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glossary – fixing Drainage and Erosion issues A | B | C | D | E | F| G | I | L | M | N | P | R | S | T | U | W Aerator An aerator is a laptop that eliminates brief plugs of soil from the floor, increasing porosity and stimulating root growth. Biolog A biolog is a coir fiber log used to create a mini-terrace. Concrete Slab Jacking  Slab jacking is a way of restoring sunken concrete slabs to their normal grade. Slab jacking and sidewalk grinding are two alternate options to changing sunken or uneven concrete. Slab jacking raises or stabilizes misguided concrete pavement in driveways, concrete stairs, and sidewalks and other slab-on-grade surfaces A cement slurry is pumped below the concrete to fill the void. This technique lifts the sunken and uneven floor back into its correct position. it could possibly additionally dispose of expensive and irritating water complications with the aid of filling hidden cavities under the concrete and diverting water away from the foundation. click on image to enlarge. construction under Bond If a subdivision is "beneath bond," the stormwater infrastructure and different utilities are nonetheless beneath the accountability of the developer – together with their upkeep. The infrastructure is secured through a construction contract and protection (the bond) held by way of Fairfax County. once the bond is back to the developer, they are no longer accountable for preservation. In a brand new construction beneath bond, the builder could be liable for fixing complications, including drainage and erosion issues. If problems for your property are happening as a result of runoff from neighboring houses beneath bond, the builder of those residences can be responsible for repairs for your property. If this applies to you, consider calling the Fairfax County web site development and Inspection Division at 703-324-1720, TTY 711. In different jurisdictions, contact the division accountable for inspection of new building under bond (frequently in the Public Works department). Drip Line A drip line is the land directly below a source of falling water. The ground under the edge of the roof or gutter is spoke of as the drip line, which is essentially the most familiar utilization during this book. The time period is additionally applied to trees, as within the enviornment below a tree that receives water dripped from the timber branches and foliage. Easement An easement may also be greatly described as legal permission from an owner to permit others to entry a element of their property. constantly easements are granted in perpetuity, which means that they proceed to enable entry even when the land is bought to yet another owner. There are a few different types of easements. If a huge utility line, equivalent to a water main or stormwater pipe, cuts through deepest property, the county or utility company may have an easement that allows for them the right to access or use these pipes, and that restricts how the easement enviornment can also be used with the aid of the property owner. in addition to primary utility lines which turn up in easements, there are additionally deepest connections to leading lines that you simply may need to watch out for. A conservation easement is yet another category of easement that protects environmentally sensitive land or historical properties, often held by means of a conservation believe. In our area, the Northern Virginia Conservation believe is one such firm. A aid insurance plan area also restricts the way owners can use land within an RPA, however it does not furnish others the right to entry your house. Do you have an easement for your property? The plat of your lot will exhibit any easements. Copies of plats are always protected in residential mortgage closing files. in case you do not have a replica, one can also be got from the Zoning allow review department at 703-222-1082, TTY 711. not all plats can be found from the County. If the County does not have a duplicate of your plat, contact the lending establishment from which your personal loan changed into bought. The Conservation District can additionally assist you determine you probably have an easement on your property. Fill Soil Fill soil can be used to fill in depressions found near the foundation of a house or to fill in sinkholes. Fill soil should have excessive clay content material and not too tons sand. elementary tests may also be used to verify the general content material of the soil. Very gritty soil that hardly varieties a ball when moist is terribly sandy. easy or sticky soil that quite simply forms a moist ball has a more robust percentage of clay. Fill soil can also be discovered for free on web websites akin to Craig’s checklist and at building sites. Grade A grade is also called a slope or incline. all over this e-book, we recommend that the ground round your residence should slope away from foundation walls. Ideally, at least a 5% grade should still be maintained for a distance of ten feet around your home. A 5% grade ability that the slope alterations 5 toes in top for every 100 feet of horizontal distance. Over ten feet of horizontal distance from your basis wall, there should be as a minimum a 0.5 foot (six-inch) alternate in top. related to the grade around a home, a favorable grade refers to ground that slopes faraway from the apartment, which is fascinating to prevent erosion or a moist basement. A negative grade tilts toward the condominium, which is an undesirable circumstance. Groundwater Groundwater is water below ground, filling up pore spaces in soil and joints in rocks. The water table is the depth to the surface of the saturation zone, the area of soil and rock it really is saturated with groundwater. Groundwater that is of course close to the surface can cause moist circumstances. high groundwater is generally