Index And Flash Cards

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Index And Flash Cards – What if there was a way you could reuse your credit card so you wouldn’t have to buy a lot and waste a lot of paper?

Introduction of reusable index cards. They are made of 100% vinyl (plastic) – not paper or cardboard. This means you can fully submerge them in water to clean them if needed without worrying about them getting damaged.

Index And Flash Cards

Index And Flash Cards

Yes I can. But have you ever heard of wet erase markers or chalk markers? They are perfect for using reusable index cards because they are made with a special ink that dries and is more resistant than dry erase ink. Only remove with a damp cloth!

Memory Work With Flash Cards

Our ID cards are super thick (3x thicker), white, flat on one side, blank on the other and durable for years.

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If you plan to handle a lot of cards and need to protect against smudges, use a wet erase marker.

The difference between dry erase markers and wet embossing is that wet erase markers need to be wiped with a damp cloth. This helps prevent food shortages and preserves the writing better than dry brushing.

Mr. Pen Pastel Index Cards, 3″ X 5″, 180 Cards, Index Cards, Lined Index Cards, Note Cards, Flash Cards, Study Cards

Our reusable index cards are made from 100% vinyl material – the same material our whiteboards are made from. That’s why dry-cleaning or dry-cleaning soundboards work so well with our products.

Another reason to buy our index cards is that they last forever! You can significantly reduce the number of index card packages you purchase.

If you write a lot of study index cards and throw them away, it’s easy to buy reusable index cards! You just read your cards, study them and wash them after the test.

Index And Flash Cards

You can completely submerge them in water and they won’t spoil. This is because they are 100% vinyl.

Ruled Neon Glow Index Cards, 5 X 8, Assorted, 100/pack

Unlike other reusable index cards, you will find that they are made from card stock with a backing. That’s not a bad thing and you might want to.

But if you want something really durable, strong, not made of paper, and wipe clean without stains…

You should definitely order a pack of reusable index cards and feel the difference.

They’re white, side-mounted, come in packs of 20 and are great for studying, classroom projects, offices, classrooms, and even preparing your daily to-do list!

Ways To Review Using Flash Cards

There are so many uses for them that we can’t even begin to list them, but we’d love to hear how you plan to use yours!

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