How To Verify Marriage Status

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How To Verify Marriage Status – There are many complex elements involved in applying for any type of green card to obtain permanent residency in the United States. Marital green cards are no exception, and are arguably even more complicated because they add an additional hurdle for couples to overcome: verification from USCIS that the marriage is valid. Although this may seem unusual, it is an essential part of a successful marriage green card application. Below, our immigration experts at Brudner Law will go over everything you need to know about how USCIS verifies marriage for these green card applications.

As part of filing the Form I-130 petition package for a Spousal Green Card, USCIS will request several documents, including your marriage record and other evidence. These documents will help USCIS ensure that your marriage is legally valid before they approve your application and issue the required green card. They may also investigate—usually involving interviews and asking a series of detailed questions about your relationship—to make sure the marriage wasn’t entered into just to get a green card. We will discuss this issue in more detail later in this article.

How To Verify Marriage Status

How To Verify Marriage Status

To ensure that a marriage between a United States citizen and a non-US citizen or between two non-US citizens is valid, USCIS will first review the marriage certificate that the couple submits with their green card application However, this document alone will not be sufficient to prove the validity of the marriage to USCIS.

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In addition to your marriage certificate, you can submit several other documents to your green card application that strongly confirm that your marriage is genuine. While you don’t have to include all of the following documents, USCIS prefers to see a variety of forms that fall into as many categories as possible to prove your relationship.

Submitting various financial documents showing the assets and liabilities of both parties is a good way to prove that your marriage is genuine. Common examples of these documents include copies;

USCIS expects married couples to live together, and proof that you live together will help them verify your marriage. Some of the documents you can provide to prove you live in the same household include:

Providing evidence that a couple has children together is another good way to prove the validity of their marriage. Some of the documents that bear witness to the children include;

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When verifying the validity of your marriage with USCIS, it is essential to paint a picture of your relationship over time, which often goes beyond the various documents mentioned in the section above.

One piece of evidence that can help paint this picture of your relationship is photographs, especially if you can provide multiple pictures taken over a long period of time. For example, submitting several photos (especially wedding photos) taken within the past five to ten years is considered more important evidence of a valid marriage than submitting only a few photos taken within the last few months. Including a selection of photos taken over the years with your entry is a great way to show the long-term nature of your marriage.

Another way to prove your relationship is to provide other evidence from social media, such as relationship statuses and public communications. Although it is not required and USCIS does not automatically collect information from social media accounts when evaluating green card petitions, entering the information can help you verify the legality of your marriage.

How To Verify Marriage Status

Immigrating to the US is a long, complicated, and highly technical process that involves mountains of paperwork, intense interviews, long wait times, and much more. Do yourself a favor and work with an experienced immigration attorney at Brudner Law.

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USCIS will investigate the marriage of those seeking spousal green cards, and investigations usually include interviews to verify the validity of the relationship. Interviews can be individual or in the presence of both spouses, but there can also be several interviews. The questions usually start out relatively simple and become very personal to ensure the validity of the marriage. Some questions may cover topics such as;

USCIS conducts background checks to investigate green card applications, including spousal green cards. This process involves several elements, including fingerprinting and a name check to determine whether applicants have committed a criminal offense or are listed on an abuse registry.

If USCIS determines that the couple married in an attempt to evade any provision of US immigration law or simply obtain a green card. This could be classified as a marriage of convenience or fraud, and the couple could be charged with a felony punishable by up to five years in prison, a fine of up to $250,000, or both.

Online marriage or “marriage by proxy” is considered legally valid under US immigration law. However, the US government will not recognize this as a basis for issuing a green card unless the relationship is post-marital. Couples can submit a written statement or a personal statement confirming the decision. This can be supported by other evidence showing that the couple was together at the same place and time (including airline tickets, hotel receipts and photographs).

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Again, USCIS expects married couples to live together, so living apart may raise caveats that affect your ability to prove the validity of your marriage. If the couple is living apart, they will likely have to provide a strong explanation as to why they are not living together. l must be prepared to say when you plan to move in together and where you plan to move.

A foreign life does not eliminate the possibility of presenting certain types of evidence to help prove a valid marriage. However, this does not mean that the relationship cannot still be valid using the other evidence mentioned above, especially if there is a strong explanation for the situation.

Proving the validity of your marriage is a key step in applying for and getting approved for a marriage green card in the United States. To ensure that you can adequately prove your marriage to USCIS, consider working with a highly skilled immigration attorney from Brudner Law who can help guide you through the process.The best chance for success. Contact us online today or call 714-794-9366 to learn more about our services. You can also read our wide selection of other expertly written immigration resources.

How To Verify Marriage Status

Are you trying to navigate the legal immigration process to the United States on your own, but are struggling to overcome various obstacles? Consider contacting our team of experienced immigration attorneys at Brudner Law today to learn more about our service offerings and how we can help you navigate the immigration process.

Marriage Certificate Request

← Request for Evidence (RFE): What you need to know about a legal malpractice petition, what to look out for → If you need help proving whether your birth or marriage has been recorded in the records of the Commune di Roma, please contact us by e- mail to help you @ or fill out the Contact Us form with your details. We can communicate this very important information to you within a few hours.

You have proudly become an Italian citizen and your Italian consulate has told you that they have sent the documents to the Comune di Roma (City of Rome) to transcribe your birth certificate and register the AIRE, and now you want to collect your estratto per riassunto dell’. ‘atto di nascita (birth certificate) or you need to collect your estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio (marriage certificate) to apply for Italian citizenship after marriage.

These are two common cases in which an interested person needs to know whether his birth or marriage has been registered by the Commune di Roma.

Registration of birth or marriage through the Italian consulate. Is your birth or marriage registered with the Comune di Roma?

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You may have been told at the consulate that your documents will be forwarded to the “Comune di Roma”. Therefore, your birth or marriage had to be registered soon after, so that you could then apply for an estratto di nascita no matrimonio (ie certificate). birth or marriage registration certificate).

Unfortunately, the fact that the consulate has sent the documents (by mail or via pecs) to your Italian community, especially the Comune di Roma, does not mean that the birth or marriage is transcribed, even if they sent many documents. years ago.

In fact, in our experience, it has happened quite a few times that documents have been sent from the consulate to the society by post and have been lost, or have been sent to the wrong address, or have been received at the wrong office.

How To Verify Marriage Status

He did not pass it on to the competent office (this can happen in big cities like Rome).

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In addition, it also happened that contributions were sent via pec (confirmed e-mail), but to the wrong pec-address of the association, or that some documents were missing (e.g. Apostille, Cons01, inter-translations, etc.), because they were not scanned properly.

In many other cases, the association has received documents from the consulate, but has forgotten them or is missing them

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