Idaho Hunting Guides And Outfitters

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Idaho Hunting Guides And Outfitters – The ultimate western adventure and iconic American experience. This is not your average deer hunt, this is a true end-of-season wilderness expedition. Wilderness Mule Outfitting offers only the best in lodging, animals and equipment. Our guides are experienced and professional. We strongly recommend that all guests take advantage of our available charter flight services, which not only save valuable time, but also add a unique perspective to your adventure. Our late season runs from November 1st to November 18th and although it is a very limited controlled hunt, we are able to offer late season deer hunting tags reserved for outfitters.

Benefit from the experience and expertise of an experienced guide who will accompany you on your wilderness adventure. Your days will include riding and hiking to cover the best terrain. We will spend a lot of time in the glass so that our eyes can travel as many kilometers as possible. Expect to be pushed to new limits as the terrain here between the Salmon River Break is steep and unforgiving. You will be in a luxury camp with wall tents or in a smaller tipi camp with spikes, depending on the depth of the snow. Get ready for the most extreme western hunt imaginable. Weather can be a worthy adversary here in the desert as winter approaches and snowfall becomes a necessity. Each hunt lasts 7 days and camps will be limited to a maximum of 2 hunters. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible costumes and leading service. Our commitment to every hunter is to deliver results beyond expectations in every aspect of your adventure.

Idaho Hunting Guides And Outfitters

Idaho Hunting Guides And Outfitters

Additional costs: Please note the additional costs associated with bedding. Idaho hunting licenses and tags are not included. All prices are subject to 6% Idaho sales tax and 3% USFS land use tax. Gratuities for hunters, cooks or guides are not included in the price of your hunt. The standard tip in the industry is 10-20%, but it is ultimately the customer’s decision. Dressage and meat processing are also additional costs. All meat will be sent to our local processor and the customer is responsible for all associated costs. All horns and capes will be prepared and frozen for taxidermy, and you can arrange for them to be shipped for an additional fee. Rural transport and porter accommodation can also be arranged on request. land in the northwest. Better yet, when you book your elk or deer hunt with Mile High Outfitters, your tags are GUARANTEED! Hunts fill up quickly and space is limited, so call today to reserve the adventure of your choice.

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Travis and Brenda Bullock, owners of Mile High Outfitters, live in Challis, Idaho and are the backbone of this elk, mule, black bear and mountain lion outfitter and guide company. They offer fly fishing and fishing in the Frank Church Wilderness and Salmon River Mountains. Travis started working for Con Hourihan at Taylor Ranch Outfitters and Scott Farr at Wilderness Outfitters in 1984 when he was 15 years old. He and Brenda purchased Mile High Outfitters in 1995. Since then, they have added three more businesses to their operation, including the old Big Creek Lodge area, the Lucky Boy Outfitters area, which was the original White Cloud Outfitters area, and the Gary Madsen area, 4×4 Area Outfitters . In total, Mile High has approximately six hundred and fifty square miles of hunting and fishing area in the Frank Church Wilderness and Salmon River Mountains.

Wild fish and game units are 26, 27 and 20-A, which applies to the Middle Fork Elk Area. The first tier area is located between Stanley and Challis between the Salmon River Mountains, the Sawtooth Mountains, and the Boulder/White Cloud Mountains. Our first hunters are Fish and Game Units 36 and 36-B, which are part of the Sawtooth Elk and Salmon Cones. There are more than 150 miles of streams and 20 high-altitude lakes to fish in the exclusive Mile High Outfitters guides and outfitters area.

Travis and Brenda’s boys, Charlie and Clay Bullock, are the fourth generation of Bulls to hunt and fish in the same area. Their great-grandfather Claude Bullock took their grandfather Craig elk hunting on Big Creek in 1957; when it was known as the original Idaho Territory. Each year Travis, Charlie, Clay and the handlers clip a horse or two mules to add to the forty head of cattle in their pack. Brenda takes care of the office and takes care of her three boys in the same way. This family does everything they can to make your wilderness hunting and fishing experience enjoyable and safe. They regularly maintain their line of horses, mules, saddles, cargo equipment, tents, trucks, trailers, snowmobiles and ATVs.

Mile High’s guides have riding experience and are happy to help. They are eagle-eyed, in good shape, and experienced in spotting and stalking game. They understand that most hunters will not be able to keep up with them and are professional enough to let you go at your own pace, but please – no nagging. Through the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the Idaho Outfitter and Guide Licensing Board, Mile High provides guaranteed elk and non-resident deer tag assignment. These non-residential designations were very limited in units in 2020. Mile High is insured, bonded, a member of the Idaho Trappers and Guides Association, permitted in the Challis BLM, Salmon/Challis Forest area and Krassel Ranger in the Payette Forest and licensed by the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board – license number 7940.

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If you book a trip with Mile High Outfitters, you will be required to complete a contract. This agreement protects you and Mile High. It lists exact tour dates, where to exhibit and exact costs. Our insurance company also requires all guests to fill out a risk confirmation form. Mile High will send you a list of recommended gear for your trip, and there are two videos on this site that cover some of the items you may or may not need while hunting or fishing. Mile High Outfitters has guaranteed elk and deer tags for its customers.

Age and Body Limits – Because overweight customers abuse our inventory, we have a weight limit of 250 pounds for each customer. We apologize if you do not fall into this category, but we work hard to provide the best fare possible. We take great care of our horses and mules and cannot risk them being injured by customers. I won’t sugarcoat it, if you’re so fat your belly hits the saddle horn and your ass hangs over the candle, don’t call us! There is no age limit. If you feel young enough to join us on an adventure, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Age catches up with us all, and unlike obesity, it is not a choice. The oldest hunter we ever took was 94 years old. He was 5′ 10” tall and weighed 150 lbs. He hunted a lion with me 4 times and killed 3 cats. If he wanted to hunt again, I would sign him tomorrow.

Safe handling of weapons – As guides, we expect all clients to handle their weapons in a manner that does not endanger guides and other hunters. The first time you point a rifle at someone, we’ll ask you to point it in a safe direction. The second time you do it, we’ll get you back on the road and send you home. I’ve never had to take anyone out, but I’ve given some pretty big tongue lashings. There is no room for stupidity when it comes to firearms.

Idaho Hunting Guides And Outfitters

We want you to enjoy your time with Mile High, but you need to be realistic about both your expectations and ours. Our piece of God’s country is beautiful, but rough. It’s there for you to enjoy, but it will kill you in an instant if you underestimate it. We will try and do our best to accommodate you, but whether or not you have a good time is up to you. We do our best to prepare for your trip, but Mother Nature has the final say on how your trip ends. Since it takes 2 days to drive our supply to Mile High Base Camp in the desert, we take our customers on one of our back country air routes to save you a sore back. When you fly in, we meet you at the airstrip and take our supplies to one of our tented camps. Some camps are large with several wall tents, such as a cook tent, hunter sleeping tents, and guide sleeping tents. Other spike camps consist of just one tent in which the guide and hunters sleep and sleep

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