How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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How do you create a custom PowerPoint template that looks good and helps your clients create impressive presentations? Read on for tips and best practices for creating templates that work as intended and avoiding PowerPoint pitfalls.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

Most designers dislike PowerPoint because of its annoying design limitations. But, most companies use tools like Word and PowerPoint

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For reports, presentations, white papers and other documents that will be sent by email to their prospects and/or clients. Therefore, for your client companies, it is important to develop office templates that extend their brand into tools used to create daily communications.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

Therefore, you have to accept the limitations of PowerPoint design and plan accordingly. Here are some considerations for designing a PowerPoint slide layout:

Tip: Before developing a layout with a design application, take a look at some of the pre-built templates that come with the application to see how PowerPoint developers approach different design elements. This step will help you avoid a design that cannot be easily replicated in PowerPoint. Once the client has signed off on the layout, you are ready to create the PowerPoint template. A good practice is: first create a theme, then apply that theme to the master, then create the slide master layout. Finally, add slides that use the layout you just created. What is a PowerPoint theme?

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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Themes include color palettes for text, slide background colors, and default colors for charts or diagrams. Themes also include fonts to be used in presentations. PowerPoint has built-in color themes that you can customize. You can find the colors in the main slide view. From the Applications menu, choose View > Master > Slide Master. Then click on the colors to customize for your customer.

Note: Remember to save your custom colors with a more specific name than the default “Custom 1”.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

You can also save effects like drop shadows or glow effects. Once saved, these effects will become the default effects for all shapes inserted into presentations using your theme, so use the effects sparingly or not at all!

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Note: First create a custom color palette and choose a font for the theme before adding shapes or text boxes, as text markers and/or shapes will automatically add the colors and characters you just specified.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

You’ll want to save the changes you make to default colors, fonts, and effects as a theme (.thmx file) so you can apply the same look to other presentations. Make sure you are in Slide Master view when making changes. Then, on the Slide Master tab, select a theme and click Save Current Theme.

The link to “Save Current Theme” is at the bottom of the pop-up window, indicated by the cursor arrow.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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In the File Name dialog box, type a name that will help you find this theme easily, and click Save. The next time you open PowerPoint, this theme will be added to the list of custom themes on the Design tab of the ribbon.

A PowerPoint template (.potx file) is a set of slide layouts; It serves as a template or blueprint for creating a presentation. PowerPoint has built-in templates that you can customize, but for maximum flexibility, you’ll want to start with a blank presentation.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

Open a blank presentation, select the View tab on the ribbon, then select Slide Master in the Master View group.

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The master slide is the largest slide at the top of the thumbnail list on the left side of your window. The associated slide layouts are below the slide master.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

In the slide master view, the top-level master is a large slide thumbnail above its corresponding slide layout.

You want to apply the theme you just saved. To find a theme, click on the Themes button and scroll to find your new theme in the Custom section. Note: If you hover over the thumbnails in this list, the theme name will appear. Click on the thumbnail for the theme you want to apply.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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If you have created a custom theme, you need to scroll down in the pop-up window to find the new theme (they are listed in alphabetical order).

First modify the items present on all slides: Define the appearance and location of elements such as the title, main content area, body font and list format on the master slide of upper level. Customizations made to this top-level master will be made through all other related master slide layouts.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

Once you have finished making changes to the top-level master, make changes to other related layouts.

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Once you’ve finished modifying slide layouts and/or adding new master slide layouts and customizing them, it’s time to save your template. Once you save a template, you can test how things work by creating a new presentation based on that template.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

PowerPoint will save the template in the default location on your computer unless you specify another location. It is better to allow PowerPoint to save the template in a default location so that the template is available on the launch screen when you want to start a new presentation.

PowerPoint has “Featured” (meaning its pre-made templates), and “Personal” tabs. When you create a new template, it will be listed under the Personal tab.

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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If you don’t see your new template listed in the PowerPoint launch screen options, close PowerPoint and then reopen it. Your new template will be listed alphabetically and may be in the “Personal” list instead of the “Featured” list of PowerPoint.

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How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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Slide Master is the most important tool for creating templates. You can find it by clicking View on the PowerPoint menu (and then clicking Slide Master).

In the left window you will find some slides that do not have a design (yet). In addition to,

How To Create Own Powerpoint Template

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