbelt. lets start.

How To Add Automatic Date In Excel

How To Add Automatic Date In Excel

This screencast will show you how to work with dates and times in Excel. I cover calculating dates and different styles for working with dates, as well as formatting Excel date formulas. Be sure to download the free Excel workbook with the exercises included with this tutorial.

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Read on for a written reference guide on how to format dates and times in Excel, and how to work with them in your formulas. I will also share several tips that were not included in the screencast.

One of the keys to working with dates and times in Excel is capturing the data correctly. Here’s how to type the date and time in your Excel spreadsheet:

I recommend typing the dates in the same format that your system uses. For our US readers, an absolute date would be in “day/month/year” format. European style dates are “month/day/year”.

When I’m typing dates, I always type the full date along with the month, day, and year. If I only wanted to show the month and year, I would format it like this (more on that in a minute.)

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Time typing in Excel is easy. We can tell anything from just one hour of the day to what happened.

If I want to log the time as 4PM, I would type “4pm” into a cell in Excel and then press Enter:

Note that once we press Enter, Excel converts the data we type into Hours: Minutes: Seconds data format.

How To Add Automatic Date In Excel

The key is to use a colon to separate the time data section, and then add a space plus “AM” or “PM.”

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Note that Excel converts the time to 24-hour format when it is used with a date by default. If you want to change this date style, keep reading.

One of my favorite Excel keyboard shortcuts includes the current time in a spreadsheet. I often use this formula when I am noting the time to make changes to my data. Use this:

What can you do when your dates are European-style dates? That is, they are in a day-month-year format, and you need to convert them to the more familiar month-day-year format?

In the screenshot above, you might be surprised that all six of these cells have exactly the same data – “1/22/2017.” What is the difference with how they are formatted in Excel. The basic data is the same, but it can be formatted to be displayed in different ways.

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In most cases, it’s better to use formatting to modify the style of our dates. We don’t need to modify the data ourselves – just change the way it is presented.

To change the look of our date and time data, make sure you’re working on the Home tab of Excel. On the ribbon (the menu at the top of Excel), find the section labeled Numbers.

There is a small arrow in the lower right corner of the section. Click it to open the Format Cells menu.

How To Add Automatic Date In Excel

To format a cell with the built-in style in Excel, make sure you’re working on the Home tab and click the dropdown arrow next to the word “Number” in this screenshot.

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The Format Cells menu has several options for styling your dates and times. You can change “1/22/2017” to “Sunday, January 22” with just formatting. Then, you can grab the Format Painter and change all of your cell styles.

The Format Cells menu allows you to change the styles of your dates and times without the work of changing the actual date.

Spend some time exploring this menu and try out different styles for your Excel dates and times.

Let’s say we have a list of data containing very specific dates and times, and we want to get simplified forms of those formulas. We can have a list of exact transaction dates, but we want to work with them at a higher level by grouping them by year or month.

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While formats are used to change the way dates and times are presented, formulas in Excel are used to programmatically modify, calculate, or operate on dates and times.

The DATEDIF formula is powerful for calculating the difference between days. Give the formula two dates and it will return the number of days, months and years between the two dates. Let’s see how to use it.

The formula takes two cells, separated by commas, and then uses “d” to calculate the difference in days.

How To Add Automatic Date In Excel

DATEDIF also calculates the number of months between two dates. This date formula in Excel is very similar, but substitutes “m” for “d” to calculate the difference in months:

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However, there is a quirk in the way Excel implements DATEDIF: it calculates the entire months between dates. See screenshot below.

For me, there are three months between January 1 and March 31 (all January, all February and almost all March.) However, because Excel uses whole months, it only considers January and February as full months, so the result is ” is 2″.

This is my favorite way to calculate the number of months between two dates. We will find the difference of the date in days, and then divide it by the average number of days in a month – 30.42.

Very good an output of 2.99 is very close to a full 3 months, and will be very useful in future formulas.

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The official Excel document has a complicated way to calculate the months between dates, but this is a simple and easy way to get it pretty close. Writing a good Excel formula is all about finding the sweet spot of accuracy and simplicity, and this formula does both.

Finally, let’s count the number of years between two dates. The official way to calculate the years between dates is with the following formula:

Note that this is similar to our previous DATEDIF formula, but we have replaced the last part of the formula with “y” to calculate the number of years between two dates. Let’s see it in action:

How To Add Automatic Date In Excel

How many years have passed. I would instead include the partially passing years as well. Here’s a better DATEDIF for the years:

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Basically, we’re just getting the date difference in days, and then dividing it by 365 to calculate it as a year. Here are the results:

DATEDIF is very powerful, but beware of how it works: it’s only supposed to count whole months or years that have elapsed by default.

The Excel date formulas above focus on the number of days between dates. However, sometimes it is helpful to calculate working days (actually weekdays) between two dates.

In the screenshot below, I show an example of using NETWORKDAYS. You can see in the calendar how the formula calculated the result of “4”.

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If you know of holidays in the time frame you want to exclude, refer to the official NETWORKDAYS documentation.

Date and time are universal for spreadsheets. Excel date formulas and formatting options are helpful. The techniques in this tutorial can take your Excel skills to the next level so that you can seamlessly insert date-driven data into your spreadsheet.

You’ve Added a Skill to Your Excel Toolbox – Why Stop Here? Chain Excel formulas and skills to create powerful spreadsheets. To continue learning more about working with Excel spreadsheets, check out these other resources:

How To Add Automatic Date In Excel

How do you work with calendar and time data in your Excel spreadsheet? Am I missing an Excel date or time formula from this tutorial that you use regularly? If so, do let me know in the comments.

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