Machinery Website Templates

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Machinery Website Templates – People used to produce goods and products in a small community where growth and income are very limited. To meet global supply and expansion needs, factories are built. The industrial revolution began after the development of the spinning machine by Sir Richard Arkwright in England. Hundreds of people work together to complete a product and efficient transportation is used to reach the global market. These days the internet has shrunk the world, global reach is simply done through social media and effective content. To stay innovative and help you reach a more global audience, these free industrial website templates will help you.

The first factory in history was a ship factory in Venice, with almost 1200 workers and which will complete a ship in one day. Later, industrialists in many parts of the world used innovative methods in factories to improve productivity, for example, moving ramps in factories on Henry Ford’s assembly line; which is profitable and also improved productivity. Currently, there are several computer programmed machines to increase productivity. If you are interested in innovative solutions, these free industrial website templates will help you showcase your innovations and well-equipped factories.

Machinery Website Templates

Machinery Website Templates

Industry is an industrial business website template with a clean and elegant design. The full-width layout of this template gives you more than enough space to effectively share all your content and resources in one place. A lot of space has been reserved for image content to help you visually showcase your work. As it is an HTML5 website template, you can easily add videos and you actually have a place to add videos in the default design itself.

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Enough space is given between each element so that texts and images don’t look clunky. Visual effects are kept light and are only used for transition effects and hover effects. You have a testimonials section with a video on each page just above the footer section to improve your credibility. Another useful element you get with this template is a quote request form, which works perfectly before all you have to do is integrate with your support system or tool.

If innovation is what drives you, this industrial website template is the best choice to showcase your innovative solutions.

Large images and creative web elements present the content in an attractive way to the audience. The creator used modern fonts effectively to distinguish important content from others. As this template uses the latest CSS3 script, it can handle all modern fonts and text effects. For more interactive text effects, check out our collection of CSS text effects. An animated promotion bar is placed above the footer section to improve the chances of getting new leads. Using carefully designed free industrial website templates like this will help you grow your business.

Braxit is the perfect industry website template for oil and gas websites. Large image sections with parallax effects provide an immersive user experience. You even have space to add a video link in the header section of the homepage to provide a quick introduction to your industry and services. Being an HTML5 website template, it can easily handle multimedia content. A large contact form and testimonial carousel are placed near the footer section of each inner page to help visitors contact you easily. If you are looking for free industrial website templates with a clean corporate look and feel, then Braxit should meet your needs.

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ConstructionCompany is a versatile website template that you can use for construction company websites and industrial websites. Especially, the default design makes it a perfect oil and gas website template. Stylish animations and large images help you get your message across clearly to your audience. A separate page is provided for services and projects so you can share your experience and success stories in a fun way with the public. Although it is an HTML template, you can still add scheduling tools and chat tools to directly interact with your audience.

The HTML Engineers template is designed for engineering and manufacturing business websites. The clean and interactive design of this template allows you to clearly share your ideas and innovative solutions with the public. The use of specific icons and specialized images adds authenticity to the website template. And the best part is that all the images and icons used in this template are grouped in the download folder. Therefore, developers can easily customize the look and feel of their website. All sections of this template are editable. The creator has ensured that the code scripts are flexible for you to add custom features as your demand grows.

As the name suggests, this is a roof service website template. The friendlier design and user-friendly interface mean that this template is also suitable for industrial sites. If you offer more than one service, the template’s vertical services tab design will help you to organize the services and related content in an organized way. The header section of each page is kept static, and a parallax effect is added to give a lively feel as the user scrolls through the pages. You can make the navigation bar fixed if you want to make navigation easier for your audience. Overall, Roofing is a perfect choice for mining companies, mechanical engineering companies and other engineering service related companies.

Machinery Website Templates

This HTML5 website template makes effective use of videos. You can clearly explain your products and your new engineering technique to the audience. Smooth animations and neat sections allow the new user to easily understand your services. The default orange color elements look attractive in the clean layout. You can use any trendy colors and gradient colors in this template without any problem. The creator kept the code structure as simple as possible so that developers can easily add their innovative ideas to this template. All the basic pages are pre-designed for you and work correctly from the front end. After you finish the backend work, you can launch your website.

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Industry Inc is a simple and elegant business website template. The creator kept it looking professional throughout the template, so you get a consistent design. The biggest advantage of using a consistently designed website template is that you can easily brand the website. For example, you can add brand color and font by editing a few lines of code. Plenty of space is given to images and videos. If you like new methods and techniques, free industrial website templates like this will be a good choice.

The creator of this template used contemporary business website design. Images and texts work side by side in this template. As a result, you get an attractive site that users love to spend time on. As it is a mobile optimized website template, mobile users can also easily read and interact with your website. Video links are placed on the header section image slider itself. For more interactive image slider designs, check out our bootstrap image slider design collection.

With the sticky top navigation bar and stylish animation effects, this template has a corporate website look and feel. Below the header section, you have space to add your valued customers and awards. If you are revamping your existing website or creating a website for a big brand, this template will be a good choice. Blog settings are also placed in this template along with other basic pages; therefore, setting up a suitable website will be an easy task. Defaults are used intelligently to differentiate between the footer section and the main content area. If you want to use more interactive patterns on your website, check out our CSS background pattern design collection.

Metalix is ​​a box-based block-based website template. In this template, each section is designed as a content block to help you add different types of content. The well-written code base of this template helps you to add image content, multimedia content, and text content. On the other hand, visual effects are used effectively to help you add more content within a given space. In the bar, you have space to add contact details and navigation menus. Custom line vector icons are used in this template, since most icons are related to the industry niche, you can use them as such without any worries. Along with this template, you get other pages about services, and contact us. With over six thousand downloads, this template is already helping developers to create their own custom website template.

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Supreme is a multipurpose website template for industrial and factory websites. This template is typical of free business website templates as well as free industrial website templates. So, you can display your work elegantly and also publicize your services to users. Simple and elegant icons are used in this template and it adds flair to the website. For the visual break, the designer used a striped background, it also helps to distinguish important sections from others. If you want to add a unique pattern to your site,

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