How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

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How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016 – Maintaining communication with your customers or prospects is key to any business. Also, personalizing each email can be a time-consuming task. As an alternative, you can create public email but lose the personal touch as a result, especially when it comes to handling sensitive or financial information that is unique to each individual. So how do you take these two win-lose scenarios and meet in the middle, where you can get personalized email content and time-savings all in one? Mail merge templates, of course!

Whether you have different monthly newsletters based on interests or monthly financial statements to deliver to your customers, there may be a lot of information unique to them, such as their name, account, address, and more. Mail merge templates can save you the hassle by allowing you to pull data from your Dynamics 365 environment and embed it into the content you need. Let’s see how it works.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

Now you need to save the template to continue. Once you have saved the template, you will be prompted to select your data fields.

How To Create And Use Mail Merge Templates In Dynamics 365

Now you can select all the required fields in your email from the relevant entity. You can also select fields from entities that have a relationship with your selected related entity.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

Once you’ve selected your fields, hit Save and then click Create Template in Word at the top of the page. Open the file in Word, and click on CRM under the Add-ins tab.

Select the type of document you want to work with and go to step 4, where you can select the data source from Dynamics 365. Now you can get our data from insert merge field.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

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Insert the data into your draft file. Here’s an example of what it might look like if you select the character document type in the first step.

Next, save the template in Word, return to the Mail Merge Templates screen in Dynamics 365, and attach the Word file to your newly created mail merge item. Click Save and Close and your draft is complete!

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

Now that your template is ready, let’s see how to run it. Go to Advanced Search, select the subscribers you want to send your email to and click the Mail Merge button. Note: If you want to learn how to use Advanced Find, our recent blog Advanced Find in Microsoft Dynamics 365: “Where’s Waldo?” Knowing more can help.

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On the following screen, select your personal mail merge template, click Download, and open the downloaded file in Word. The customer information you selected should now be in Word, as can be seen below.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

Now work your way through the step-by-step process in Word. By following these steps, you will be able to preview your message with a sample content. Modify as needed.

With everything set up to your heart’s content, you’re good to go. Congratulations! You now have a template that you can quickly refer to and change as needed. The more customers or prospects that are relevant to each template, the more time you save. What about this?

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

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If you thought this was helpful just wait, you haven’t seen anything yet. If you are looking for a partner for your current or potential CRM or ERP instance, feel free to contact us and see how helpful we can really be!

Catapult Leadership Be real with your stakeholders, and engage stakeholders in clear, open conversations about real priorities and creative strategies to achieve the most important results. Elliott Fishman, CEOMail Merge is useful when you have some standard mail like employment contracts, probation confirmation letters, etc. to send to multiple people at once. A template can be created and dynamic fields can be changed as needed.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

You will be taken to the Writer page where you can create your template as shown in the image below.

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You have now created a mail merge template. If you make any changes to the template, click Update Template.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

By default, you will be able to replace the dynamic fields of the template with the appropriate values ​​for the first record.

Please ensure that you select the correct email id field in the drop down in case of more than one email id field in the form.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

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Once you’ve created a mail merge template, you’ll be able to use it for any record by changing the dynamic fields. Click on ‘Download’ icon and select current or all records based on your requirement. Alternatively you can also download it by visiting the respective record.

Now, the template will be available under all the records of the selected form and can be downloaded from the records.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

When using mail merge templates, the maximum limit for an organization is 1000 per month, which is free for all merges designed including automation, onboarding, e-sign, and forms. Each record data match is considered a merge. Click here to learn more about increasing your merge limit. We previously looked at generating clean and consistent data in an Excel spreadsheet that was ready to be used in a mail merge. When setting up a merge document, you can do it in two ways. You may prefer to use this either in a new document, or if you already have a letter saved as a Word document. In this example, we have a simple subscription renewal letter ready to insert our data.

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There is a handy mail merge wizard to take you through each step of the mail merge and so this might be the best place to start if you’re not that confident. However, we’ll jump right in and set up our own letter. Start by opening your template letter. Select the ‘Mailings’ tab.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

From here you will get many options. Select ‘Start Mail Merge’ and then ‘Letters’.

Next you have to select your recipients. This is your address data and related information. We are going to select ‘Selected recipients’ and then ‘Use existing list’. If you don’t have an existing list of data, you can now select ‘Type a new list’ to set up a new dataset within Word.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

Adding New Merge Fields

Selecting ‘Use existing list’ will open a dialog box from which you can browse where your Excel file is stored. Click on the file and select ‘Open’.

Now that your data file is attached to your mail merge document, the next step is to add in your merge fields. Using the tools located under ‘Compose and Insert Fields’, you can add to a predefined field (useful when you perform a common task such as adding an address block) or to a single merged field.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

First, we will use the address block function. Place your cursor at the point in your letter where the address should appear. Click on ‘Address Block’, and you will be presented with the following box. From here you have several different options for how you want to present your address block. Select the desired format and you will see a preview of your data on the right. Word will automatically add address line fields to your Excel spreadsheet (going back to our data set, this is an argument for keeping the column headings clear and simple!) if you can see that the data in your spreadsheet is not linking correctly, you can click the ‘Match Fields’ button to manually link the address field to the address field in your spreadsheet in Word Who. When you’re done, click OK.

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Next to the greeting line. Again we will use tools to do this easily. Place your cursor at the point where you want the greeting line to appear and select ‘Greeting Line’. In a similar process, you are presented with several options for your greeting line format. Select the most appropriate. You can also set an error trap for invalid data, perhaps where your data does not contain a full name, in which case a standard line, such as ‘Dear Sir’, will be added. Then, if your data doesn’t match, you can manually link it using the ‘Match Fields’ button. When you’re done, click OK.

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

Moving on to insert another merge field, we want to put the subscription number in the subject line, and then the expiration date in the body of our letter. To do this, we once again place the cursor at the point in the text where we want our data to appear. Click on ‘Insert Merge Fields’ where you should see a list of all the fields in your dataset. Select the relevant field. Repeat this to enter the date in your body text. You can format the merge field like any other text, such as bolding or underlining the text. Any formatting applied to the merged field will also be applied to the final text after the merge is complete.

This should be all you need to prepare your letter

How To Create A Mail Merge Template In Word 2016

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