Log Book Sample For Internship

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Log Book Sample For Internship – 1 AMOUD BORAMA SOMALILAND UNIVERSITY College of Computing, Information and Communication Technology Phone: // Fax Website: STUDENT S ATACHMENT LOG-BOOK BACHELOR OF BUSINESS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Name: Abdul Rahman Hassan Jeh ID: Organization: Rees Hotel Page: 1

2 Duration: 6 weeks Introduction This book helps the student to preserve the history of education. It shows the departments and departments in which the student worked and the time periods the student spent in each of them. Teaching the placement program is a revisionable unit that students are supposed to undertake. The entire exercise is marked out of 100 marks. That is, the evaluation of the industry supervisor is 30 degrees, the evaluation of the university supervisor is 30 degrees, the report of the industrial facility is 30 degrees, and the submission of the registration book is 10 degrees. Notice of resumption of reservation The student must inform the attachment coordinator of the details attached to him by filling out the form provided. This must be communicated to the above persons within the first week after receipt of the attachment. The daily report of the daily work performed during the training period should be clearly recorded with drawings and diagrams where necessary. Weekly Summary Report This is a summary of the work done in a week and should include a report on the work that was covered. Students are required to submit the Report Book to the Industry Supervisor on a weekly basis for content and progress assessment. The moderator can use any page for his comments if needed. Change of Affiliation The student is expected to start and end his/her affiliation with an educational institution. If it is necessary to change the location of the facility, the student must first obtain written permission from the university. His request to change the location of the facility must indicate the name and address (not just the PO Box) of the company or industry to which he wishes to transfer. Any attachments not properly authorized will be revoked. The student fills in the log attached to the record at the end of each working day and must comprehensively show the tasks performed and the skills acquired on that particular day. The notebook should be kept at work and not taken home. Page 2

Log Book Sample For Internship

Log Book Sample For Internship

3. Visiting the supervisor: When the student visits, the university supervisor reviews the report book and records his opinion on the article submitted for this purpose at the end of the book. Industry-based observer The industry-based observer or observers will provide their comments on a weekly basis on the provided paper. This is to ensure that if a student rotates through multiple departments and units, the supervisor for each unit will comment on the student’s performance. Industry-Certified Supervisor Assessment At the end of the attached programme, the Industry-Certified Supervisor will carry out a comprehensive assessment according to the form to be submitted. It should be filled out confidentially and sent to the university in a sealed envelope. Writing the Report In addition to the daily and weekly records, the student must submit a report on the work done during the reservation. for example. Complete coverage of attachments, problems encountered, etc. Suggest improvements to make the app valuable. The report should contain a background and summary of the activities of the organization or institution with which the student is associated. The student is expected to point out strengths and weaknesses in the association. The report should be comprehensive and include the main topics learned in the organisation. must be written. Submission of the report The report book and report should be sent to the attachment coordinator at the end of the attachment. Attach the employment letter that gave you the attached vacancy indicating when the joining started and when it will end. The log book should be well bound. Page 3

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4. Student Profile Abdul Rahman Hassan Jah Student Name. (First name) Student registration number in the Department of Information and Communications Technology: College of Business and Information Technology. Excellence course. 2014/2015 Academic Calendar Stage/Year of Study … Hotel Rais Name and Address of Company/Institution Attached Phone: Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Name of Supervisor Based in Sanat. Set accountant general mobile phone number.

5 Draw an organizational chart for the institution or organization you belong to. Managing Director Finance Director Accountant Accountant All Chiefs Security H V Technician H Water H Clean Electrical Police All Laundry Guard Waiter IT and Cleaners Home Security Cameras H Restaurant Cahiers Cooks Stove Assistant Car Credit Sales Page: 5

Saturday 6th Student’s Weekly Progress Chart Description of Work Done January 31, 2015 (End of Week: …) New Skills Acquired This was a free day because in my internship I had no plans to start that day, the planning was supposed to start at February 2013, so I will visit the organization to see where I will start my training by tomorrow. It is just part of the skill that I have analyzed the way I fearlessly move towards tomorrow to guard against unexpected behavior that may occur. I recorded the newcomer when I took him to his room and then prepared a daily activity logbook to identify the newcomers. A new skill I acquired is how can I provide great hospitality to new clients. I have prepared reports which have been sent to the finance department to check the number of bedrooms. One of the new skills you learned is how to handle and resolve customer complaints. I worked on writing new subscription reports yesterday to transfer today’s forms to add new subscription customers today. I studied how the local telephone operator answered other departments and customer rooms. Received bills consumed by the customer from the restaurant to be added at checkout or payment. I learned that if someone made a new reservation over the phone or. I have recorded the technical issue which they have passed on to our customer to be resolved. Even got into the technical trouble books. One of the new skills I learned was how to communicate technical issues to technical departments. sunshine. 01 February 2015 Monday. 02 Feb 2015 Tue. 03-Feb-2015 Wed. 04-February-2015 Thursday 05 February 2015 Page: 6

7 Weekly Trainee Report (Please attach a chart for each week) The first week of my training program was an interesting week as I dealt with different things. Matters related to my duties involving the overall audit organization or business departments and. Approving the names of leaders and employees, especially in the reception department. It is also a week with its own challenges, but each challenge to solve the previous experience and knowledge that I gained in the past three years at Amud University … The admission department entrusted to me, my training supervisor Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed When I went there, after introducing myself, the chief explained This section includes the basics of admission, how it works, and the different premises. Those components including…. After that day I was trained to register a new participant and I removed the outputs that were there before.. from the diary. However, I worked independently and hope to improve my skills. Page: 7

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9 weeks Industry/Department/Unit Supervisor Comments After a week when I analyze his work he becomes the one who appears in his work.. every day without error mashallah so we are very excited about his work because. Because it is easy to work. . Day to day activities of the Reception Department He helps our employee to do something else while doing normal work in our hotel. Especially in the reception department.. According to his understanding of the workplace, he adapts to the road very quickly and simply. We trained on the first day also punctuality was very high because it came early. His work before the time we informed him… So we want to thank the responsibility he did as our employee… A / salaan Arab Ahmed Name of the supervisor Page: 9

11. Students’ weekly progress chart Describe the work done on Saturday. Feb 07, 2015 (Weekend:.) New Skills Acquired I have checked the overview of the bill written by the customers and the invoice of the customers, the new skill I learned is how to check the bills of the waiter if they are correct. Or err Sunday 08-feb-2015 I prepared to write all the bills while she was asleep and checked reception moved to their rooms. I worked through the waiters’ bills which they compared to the sale of the day

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