present in low lying elements of the landscape, notably in floodplains subsequent to perennial streams. Water seepage can also be discovered on slopes from natural springs. Groundwater is frequently closest to the surface in less warm months, but wetness can happen all through the 12 months. click on on image to enlarge. Gully and Gully Erosion A gully is an incision or ditch created by means of the movement of running water. in the method of gully erosion, running water picks up soil or sediment in its path and moves it downstream, often depositing it into streams, lakes and rivers. click on on graphic to amplify. evaluate with Sheet Erosion. Infiltration Infiltration is the price at which water passes through soil, generally measured in inches per hour. Soils with excessive clay content material or compact soils have slower infiltration whereas loose or sandy soils have a better infiltration. it’s critical to conduct an infiltration look at various ahead of installation a rain garden or dry neatly. in case your soil has bad infiltration at the backside of the rain backyard, you will probably want an underdrain. you can use the following steps to support you in conducting an infiltration test. how to conduct an Infiltration examine: Dig a 12-inch (or deeper) hole on the proposed website of your rain garden or dry well and fill it absolutely with water. permit the water to sit down for at least an hour in order that the soil can saturate. refill the hole so it is full. From this aspect on, look at to see if the water drains into the soil. If the water drains within 48 hours, the site is appropriate for a rain backyard or dry well; youngsters, it is tremendously recommended that the soil be amended with some compost and sand. If the water doesn’t drain in 48 hours, opt for a different area or amend or substitute the soil and deploy an underdrain. It may well be less demanding to choose one other location. You can also choose to run the infiltration examine more than as soon as within the identical hole or in distinctive holes to be certain an correct influence. See additionally: Permeability. panorama fabric also known as filter fabric or geotextile cloth. panorama material is now typically fabricated from synthetic (plastic) woven cloth. it is used to cover naked soil to stay away from erosion. The tightness of the weave varies. In instances where water should not pass through the material, the weave should be tight. Looser weaves may still be used when water is supposed to move during the textile. natural (non-artificial) landscape material is a biodegradable choice that may also be used as an erosion manage blanket unless plant roots take hold. omit Utility  pass over Utility, also referred to as Virginia Utility insurance policy carrier (VUPS), is a free carrier that offers markings for underground utilities, together with vigour, sewer, gasoline, water and cable traces. omit Utility may also be contacted via dialing 811 (in Virginia) or 1-800-552-7001. Native flora a local plant is a plant found in the ecosystem by which it has evolved. It exists in equilibrium with other species in the identical ecosystem. in the united states, flora found in the country previous to European colonization are regarded native. individuals in all places are discovering the attractiveness and advantages of native flowers, from canopy trees to shrubs to meadow species and native groundcover. They support restore the ecosystem as more land is cleared for structures or roads. they could require less upkeep than different flowers. They additionally give meals and defend for americans and natural world. Invasive flowers are aggressive non-native plant life. These plants grow out of manage when taken out of their native ecosystem. Kudzu or "the plant that ate the South" is an invasive this is often common. Invasive plant life often get away from yards. Examples include English Ivy, Bamboo, jap Honeysuckle, and Garlic Mustard. For a full listing of invasive vegetation that are troublesome in Fairfax County, as well as easy methods to aid, see Invasive management Areas. Permeability The rate at which water passes through soil. Soils with high clay content or compact soils have slower permeability while free or sandy soils have a more robust permeability. See additionally: Infiltration. Plat A map showing the boundaries and key features of a property. akin to a plan or blueprint of a condo or indoors space, a plat of lots suggests the features of the outside area. Probe A soil probe is a long metallic rod with a tackle. it’s notably constructive for settling on the depth, size and extent of a sinkhole. If a probe is not accessible, a piece of rebar, shovel, hearth poker or different enforce will also be used. useful resource protection area Perennial streams, coastline, wetlands, or different water our bodies, and a buffer enviornment (constantly a hundred ft) are covered as aid insurance policy Areas, also called Chesapeake Bay renovation Areas. Soil disturbance, land clearing or construction within an RPA is enormously limited and contingent upon permission from the County. To assess if your property is in an RPA, use the Fairfax County Watershed Viewer. Enter your handle to locate your watershed, nearest flow and resource coverage Areas. you could additionally contact the Conservation District (703-324-1460, TTY 711). District personnel can help clarify your alternate options in case your land is in an RPA. Riprap Riprap includes big rocks used to cut back water pace at the outfall of pipes or to cut back erosion by flowing water on soil surfaces or in movement beds. Runoff Runoff is the circulation of water over land that doesn’t infiltrate into the soil or evaporate into the ambiance. Runoff can come from rain, melting snow or even hoses or sprinklers. complications with runoff are exacerbated with the aid of impervious