Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

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Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples – An immigration reference letter is a written recommendation on behalf of someone in support of their application for immigration or other related proceedings. Immigration judges have considerable discretion. The purpose of this letter is to tip the scales in favor of the immigrant by emphasizing positive personal characteristics such as morals, reliability and work ethic.

The purpose here is to tell a short story about the immigrant’s past and future in the United States, and to provide key details about the relationship between the referrer and the immigrant. Share anecdotes so the letter feels less like a list of claims than a compelling personal narrative.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

Like any reference, the strength of its claims lies in the credibility of the author. Then, try to find someone with influence, like a longtime friend or employer. While family members are usually willing to provide glowing references, it’s best to involve someone other than a relative. Depending on your situation, USCIS wants to see if a person will have a positive impact on becoming a United States citizen. Therefore, getting a recommendation from an established member and US citizen can play a large role in the success of your application.

Free Immigration Letters (character Reference Letters For Immigration)

There are basically 2 ways a person can apply for immigration to the United States. An immigration reference letter must be written for one of the following:

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

While your contact might know a lot about your personal history, they won’t hurt to offer key details to include. You can make a list of important points to include. The first step in applying for immigration to the United States is to file a petition. If an applicant lives outside the United States, you can apply at a USCIS office located in your country or mail your application if there is no office.

Offer to write the letter yourself if you think it can move things forward, or if you’re otherwise concerned about your referrer’s ability to write a persuasive statement. While it’s not mandatory, it’s a good idea to read the letter fluently in English. If a person is having trouble translating their reference letter into English, they can hire an online copywriter to help you with your problem.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

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Since this letter is an official statement, it must be signed, dated and notarized. Keep a copy for personal records. If the applicant is located in the United States, notarizing a document is an easy but tedious task. Most banks and financial institutions offer this service and may charge a small fee.

Submit the letter with other application documents to ensure it is not lost in administrative processing. All applicants should notify their agent of any letters of recommendation. Your agent is the person named on Form DS-261.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

Character references of this type should be written by someone close to the individual, someone who can provide direct examples and specific anecdotes to help support the claimant’s moral character argument. A great candidate would be a neighbor, family member, friend, employer, or member of their church. In this case, the greater the emotional impact the individual in question has had on the writer’s life, and vice versa, the better. For those who are detained and are at risk of removal from the country, a recommendation from their children (if applicable) is often the strongest case.

Character Letter For Court For Family Member Template

The purpose of the letter is to demonstrate that the person who wants to stay in the country has good morals and ethics and that he is or would be a valuable member of the community. Due to the informal and emotional nature of these letters, it is best to be sincere, honest, and friendly, especially in the event of an expulsion. The writer must include the emotional and financial distress that denial of citizenship or removal would cause him and/or the applicant’s family.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

The format of such a letter is standard; an introduction, as many body paragraphs as needed to prove the point, and a conclusion.

It is important that the introduction state the author’s name, age, occupation, degree of relationship to the applicant, citizenship status, and length of relationship with the applicant. The introduction may start to plead with the person in question, but the body paragraphs should be the primary source of argument.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

Character Reference Letter

If the letter is used to prevent the cancellation of removal, the letter should be addressed to “Dear Immigration Judge” or “Dear Immigration Judge”. Otherwise, “To Whom It May Concern” should be used.

Dear Immigration Judge, My name is Sophia Alvarez, I am a 29 year old American citizen and have been married to Jerry Alvarez for 6 years. Jerry is a kind and loving husband and a wonderful father to our two children. His detention has been emotionally and financially devastating to our family; a child needs a father figure and serves as the sole source of financial income.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

To whom it may concern My name is Alexander Sokolov, I am 45 years old and I am delighted to be able to write this letter on behalf of my cousin, Alistair Sokolov, who recently applied to immigrate to America. I have known Alessandro all my life. I’ve worked with him on the restoration both here and in Russia, so I can attest firsthand to his work ethic, integrity, and overall kindness from him.

Good Moral Character Letter For Immigration Template Download Printable Pdf

Both of the above examples mention all the information necessary for the person writing to to establish the exact relationship between the perpetrator and the prisoner, as well as the strength of the reference provided.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

The body paragraphs are where the writer will outline what the applicant is trying to prove to immigration officials. It should include the individual’s work ethic (especially if written by an employer), the impact he has on those who depend on him emotionally or financially, and ultimately the positive character traits about him. If possible, specific examples should be given.

Mary is a loving mother who provides for the daily life of her children. A single mother with two jobs, I am always amazed at her ability to raise her three daughters with such grace and care. As her sister, I watch her raise my nieces into strong, intelligent, independent women; I hate seeing what happens if this family is destroyed. She worked overtime for 5 months just to pay for last year’s Christmas, assuring her children the same pleasures in life as those they go to school with. While my husband and I help out when we can, there is no substitute for mothering a child.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

Good Moral Character Letter

I have had the pleasure of having Aadarsh ​​as an employee for the past 4 years and cannot stress enough how hardworking and loyal this young man is. He has always been dedicated to improving as a carpenter and now has the skills to become an independent contractor if he chooses to do so. Aadarsh ​​has also remained loyal to my company, turning down several offers from other employers who have been impressed with his work ethic and efficiency. The young man attends a local college part-time where he decides to take an American history course to better educate himself about the country he wants to call home. We had many insightful conversations over lunch as he told me what he had learned in his lessons. I am ashamed to admit that he is usually the one who coaches me, not the other way around.

Our first example above was written by the applicant’s sister and provides a strong reason why the person to be removed should be allowed to remain in the country. The writer gave specific examples and highlighted her sister’s positive character traits to demonstrate her general character and the impact she has on the lives of her children.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

The second example is from the point of view of an employer focusing on Aadarsh’s work ethic and enthusiasm for the country he is seeking to immigrate to. Both points will make good arguments for immigration officials reviewing the application.

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The letter should end cordially by complimenting the individual seeking naturalization/deportation avoidance. The idea that the person should be allowed to stay in the country and obtain citizenship should also be reiterated in the last paragraph. If applicable, the contact information of the writer will be present at the bottom of the page. Also, if possible, a certified letter will remove any doubts about the author’s signature.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

My father is a kind and loving man, a role model for my little brothers and a breadwinner for our family. I cannot express how awful it would be if he were deported back to Venezuela, and I ask you to let him stay in the United States, the country we now call home. Sincerely Nicolas Chávez

Our family fully supports David’s immigration application in every way possible. He is a man of great integrity, passionate loyalty to the United States of America, strong character, and a warm and friendly disposition. I can not remember

Immigration Character Reference Letter Examples

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