Jeopardy Game Board Powerpoint Template

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Jeopardy Game Board Powerpoint Template – Danger! The popular game is loved by young and old and even after many years, it is still the number one quiz show for a fun TV night with family and friends. Don’t we all love guessing the answers and debating how we’ll do on this show?

Wouldn’t it be great to finally feel like a contestant and play our own trivia show instead of watching other people guess on a flat screen? For this very reason, we have created a new game template that shows the danger and includes real images, questions and even sounds.

Jeopardy Game Board Powerpoint Template

Jeopardy Game Board Powerpoint Template

If you’ve never heard of Jeopardy! Before that, or if you need help and advice to adapt our presentation to your preferences, please read the following chapters. Feel free to change any image in the slideshow, change fonts and colors, sounds or symbols, as well as add more images or game loops to our template.

Jeopardy Ppt Template (english)

Danger! A little different from a normal question: the answers to the questions are displayed in the questions because of the special rules for answering and getting hints and paragraphs for getting the answer. This can cause some confusion, but as soon as you adjust to this way of thinking, it will become normal.

The reality show consists of three rounds in which three contestants play against each other. We have included only one phase in our template, because beginners can take a long time, and more phases can be created simply by copying the PPT presentation.

When the money board appears, the first player can select the category and value of the money by clicking on the field. (As the money increases, so does the difficulty of the questions!) Usually, a random generator chooses who starts among the contestants by choosing the money field, but you can also agree that the youngest player can start.

As soon as the question appears, all players have 30 seconds to think about it (until the music ends). When someone raises their hand (or yells, clicks the doorbell, …) you can respond.

Jeopardy Powerpoint Template 2022: 20+ Free And Premium Options

The right answer? Then the player receives the money that is worth the question and can choose the area and category of the next money. If the contestant guesses wrong, other players can try their luck. If time runs out or no one gets it right, no one gets any points. The moderator must then randomly select a contestant who can choose the next question field. You can also arrange a special request if that’s what you want.

Advanced Version: Hitting wrong will deduct the amount of money from the player’s account; Negative values ​​are also exact.

We recommend having a moderator, who will run the show, ease the stressful mood of the contestants, fill in some jokes, and most importantly, see if the answers are right or wrong and click the buttons.

Jeopardy Game Board Powerpoint Template

If you want a detailed explanation of the rules, read this Risk! Wikipedia article on the popular contest.

Pets Pet Care Jeopardy Jepoclass Powerpoint Game

From the current slide. Now the intro starts with the music and you only have to click once to play the opening animation. When the second money panel appears, click any money button to access the question. The meditation music plays for exactly 30 seconds.

When the music ends, or as soon as someone gets the correct answer, click the “Click here for answer” button. Clicking again will take you back to the money panel and the money field in question will disappear.

We have not included a point counter, for greater flexibility with the number of players you want. Therefore, you must write down the points/money that each player receives.

Continue answering questions and clicking buttons until all the fields disappear and the final image is visible. The secret message also tells you that it’s time to find out who got the most money! Who won πŸ™‚

Get Make Your Own Jeopardy Game Presentation Template

When you already know all the answers in our template or you want to adjust the exercises exactly to your grandmother’s birthday, it’s time to modify our template and adapt it to your needs! This can be done with a few clicks, you just need to think of some good questions for your competitors and you are good to go.

Bonus tip: What about Jeopardy! Play with real exercises, like doing 10 push-ups or calling your crush? Do you need a fun animated party game? Add a few slides that require extra thickness and complete the “shot round.” (Water intakes of course! :D) Is it your parents’ wedding anniversary? Complete the complete and personalized questionnaire. Let’s hope they know each other well.

Transitions can be a lot of fun and make any presentation unique and exciting. Remember that you can also overdo it and the transition can distract you from the main topic. However, a game like Jeopardy! Lots of crazy moves can be included as they are just for fun.

Jeopardy Game Board Powerpoint Template

If you’re using the game template for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, adding new photos will make it personal and special! Most of the images in our template can be easily changed by clicking on them, deleting and adding new images.

Jeopardy Google Slides Templates & Powerpoint Themes (free & Premium)

Once you add a new chart, the size can be changed by clicking on any corner of the chart and moving the cursor. Every time you click an item in PowerPoint, a menu in the menu bar glows orange. When you open it, you will get many more options to configure the object. Some of our slides also have shapes like rectangles. Its colors, effects, shape, … can be changed with the special shape format menu.

Some of the images in our free PowerPoint templates are hidden behind other images. To change them, move the objects and bring them forward or backward by right-clicking and selecting the “Bring to Front” or “Bring to Back” option.

Here you can also see an example, how a regulated risk! The game can work for the wedding anniversary:

It is well known that sounds are the most important part of any game. For this reason, we added several audio clips to our template to end the real risk. Experience However, if you have specific sounds or music that you want to use for your game, it’s easy to import them into our template.

Steps To Make Jeopardy Powerpoint Game Scoreboard!

As mentioned above, sounds can be added via the transitions menu. If there is no audio symbol on the slide, you can find and convert our music or sound file in this way. However, you may have already noticed the little speaker symbol in the upper right corner of some PPT slides. This is the second option to add audio to any presentation.

We have also included a voice that reads the categories aloud. If you change subjects and still want sound, use a website like Text to MP3, which allows you to convert your input text to MP3 files. Choose your favorite voice (there are different nationalities, as well as female or male voices!) and click the “Download as MP3” button.

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Jeopardy Game Board Powerpoint Template

With it, she can engage her audience with live polls, questions, and comments. directly into her PowerPoint presentation. learn more

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