surfaces that prevent infiltration equivalent to roofs, roads and driveways. click on on image to magnify. Sheet Erosion The removing of a uniform layer of soil from the floor by means of water runoff. click on photograph to enlarge. evaluate with Gully Erosion. Soil examine  A soil verify is the top of the line option to determine if your soil needs a pH or nutrient exchange. A soil examine equipment can also be obtained from Fairfax County libraries or the Soil and Water Conservation District workplace. that you may mail your soil sample to Virginia Tech and receive a detailed file for a small fee of $10. information for analyzing your soil verify report and applying fertilizer or lime: A soil check can help you prevent fertilizer burn, when too lots fertilizer kills grass or other vegetation. ample quantities of vitamins and minerals may well be present in the soil, however if the soil pH is simply too acidic , nutrients may additionally now not purchasable for plant use. Fertilizer suggestion is in pounds/acre (lbs./ac) and may be added once every year. Lime suggestion (for pH) is in heaps/acre and will be added simplest as soon as in three years . After a period of three years, a brand new soil verify should still be carried out. After correcting the pH or nutrient level, re-seed or replant the appropriate vegetation of your alternative. Splash Block or Splash guard A plastic or cement plate placed at the conclusion of a downspout to disperse and a little slow down runoff and offer protection to the underlying soil. click on on image to enlarge. proper Outlet or area an appropriate outlet is an area of land it is able to receiving redirected runoff without causing erosion or sogginess. Examples include rain gardens, dry wells, present swales or gently sloping vegetated land now not immediately leading to neighboring homes. Ideally, runoff should still be directed to an area where it could actually soak into the soil, filtering and cleansing the water. it is choicest to avoid connecting one impervious surface to an extra when discharging runoff. for example, from a water pleasant point of view, it is not preferable to discharge your roof runoff directly onto your driveway, flowing onto the road, right into a storm drain and to the closest circulation, where the sheer extent of water circulate can cause damage. Conversely, an unsuitable or inadequate outlet is an area of land that is not in a position to receiving redirected stormwater runoff devoid of inflicting erosion, sogginess or different problems. Examples of insufficient outlets are areas with compacted soil so that it will trigger stormwater to stagnate as opposed to soak into the floor, steep slopes that allows you to produce quick runoff and erosion, or areas next to groundwork partitions or other buildings that could cause domestic flooding if used as a receiving enviornment for runoff. yet another illustration of an unsuitable discharge enviornment is your own home line. don’t clear up your personal difficulty by growing a problem in your neighbor. Sump Pump A small reservoir at a low point used to collect water. Many households have a sump designed into the basis or slab to assemble groundwater so it doesn’t circulate into the basement. A sump pump is a tool that pumps that water via a pipe to the exterior of the apartment. Swale a wide, shallow channel designed to bring water safely. It has gently sloping facets. The swale can also be lined with grass or stone to steer clear of erosion. Swales can entice sediment and pollution if the water is flowing slowly. Tamper  A tamper is a device used to compact soil. It has a long tackle with a flat metallic plate on the end. To compact soil, the lower back of a shovel may additionally also be used. Underdrain An underdrain refers to an underground drain pipe used with rain gardens or dry wells to permit excess stormwater to be carried away during heavy storms. An underdrain is often fundamental in soil with very low permeability. click on on graphic to amplify. Underground Drainage system here’s a much less favored choice for handling frequent moist circumstances. An underground drainage gadget is a collection of perforated pipes buried underground to catch movement from excessive groundwater. it is similar to a French drain, however at a deeper degree. The pipes are put in with a extremely slight grade. Groundwater enters the pipes and flows to a suitable outlet. here’s on occasion called drainage tiles, in particular in agricultural settings. Wetland A wetland that meets the military Corps of Engineers definition is a jurisdictional wetland and is blanketed below the clear Water Act. Any disturbance of a jurisdictional wetland in Virginia is unlawful without a enable from the military Corps of Engineers Norfolk workplace or the Virginia branch of Environmental best. Some wetlands in Fairfax County are inside aid protection Areas covered below the Chesapeake Bay maintenance Ordinance. Window smartly Basement windows are customarily founded in a metal-lined, half-cylinder hole that enables easy to enter, called a window well. Window wells should be covered with a transparent plastic shell to evade rain from coming into the smartly. Sediments on window wells or outside partitions could be an indicator of overflowing gutters. Leadville easement deal helps hunters, anglers LEADVILLE, Colo. – Don’t talk to Tom Martin about sprouting seed, as a minimum now not when germination takes a full 10 years and, even when the bloom comes, he nonetheless finds people who’ll speak unwell of the crop. Following negotiations that started in 1999, a partnership has been formed to set up the Moyer Bar 45 Conservation Easement, a conglomeration of three,four hundred acres within the Arkansas River Valley just south of Leadville. The essence of this $four.eight million purchase, formalized final spring, is to give