How To Clean Data In Excel

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How To Clean Data In Excel – In this Filtered guest post, we’ll look at how you can deal with a dirty database, giving you tips on how to clean your data with Excel.

Do you know what comes before data analysis? Data integrity. Well, you should anyway. Because if your data is junk, your analytics will be.

How To Clean Data In Excel

How To Clean Data In Excel

Before any analysis can be performed with a database, it must be correct, consistent, and complete. Otherwise, you could end up with a Kodak moment. Not the good kind, but the $11 million bug.

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One of the most common data challenges is duplicates. Dealing with duplicates can be simple. But before you start, it’s a good idea to get your database and make a copy. Deleting data is permanent, so it’s always safer to keep what you’ve started. Now, if your database is full of duplicate rows, you can highlight the entire dataset and navigate to the Data tab of the Excel ribbon. There you can click on remove duplicates and that’s it – Excel will delete the duplicate values ​​to leave only the first one. Most of us are familiar with the process, but we think you should take a step back and do your due diligence before removing duplicates.

In a database containing member contact information, two lines can contain the same email address, but the names on each line are different.

If we select the entire dataset, Excel will not see these rows as duplicates. Thus, we can end up with redundant data that gives the wrong impression of the number of members.

So how do we explain these things? Well one way is conditional formatting. We can highlight a column, say “email”. column, navigate to the Home tab on the ribbon and click the Conditional Formatting drop-down list. Hover over Specify Mobile Rules and click Duplicate Values.

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Now select Data > Filter from the Excel ribbon. Click the down arrow in the “email” column header and click “Filter by color”, specifically the color used to highlight repeated values. You will be left with duplicate emails and you can check similarities and differences between the lines before choosing which duplicates to remove.

Sometimes when we have a database, we want to look for something that connects the cells. An example would be displaying contacts with specific email domain extensions such as “” and “”.

An easy and effective way to do this is to filter. While sitting on the column header, go to the Data tab on the Excel ribbon and click the Filter button. There is an option for text filters, hover over it and select the option “Contains…”.

How To Clean Data In Excel

We selected the contents of the dropdown list and these were the results. However, there are other very useful options besides “content”. For example, if you want to filter out specific results from the payouts column, use “greater than or equal to” to find payouts greater than a certain threshold.

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If you want to look up values ​​inside a cell and return values, Dave Bruns at ExcelJet has a great formula for that.

Another extremely useful technique to use when cleaning data is to look for outliers using MIN/MAX. A classic mistake that Kodak fell victim to was adding too many zeros to a certain backlog of damage, resulting in an overstatement of $11 million. Such errors are almost impossible to detect with the naked eye in a huge database, but with the MAX function you can return the largest value in the dataset, thus detecting errors that would otherwise go unnoticed.

On the other hand, you can ensure that no one pays less, and that’s where MIN comes in. Working in the same way, MIN simply returns the smallest value in the search space.

In the example below, we were able to detect a significant overpayment and an equally serious underpayment by looking at the pay column;

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Another popular technique used in data cleansing is the text column wizard. If your table contains a column where the cells contain lists of items, you can place each item in its own cell.

Select the area you want to split. in this case the entire D column. Again, go to the Data tab of the Excel ribbon and click the Text Columns button (as shown above).

Since all elements in our list are separated by commas inside the cell, this is what our delimiter is called. As below select Delimited and click next.

How To Clean Data In Excel

Now make sure the correct delimiter is selected. For us this is a comma, so we check that box. If you are satisfied with the preview, click next again.

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Usually leaving the column data format as General is fine. So now you just need to click Finish and that’s it.

If you need the opposite, like merging different cells, you need the CONCATENATE function. It’s quite simple. if you want to combine a range of cells in one row, for example D2 to J2, use the formula =CONCATENATE(D2, E2, F2, G2, H2, I2, J2). For a large database, you can use the autocomplete identifier to fill the entire column;

Using any one or a combination of these tips should help ensure your database is properly prepared for mining. There are many other tips you might be interested in, from freezing the top row of your spreadsheet to the IFERROR function, but there are plenty here to get you started.

Data cleansing is a vital skill. It is useful in many work situations and is a fundamental part of any data analysis project. But there is much more to it than that. To perform excellent data analysis, you must think like an analyst. You need to understand the problem space and the question you’re trying to answer, clean and process your data, and have the tools and techniques to analyze it to draw conclusions and insights that aren’t visible in raw data alone.

Super Neat Ways To Clean Data In Excel Spreadsheets

In our course, Data Analysis in Excel, we cover all of the above and more. We’ve been coaching companies of all sizes and individuals since 2009, and we’ve condensed that experience into this short, impactful course.

The course covers the essential skills, tools and functions to be competent in Excel data analysis. Including:

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How To Clean Data In Excel

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The only guaranteed way to improve cleaning dirty data is to avoid getting it. No, this is the biggest lie of the millennium. It’s the opposite. The only way to improve the preparation and cleaning of dirty data is to clean it a lot.

The challenge, however, is finding a guaranteed source to practice with many different dirty data cases.

The purpose of this article is to create a database of various types of dirty data, mostly simulated by real-life scenarios I’ve encountered. I always say that data can be messed up in a million ways and you’ll never see everything.

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I tend to categorize dirty data into 2 categories: Dirty Structure and Dirty Content. You should know that there might be a third party that is dirty both in structure and content. A while ago I wrote about how to clean dirty data, you should check it out for some tips before diving into this dirty ocean. The collection I have here can be downloaded as Excel files. Each workbook contains a worksheet for the raw dirty data and a second worksheet for the target solution example.

Try to rearrange this data into exactly four columns. There was a mix of rows and columns everywhere. Also keep an eye out for grand totals and minor totals, you don’t need them in clean data.

This is very similar to #1 above, with a different flavor. It has a date column and does not include values.

How To Clean Data In Excel

We often see this when you download or copy something from the web. You must separate the different categories of data into separate columns.

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By pure data rules, you must make each field/column represent unique things. So, divide the combined amount and measure this data in separate columns/fields. When you’re done, your Value column should add up to 17,600.00. You will find this total in the clean sheet when you download it.

These data were collected by non-data-centric professionals. they used to sometimes

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