Magazine Editorial Template

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Do you post a journal? Or are you looking for a template to boost your freelance project? Speed ​​up your work with this list of InDesign magazine templates, handpicked by us, to showcase your content in the best possible way. Get busy – we have options for creatives, professionals and more.

Magazine Editorial Template

Magazine Editorial Template

Our curated list is divided into four different sections where you’ll find free and paid InDesign magazine and magazine templates.

Free Editorial Layouts [indesign] On Behance

Don’t have time to commute? Use this search bar to find the magazine styles and magazine formats you prefer:

Fun, artistic and unique! This template is best for presenting ideas in a memorable way. Choose this model and stand out from the crowd.

Creative images and color choices are what make this template unique. The creator of this model took it a step further and allowed the imagination, so why not you?

Don’t be afraid to show your true colors! Express your thoughts, projects and business ideas with the help of this innovative InDesign magazine template. The predominant white color in combination with black and yellow details will attract your attention.

Lifestyle Universal Magazine

Easy to customize and well organized, this template is stylish and professional. It is suitable for all businesses, companies and enterprises, big or small.

This model is amazingly efficient, simple design and well built. It allows you to creatively express ideas and concepts, both through image placement and descriptive text. The balance between the two is perfect, while the colors are minimal.

Looking for something soft, feminine and totally elegant? If so, this model has it all. The colors of this InDesign template are subtle and relaxing, the basic white background adds a traditional touch, and the chosen font adds a touch of elegance.

Magazine Editorial Template

Stylish, stylish and timeless! Flawless design combined with functional design makes it hard to resist this InDesign magazine template.

Free Magazine Template On Behance

This travel magazine has a great combination of colors, beautiful typography and versatile pages that create a flawless and modern design. The pages are full of photo bookmarks, large headings, and the overall design is very balanced.

Take a look at this model and fall in love with its perfect rustic feel. The design is simple and uncomplicated. Instead, it shines with frame pages, subtle colors, great typography, and a two-column layout.

Creative and fun, this InDesign magazine template with cool red accents is perfect if you’re looking for something simple. The diamond-shaped elements are distinctive and original, while the illustrations and classic paragraph design make it timeless.

The combination of these two colors has given this model its retro look. This beautiful and stylish, elegant and well-organized template will bring your creative idea to life.

Free Editorial Calendar Templates • Asana

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd with this InDesign magazine template. It’s modern and stylish, with bold typography and large image spaces.

Featuring a book design and bold typography accents, this InDesign template is perfect for those looking for something extraordinary yet easy to use. The pages have a creative design while the overall look is impressive and eye-catching.

Here we have a classic magazine design with no specific color palette and no unique elements. Although it may sound simple, this model is essential. It is suitable if you want to create a traditional magazine and convey your message in a conventional way.

Magazine Editorial Template

Fall in love with this InDesign magazine design and its flawless simplicity. All the plates are delicate and elegant, giving it a luxurious and classy feel. If you choose this model, you can’t go wrong.

Editorial Html5 Responsive And Full Width Template, Clean, Ideal For Publishing Theme. Free. / Lucasoft

The strength of this model is its versatility. It is versatile and easily customizable, so it fits any need. Whether it’s fashion, travel, lifestyle, interiors, architecture or business, you can’t go wrong!

They say less is more and I agree! This model is the perfect example. A subtle color palette combined with interesting elements creates this unforgettable minimalism.

Bright colors, creative pages and simple magazine design. This model has a classic feel but makes a strong statement that you can’t ignore.

This InDesign magazine template is anything but ordinary. It has a versatile design with many possible combinations of pages and colors. Red accents on black and gray backgrounds set it apart. Overall, this model is memorable.

Stunning Photography Magazine Template For Indesign

This InDesign magazine is bold and unique. Its structure speaks for itself. The designs are varied but all are functional and well designed. Allow yourself to dream and give your content the platform it deserves.

This InDesign magazine template is literally monochrome heaven. The pages are only black and white, but they are far from simple or boring. As a result, the design is so powerful that it appears brighter than the lightest rainbow.

Bring your ideas to life with this easily customizable journal. Colors and structure can be changed in seconds. The layout is simple and clean, and the outline is easy to read.

Magazine Editorial Template

Choose this model and you are choosing: strong construction, attractive details and bright colors. The result will be balanced and easy to use.

Modern Design Magazine Stock Illustration. Illustration Of Book

Magazines like this thrive on visual aspects. Most importantly, the photos must appear! That’s why this InDesign magazine template emphasizes image placement while leaving room for descriptive paragraphs.

This model is aesthetically attractive and intelligently designed. In addition, its convenient layout can be easily customized and edited. This model meets all your needs.

This pattern can have a great impact on the reader. Its minimalistic design is beautiful and functional at the same time. The unique structure, in terms of text / photo ratio, makes it stand out. What ties it all together is its stylish style.

Leading and modern! Stunning and exquisite! This InDesign magazine template is suitable for the fashion industry. The design is striking and well organized, the colors are simple and the typography is bold.

Magazine Template Psd, 9,000+ High Quality Free Psd Templates For Download

Classic and timeless; In other words, a great choice! If you want to play it safe, choose this model and your victory is guaranteed!

The colorful line element of this InDesign magazine template makes it creative and artistic. It is fun, captivating and interesting. However, the overall structure is easy to read and effortless in its design.

Less is more, and this is another great example. This messy pattern is sophisticated thanks to subtle colors, good structure and simple typography.

Magazine Editorial Template

Get your message across in a bold and bold way with the help of this InDesign magazine template. It’s modern in overall look and the typography style is really expressive.

Cool Zines And Indesign Magazine Templates (2022)

With one look at this template, you’ll fall in love with its subtle colors, clean design, basic typography, and page structure. In other words, it’s simple yet visually appealing.

The colorful, fresh and clean design is spread across 52 unique pages that are easy to mix and match. Select this and turn your content on!

Nothing can beat the combination of white, black and yellow! The details of this InDesign magazine template are impressive. As a result, it is unique, vivid and eye-catching! If you’re looking for something extraordinary, this is definitely it.

This horizontal InDesign magazine template has a subtle brochure vibe. It is suitable for displaying and describing all kinds of products. Overall, this model is stylish and modern.

Design Magazine Stock Illustration. Illustration Of Background

Bold graphic elements combined with colorful and stylish layers make this template perfect for fashion companies trying to create a lifestyle magazine.

In this model, you can see all kinds of graphics, infographics and tables, which is the reason for its name. Also, the colors are fun and the structural elements are very functional.

Sleek and stylish, stylish but definitely functional. The pink details in this model add an unpredictable and contemporary element to the simple overall design.

Magazine Editorial Template

Simple and easy design is one of the main features of this model. As a result, it is easy to read and understand. The simplicity of this template allows you to clarify the written information.

Magazines Templates Illustrator

Two things stand out about this template are the typography and the polished structure. The former gives it style, while the latter makes it easier to read and makes the content shine!

This food magazine has a typical structure and layout: image on one side, recipe on the other. However, the design is bright and refreshing. As a result, the overall feel of this magazine is traditional yet captivating.

In this model, the focus is on photos, so there are a lot of bookmarks. So if you want to express your ideas visually, this magazine is perfect.

With 40 versatile pages of attractive layouts and versatile layouts, this InDesign magazine template will suit your needs. Any company or business, any designer or creative entrepreneur, can progress through this model.

A New Magazine Template With A Vogue Inspired Editorial Look!

This template differs in structure and design from page to page. However, they all have unique image placement, framed elements, bold highlights, and classic paragraphs.

Clean lines,

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