protection to this checkerboard parcel from construction while featuring a measure of hunting and public entry. As such, it is entertaining within the heritage of agreements involving the Colorado Division of natural world and personal landowners and will serve as a prototype for future statewide accords. “here is a really complicated deal, little doubt. There’s been a lot of jealousy,” referred to Martin, who later this month will mark his 31st anniversary as manager of the Leadville district. For one-third of that point, the wildlife officer has engaged in endless negotiations right through which settlement often appeared doomed to failure. sooner or later, DOW and great outside Colorado paid the Moyer family unit to concede future construction rights to a property scattered among a dozen or so parcels in the Arkansas basin. The Land believe of the upper Arkansas, which holds an easement in the area, additionally participated in the pact. Half the funds got here from GOCO, the rest from DOW game money money. For his efforts within the compact, Martin turned into given the Shikar-Safari Award as officer of the yr. The property encompasses a few scattered segments: an immense ranch parcel spanning the river, a piece of the river proper and a disjunctive sequence of inholdings farther upslope in Empire and Iowa gulches. The crux of the contract reserves 1,350 endeavor acres, known as Paddock State natural world area, greater up in the range. under a complex stipulation, this can be open to hunting for precise species all through certain seasons in addition to to fishing on very small creek segments. As Martin mentioned earlier, the provisions are complex and intensely doubtless will proceed to adapt over time. whereas hunters puzzle out these details, anglers instantly will entry the nine-tenths mile of the Arkansas River called the Reddy Fishing access. this is observed between the Crystal State trust rent on the upstream boundary to the toll road overpass downstream. The improved a part of the easement, about 2,000 acres, may be maintained as a working cattle ranch, the important thing specification in the inheritance consent between the late Maxine Reddy and Anne Moyer, the latest proprietor. That this legacy happened without any aspect of birthright aroused discord amongst definite valley residents. In impact, the agreement is pegged solely to Moyer’s settlement to keep a conservation easement while continuing to operate a working ranch. This lessen ranch property will continue to be private, closed to unauthorized public use. whereas the arrangement has appreciable importance as an immediate public gain, its greater lasting advantage could be as a template for identical future innovations. “Now we can consider about how to control ranchland from the standpoint of more advantageous grazing and flora and fauna management,” Martin pointed out. “We don’t have to fret about subdividing.” other Voices: extend tax merits to retailer open space Nevada County Land believe has been successful in working with landowners to preserve more than 5,000 acres of land in Nevada, Sierra and Yuba County. These properties latitude from small pristine pockets to huge cattle ranches. In our challenging economic ambiance, alternatives exist for a fast catch of land it is covered as open area continuously. As farmers expand to provide our markets with in the neighborhood grown food, agricultural preserves make first rate economic feel. As tremendous native ranch owners and different landowners are searching for to maintain their lands, conservation easements develop into a crucial tax and estate planning tool and a deterrent to promoting land to developers for income. The authentic beneficiary of all of these vital protection tools is our group, which is able to enhanced retain its rural persona and its ordinary lifestyle. however we now have an issue. The federal tax incentive for conservation easements is scheduled to end this year. Nevada County Land have confidence is inquiring for neighborhood support in extending the Tax Incentive for Conservation Easements established final yr in the 2008 Farm bill (H.R. 2419). This invoice expanded the maximum donation that a donor can take for a donation of a voluntary conservation settlement to 50 p.c of the donor’s salary (100 percent for farmers and ranchers) and extends the duration to recapture such contribution to 16 years. although, this provision of the invoice is decided to run out on Dec. 31. legislations will almost immediately be added in Congress to make these provisions permanent and the have confidence urges you to write Rep. Tom McClintock and Sens. Boxer and Feinstein to both assist or co-sponsor these expenses. A conservation easement is a voluntary settlement between a landowner and a certified conservation company, such because the have faith, to completely avert its building uses and hold it as open house or a working landscape. The easement enables the proprietor to continue to personal and use the land and to move it on to heirs. It does not require any public entry or use of the property if the proprietor doesn’t hope. somewhat, it preserves the property in its present state towards future building. probably the most commonly mentioned cause stated by way of Nevada County residents for staying or relocating right here is for the great of existence tied to the great thing about our ambiance. The conservation easement is a brilliant device in protecting that fine of life whereas enabling a landowner to recognise a considerable economic improvement from the land. if you’d like to assist this effort, please contact the have faith at 272-5994. we are able to come up with the necessary tips in addition to a pattern letter. aid us preserve Nevada County. Joe Byrne is board president of Nevada County Land have faith..

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