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Line Cook Job Description

Line Cook Job Description

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Key Duties and Responsibilities: Provide fast, courteous and professional service to customers, keep the area clean and safe, label and date all food, store and rotate food as needed, can work in a fast environment. And hot. Maintain a thorough understanding of multi-tasking cuisine and preparation techniques Must be a team player Technical characteristics: Must have a high school diploma or equivalent, some useful cooking experience but not required Must be 21 years old. Assist the chef in the menu preparation process Must have a general knowledge of kitchen utensils Knowledge of safety regulations for kitchen utensils can lift 25 pounds Other responsibilities: Safety and proper procedures during daily operations Follow Swan employer services Appropriate z 1306 East 74th Avenue, Suite 200 z Anchorage, AK 99518 P: (9023: 777) Performs opening and closing tasks. (907) 770-7924 ​​1 Line Cook Job Description Information about where and how things are stored, arrive on time and show effective time management, flexibility with work shifts and shifts. Take a 15-minute break to report to the manager for appropriate assigned changes when an item breaks down or requires repair, follow written instructions and other task assignments as assigned, including key function support. And can be replaced or rearranged, some heavy lifting may be required. I have received a copy of my job description and a clear understanding of my duties and responsibilities.

Line Cook Job Description: 11 Facets Of The Line Cook Job

How do you write a compelling job description? What do you write in the job description? Check out these popular job description templates! The range chef is the worker of the kitchen. They work furiously to place the dishes and sell orders while the kitchen is in the grass.

The most important part of organizing a busy transition. They are unprecedented heroes in many restaurant operations in the hospitality industry.

So if you do not know what these heroes do, read on. We also have a mocking line chef profile of the line to give you an idea of ​​what makes the line a potential contender.

Line Cook Job Description

Chefs Cook dishes and dishes under the supervision and guidance of executive chefs, soup chefs or chefs. Restaurants usually have several rows of chefs, each working a different station based on the restaurant’s menu.

Line Cook Job Description Sample

The reason the so-called “chef line” is because of where they work: the line. This is a bit of a kitchen lingo. Queued chefs can be known as “chefs” or “station chefs”.

The line represents the area of ​​the kitchen where the food is cooked. This is where the fryer, range, flat-top grille and broiler are. And all of this is usually set horizontally, forming a line. Unlike the bar layout design. A chef who works at this cooking station is called a line chef.

Prep chefs do not work on the line, so they are not active in cooking, placing and selling dishes. The chef prepares all the behind-the-scenes preparations: chop the vegetables, divide the ingredients, cut the meat and make the sauce. All the preparation work is left to the line chefs to produce it into the final product.

What do you cook? Many things. It depends on which part of the line they are working on.

Restaurant Posts Line Cook Job With 44 Over The Top Requirements

A few rows of chefs are hired to specialize in the station. Other chefs are hired as Jack-of-all-trades and work at any station as needed. Of course, the more stations that queue chefs can effectively manage, the more value they bring to the kitchen.

The sauté station is reserved for more capable chefs in the kitchen. The barbecue chef works on the gas range in the kitchen or stove.

This includes the preparation of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and sauces. And they use pans. Lots and lots of dishes. The reason the sauce falls on the sauce chef is that the remnants from previous cooking always leave a useful option for the preparation of the sauce.

Line Cook Job Description

The apartment top station is a range of kitchens that combine the grill and grill elements. It has no grid; This is a flat cooking surface. In addition to cooking on top, it can be used for heating and heating pots and pans. This is a place to cook hot, non-grilled food that does not require a pan.

Pm Cook Resume Samples

The grill station is usually an open barbecue and / or barbecue. This is where barbecue grills and other regular grills are cooked over an open fire.

It is considered the most difficult chef station for two reasons. First, the meat must be cooked to room temperature. A well-done medium roast is wasted. This is not a way to reduce costs in a restaurant.

And secondly, all that roast cooked at the same time? They all look the same. This is a station that requires the most experienced chefs.

The frying chef runs a deep frying machine. They are usually responsible for a small fridge (where a lot of deep-fried food waits until the oil bath) with a frying pan and tongue.

Kitchen Positions: From Dishwasher To Chef In 10 Steps

The frying station, along with the canteen below, is an entry-level cooking area. Also, fries can be rolled into the task of another cook if there are not many fried items on the menu. For example, a barbecue chef may be in charge of tossing fries and onion rings in a small kitchen.

Pantry is a name often used to refer to desserts and salads. This is where salads, desserts and cold meals are prepared and sold.

Often the kitchen chef (not to be confused with the pastry chef) relies on other chefs to be able to fill the dishes. Think grilled barbecue called barbecue from a grilled chef. This makes time management skills and coordination important for successful chefs.

Line Cook Job Description

It is also one of the most diverse stations you can imagine – desserts and salads. This requires good memory and the ability to pivot quickly.

Fast Food Cook Job Ad And Description Template

The job descriptions of line chefs vary because line chefs may be required for one or all of the cooking stations that the kitchen uses. But in general, the job descriptions of line chefs covering all possible cooking stations will look like this:

Here is a comprehensive list of roles and responsibilities of range chefs. It is important to keep the description open in case one day you have to move your chef to the grill. Keep your options open with different types of chefs and chefs in your establishment.

In fact, the average chef in the United States (170) is $ 13.51 an hour. That’s about $ 28,100 a year.

However, chefs with 3 to 5 years of experience earn $ 14.27 per hour or $ 29,682 per year. And the average chef salary for line chefs with more than 10 years of experience is $ 15.45 per hour or $ 32,136 per year.

Line Cook Resume Examples Built For 2022

When creating a line chef profile, be sure to emphasize any work with management around optimization processes such as setting equal levels or reducing food costs. We also have some great resources around bar recruitment.

But even the best employees in the world will not bring you the benefits of an inventory system forever. BinWise Pro is an industry-leading bar inventory program that employs 10 people – automating bar inventory lists and collecting and analyzing data at the click of a button. It is a cloud-based solution that gives you and your employees more time to work.

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