Irs Form 2848 Power Of Attorney And Declaration Of Representative

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Irs Form 2848 Power Of Attorney And Declaration Of Representative – If you want someone to contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on your behalf, you must take official action to provide authority to do so. The right to share information and authorize someone else to deal with the IRS for you is provided on Form 2848: Power of Attorney and Statement of Representative.

Your tax information is private. After all, it contains sensitive information, including your name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number (SSN). You should never share it with anyone unless of course there is a very good reason to do so.

Irs Form 2848 Power Of Attorney And Declaration Of Representative

Irs Form 2848 Power Of Attorney And Declaration Of Representative

At the same time, the IRS also cannot share this information with others. The Agency may share it with third parties only if you give us permission to do so. For example, you can hire a tax attorney to represent you in an audit. Read on to find out what signature Form 2848 allows your representative to do.

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Signing Form 2848 does not relieve taxpayers of their tax liability. It authorizes your agent—a certified public accountant (CPA), attorney, or other person designated as your agent—to take certain actions on your behalf. They include:

The form is not an absolute authorization to do anything when it comes to your taxes on your behalf. Your agent can e. no:

If you want someone to just see your tax information, but you don’t want to give them permission to represent you to the IRS, you can sign Form 8821: Tax Information Authorization instead. This could happen if, for example, you’re applying for a mortgage and need to share your tax information with the lender.

Form 2848 does not revoke the authorization to view the tax information you gave us by filing Form 8821.

What Is A Form 2848 For?

In order for Form 2848 to be valid, you must specify the tax form and year you are filing. It includes:

You must sign the form. If you file jointly and each spouse wants to provide authority, each spouse must file a separate Form 2848 to designate a representative. Although you may be filing jointly, this does not mean that you must use the same representative.

If you have your own non-IRS Power of Attorney (POA) form that you have signed to give the agent various powers to act on your behalf, you may

Irs Form 2848 Power Of Attorney And Declaration Of Representative

Used in place of Form 2848 in certain circumstances. Remember that a POA is a legal document that gives an agent the authority to act on your behalf and is usually used when someone is ill or disabled and otherwise unable to take care of their own finances.

Irs Form 2848: Your Guide To Appointing Irs Representation

Alternatively, your agent, acting under your own form of power of attorney, can sign Form 2848 on your behalf.

There may come a time when you may want to switch agents, such as when you hire a new CPA because you are not satisfied with the representation of the CPA you originally authorized. You must complete a new Form 2848. Completing the form for a new agent will automatically cancel the previous POA while the previous agent is in the CAF system. Therefore, the number assigned to your agent is important.

If you are simply adding a new POA and not canceling a previous one, indicate this by checking the box on line 6 of Form 2848. You must also attach a copy of the previous Form 2848 to the new form.

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When To Use Irs Form 2848

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By clicking “Accept all cookies” you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve website navigation, analyze website usage and assist our marketing efforts. If you ever need to resolve a problem with the IRS, whether it’s related to your federal income taxes or not, contact the IRS. It can be scary. You may not feel that you know enough about the US tax code to file a complaint or challenge a penalty. Fortunately, if you feel this way, there is something you can do. If you’d rather have an attorney or tax preparer talk to the IRS, you can fill out Form 2848. Here’s our guide to understanding this form.

IRS Form 2848 is the Declaration of Power of Attorney and Representative form. If you need someone to represent you and discuss your tax issues with the IRS, you can fill out Form 2848. Since tax information is considered personal information, you must formally authorize another person to handle your personal tax issues.

Irs Form 2848 Power Of Attorney And Declaration Of Representative

There are many people who can stand up to the IRS on your behalf. You can get help from a lawyer or a tax accountant. You can also ask a family member or student who works in the Tax Clinic Program or Low Income Taxpayer Clinic to be your representative.

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It may be a good idea to have someone else represent you if an illness or medical condition prevents you from communicating directly with the IRS. You may also need a power of attorney if you plan to leave the country during tax season.

Businesses, including partnerships, associations, and corporations, can also file Form 2848 if they need third-party representation when dealing with the IRS. Trustees and heirs may also need to use Form 2848 if they need help with tax issues related to their trusts and their family members’ estates.

After you file Form 2848, the person you want to represent has the authority to review your tax return and help you solve specific problems identified on Form 2848. Your representative can also sign your tax return under certain circumstances.

However, Form 2848 does not give representatives the freedom to do what they want. They can’t do anything you haven’t given them permission to do. They are also prohibited from trying to convince the government to give you a tax refund check.

Form 2848: Instructions For Irs Power Of Attorney

Form 2848 is a two-page document with two sections. In Part I, line 1 asks for your name, address, and phone number. You must also write down your individual taxpayer ID, your CPR number and/or your employer number.

Line 2 asks you to enter the name, telephone number, fax number and address associated with the person (or persons) representing you. You can list up to four representatives on one form. If others are acting on your behalf, you can note this next to line 2 and attach another form with their names.

If you want your representative person(s) to see all the letters the IRS sends you, there is a box below line 2 that you can check. Just be aware that only two people can receive copies of a letter from the federal government.

Irs Form 2848 Power Of Attorney And Declaration Of Representative

You must also provide each representative’s CAF (Central Authorization File) number and PTIN (Preparation Tax Identification Number). The first is a nine-digit number that distinguishes one representative from another. If your representative is acting on behalf of someone for the first time, he will not have a CAF number. A PTIN number is a unique identification number used by certain individuals, including attorneys, tax preparers, and CPAs.

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Line 3 asks you to indicate the tax matters you authorize your representative(s) to handle. You should describe each problem, the tax form it appears on, and the year or period involved. Unless you tell us otherwise, your representative can talk to the IRS about any topic related to interest, income tax and penalties.

The IRS uses a computer system known as CAF to track individuals who serve as designated taxpayer representatives. Some issues – such as applying for employer ID numbers – do not appear in the system at all. You can check the instructions for Form 2848 for a list of cases that do not appear in the CAF. If your concerns are similar to those listed, you can check the box next to line 4.

Line 5a allows you to specify any additional powers you want your representative to have, including the ability to change or add another representative, sign your tax return, and/or transfer your tax information to someone else. Your representative can’t perform these tasks (or others) unless you specifically say they can on line 5a.

Line 5b allows you to list the powers you do not want your representative to have. By filing Form 2848, you automatically revoke any authority you previously granted to the representative. If you want someone who once represented you to act on your behalf

Form 2848 Instructions: Fill Out & Sign Online

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