How To Create Rtf Template For Xml Publisher

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I have a Microsoft Word RTF template for BI Publisher below. I had to copy some code from another template (which works fine) which conditionally shows one of the two bank logos. I also conditionally copied the code that shows a signature or leaves a blank line.

How To Create Rtf Template For Xml Publisher

How To Create Rtf Template For Xml Publisher

Therefore, it should show the ‘First Citizens National Bank’ logo and the signature line should be blank. Here’s how the model works with the data:

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They join in the transfer room. And then for the signature, he left the signature blank (which is correct in this case) but cleared the “Payment for order” and name/address details on the left hand side, also it doesn’t show the line. Signature Somehow the conditional code is wrapping that other text in the conditional. I’m not sure what’s going on with the logo, but somehow it’s moving the text elements to the left (description and address1) to the top. I’ve tried playing with inserting the tables and separating the grid lines below and nothing is working. What can I do to fix this? Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks in advance!

Usually “if” is placed at the beginning of the first column of a row, then “end if” at the end of the last column. This is used to conditionally show/hide the entire row.

I see from your example image that the if/end-if pairs are nesting different cells, and not at the beginning or end of the row, which causes all kinds of problems. Funny things happen when expressions span/end multiple cells that are not at the start or end of a row. This is what you are facing. This must be why your payment for the room order does not appear.

When you do this, the script will be removed, so feel free to put it in the same cell as the if/end logo. It looks funny on the model, but it should work fine.

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The line around the signature is missing because it is part of the image that I have conditionally displayed.

By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and provide information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Today I wanted to talk about the Oracle BI Publisher Desktop Tool. This is one medium that I love.

If you are working on XML publisher reports, this is an indispensable tool. This tool allows you to test your RTF template on your local system (desktop/laptop) and make the necessary changes before uploading the template to the server. You don’t have to run the program at the same time every time you want to upload an RTF template to the server and test a change.

How To Create Rtf Template For Xml Publisher

If you look at the second process flow; Changes are tested on your local system instead of changes being tested on the server. This saves a lot of testing and development time for developers 🙂

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Output format: You can choose the output format you like. Formats include PDF / Excel / RTF / HTML etc.

If you are not happy with the resulting layout, you can make changes in RTF and test as many times as you like in the local desktop. Once you are happy with the layout, you can upload the same in the data model.

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So this is the third in a series of blogs about XML Reports from XML Data Template. Today we will look at a few cool tricks that we can achieve using the XML Data Template. See also Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog for more details.

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So we can generate a parent group and a child group using an XML data model. This feature is very useful and is mostly used in parent-child relationship situations.

Let’s look at the XML data model we need to create. We have two parameters – Org ID and Provider ID

A data query class contains an SQL statement. The SQL statement selects the vendor and invoice details based on parameters.

How To Create Rtf Template For Xml Publisher

If you notice the group G_SUPPLIER, the field TOTAL_INV_AMOUNT is the sum of all the amounts of the child invoices belonging to a particular supplier.

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The value is selected from the amount field in the child group, ie G_INV.AMOUNT. The child values ​​are added together using the SUM function.

Save the XML data model as an XML file and create the data definition. Follow the steps described in Part 1 of the blog.

You can use this XML output to design an RTF template. Hope this helps. See Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog for more details.

Hope this helps. Let me know your opinion. I am also working on video blogs/video tutorials on a few topics. I will keep you all updated with the process.

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As always, your feedback and comments are very welcome. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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