How To Sort In Excel By Column

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You can sort a table in Excel using any of the available fields. Sorting is one of the main reasons for creating charts in Microsoft Excel. It makes it easy to organize information in table charts. By default, Excel can sort alphabetically or numerically in either “ascending” (AZ, 1-9) or “descending” (Z-A, 9-1) order. By default, you sort a table in Excel from top to bottom. However, you can also sort it from left to right if needed. You can sort a table in Excel by values ​​in a single column. You can also sort a table in Excel by values ​​in multiple columns.

How To Sort In Excel By Column

How To Sort In Excel By Column

When sorting a table in Excel, you must select the range that will be used to sort the data. You must also choose the sort order for the data. For example, if you specifically sort a record using the Last Name field, there may be multiple records with the same last name. This is when applying a secondary type can help, such as with the “FirstName” field. The secondary type provides registration in alphabetical order by last name, then first name.

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To sort a table in Excel with one column, click a cell inside the column to sort the data. Then click the Data tab on the ribbon. Then click the Sort A to Z or Sort Z to A buttons in the Sort and Filter button group. This will sort the table in ascending or descending order based on the column values.

Sort a table in Excel – instructions: Image of the Sort dialog box in Excel for Office 365.

To sort a table in Excel using multiple columns, first click on the table. Then click the Edit button in the Sort and Filter button group on the Data tab of the ribbon. In the Sort dialog box that appears, use the first “Sort by” drop-down menu to select the name of the first column to sort the table in Excel. This is called the “basic type” field. Make sure that on the right side you have selected “Values” from the “Sort by” drop-down menu. Then select the desired option for the primary sort order: A to Z, Z to A, or Custom List…

If desired, to add more classification levels, click the Add Level button. You can then repeat the process using the next sorting layer to create additional sorting levels if you wish. After entering all classification levels in this dialog box, click OK to apply the specified classification. If you make a mistake after sorting the data, you can undo it by clicking the Undo button on the shortcut bar right after sorting.

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To remove a sort level placed on a record, click the Data tab on the ribbon. Then click the Edit button in the Sort and Filter button group. Then, in the Edit dialog box, select the classification level to delete. Then click the Delete Level button in the Edit dialog box to delete the selected classification level. Then click the OK button.

The following video tutorial titled “Sorting Data” shows you how to sort a table in Excel. This video is from our complete Excel tutorial titled Master Excel Made Easy v.2019 and 365.

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How To Sort In Excel By Column

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Video: Sort Data In A Range Or Table

Sorting data is easy, and basically Microsoft Excel offers several ways to get the job done, including keyboard shortcuts. For the most part, we use so many simple types that we don’t think about it. However, once you start sorting multiple columns, sorting requires more clicks and options. It’s still easy, but it can stop you in your tracks, and some users don’t like being slowed down so much. First, I’ll show you how to find keyboard shortcuts for single-column types. Next, we’ll look at a macro that works as two columns.

I’m using Microsoft 365 on Windows 10 64-bit, but you can use older versions. You can work with your own data or download .xlsm and .bas presentation files. This article is not suitable for the browser version.

Even the most novice users can run a simple ascending or descending type on a single column. Click anywhere in the column you want to sort, and click one of the editing options in the Editing and Filtering group on the Data tab. On the Home tab, you can click Edit & Filter in the Editing group. Or you can right-click the cell, click Edit, and then select the appropriate option from the resulting submenu. Figure A shows the ascending type in the Num field.

Sort shortcuts can do the same without taking your hands off the keyboard: with the cursor anywhere in the column you want to sort (within the data set, of course), press Alt-A-SA for ascending and Alt-A-S-D for descending type. Press Alt-HSS and Alt-HSO to go to the Home tab. (These shortcuts are harder to remember.) Now that you know the basics, we can move on to multi-column types.

How To Use Shortcuts To Sort In Microsoft Excel

When you sort on multiple columns, you group. For example, sorting our displayed page by Num and then by space means sorting the Number values ​​and then sorting the space values ​​inside the Number.

Ordered in each group – if they are, it is a coincidence. Figure B shows Group 2 in the Num field, the Place values ​​are 3, 1, 3 in an order that is completely out of order.

You need a type for more than one column. You can open the Sort dialog box by clicking the Sort option in the Sort & Filter group on the Data tab, or by clicking Sort & Filter in the Sort group on the Home tab. Fortunately, the keyboard shortcuts are easy to remember: Alt-ASS and Alt-HD-U. They open the dialog box shown in Figure C.

How To Sort In Excel By Column

With this dialog you can sort on multiple columns. First, you should check the My data has headers option. You

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Set this option correctly to get the expected results. If you don’t set it and the dataset has headers, Excel sorts the header text with the values.

As you can see in Figure E, the Places values ​​to the right of group 2 in the Number values ​​are now in ascending order of 1, 3, and 3. Our simple dataset doesn’t have much else to deal with other than dates, but we could – sort them in three columns. How you add them to the type determines the results. Remember that each level is part of the previous type or group.

You may have noticed that I didn’t use any type of capital letter to add the Location column to the original type. That’s because you can’t. As far as I know what I have shown you is what you can achieve with shortcuts. However, I promised a keyboard shortcut solution, and for that you’ll need a macro.

If multi-column type is a frequent task for you, consider a macro, then assign a keyboard shortcut to run it, or add it to a custom group or even a Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). I’ll show you the macro and you can decide how to run it.

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Listing A shows a macro that automates the simple two-column sort we performed in the last section. It’s not dynamic – it just instantiates one simple type. But you can easily change it according to your needs. To enter VBA mode, open the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) window by pressing Alt + F11. From the Insert menu, select Module and paste the code. Do not copy and paste the code from this web page – it will not work. Enter it manually or copy it from the .bas file included in the downloadable demo files. If you need to copy from this web page, paste it into Word or another word editor and paste from there into the VBE; This will remove the web symbols you can’t see.

Sorting columns D and E; Number (D) is the basic type; Place

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