Metric System Challenge Worksheet

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Metric System Challenge Worksheet – Here you will find a variety of pages to help your child learn how to convert metric units.

This webpage contains a variety of measurement worksheets to help your child learn to convert between different metric units of measurement.

Metric System Challenge Worksheet

Metric System Challenge Worksheet

The worksheets on this page not only help you convert between different metric units, but also help you practice multiplying by 10, 100, or 1000 in an important context.

Teas 7 Math Practice Test (updated 2023)

Sheets 4 and 5 are for the 5th grade level and cover converting or converting metric units to decimal units.

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It’s Time For The Us To Use The Metric System

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Metric System Challenge Worksheet

Sheets 1 and 2 are for 3rd and 4th grade levels and use whole numbers only.

Metric System Challenge Worksheet Download Printable Pdf

Sheets 3 and 4 are for the 5th grade level and cover converting or converting metric units to decimal units.

The conversion measurement worksheet generator lets you choose units and values ​​to convert to learn and practice conversion facts.

This printable math worksheet includes reading scales raised to halves, ones, fives, tens, fifties, and hundreds to find length, weight, or liquid capacity.

Using these pages helps children read and estimate with simple scales, as well as counting and entering place values.

Teaching Customary Measurement Conversions

This section contains 3rd grade time worksheets to help children tell time in 5 minute increments.

This quick test tests your knowledge and ability to convert metric units such as km, m, cm, mm, ml, L, g and kg.

Math Salamanders hopes you enjoy these free printable math worksheets and all of our other math games and resources.

Metric System Challenge Worksheet

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Download “Metric Mania Conversion Practice. Basic Units. Top Copy. Kilo – 1000 Units. Hecto – 100 Units. Deca – 10 Units. Deci – 0.”

1 Metric Mania Conversion Practice Overhead Copy Kilo Hecto Deka – 10 Move decimals to the left or divide to convert to larger units. Base Units Deci Move the decimal point to the right or multiply to convert to a smaller unit. Try these conversions using the Centi Milli ladder method. mg = g 1 L = ml 160 cm = mm 14 km = m 109 g = kg 250 m = km Use , or = to compare. 56cm 6m 7g 698mg

2 Metric Mania Name Conversion Challenge Write the abbreviation for each metric unit. 1) Kilogram 4) Milliliter 7) Kilometer 2) Meter 5) Millimeter 8) Centimeter 3) Gram 6) Liter 9) Milligram Try the following conversions using the ladder method. 1) 2000mg = g 6) 5l = ml 11) 16cm = mm 2) 104km = m 7) 198g = kg 12) 2500m = km 3) 480cm = m 8) 75ml = L 13) 65g. = mg 5 kg = 4) g 9) 50 cm = m 14) 6.3 cm = mm 5) 8 mm = cm 10) 5.6 m = cm 15) 120 mg = g Compare , =. 16) 63 cm 6 m 17) 5 g 508 mg 18) 1, 500 ml 1.5 l 19) 536 cm 53.6 dm 20) 43 mg 5 g 21) 3.6 m 36 cm

Metric System Challenge Worksheet

3 Metric Mania Name English or Metric? Convert each measurement using a chart and calculator. Showcase your work. If necessary, the answer is rounded to the nearest hundred. To multiply To ml -> fl oz fl oz -> ml l -> gal gal -> l To multiply cm -> w -> cm 2.54 m -> ft ft -> m km -> mi mi -> km To multiply g – > oz oz -> g kg -> lb lb -> kg ) 16 inch = cm 2) 345 lb = kg 3) 56 g = oz 4) 450 km = mi 5) 1200ml = fl oz 6) 40m = ft 7) 4gal = l 8) 12fl oz = ml 9) 50kg = lb 10) Penny has a pencil 19cm long. How many centimeters long is the pencil? 11) Forage Mel can easily lift 200kg. How much is this in pounds? 12) The distance between Happyville and Giggleland is 60 miles. How many kilometers is this? 13) Cheap-O soda cans contain 355ml of soda. How many milliliters are in 2 cans of soda? 14) A cookie recipe calls for 1 pound of butter. How many grams of butter are needed for 3 batches?

Lab 2 Biol2201ol Metric System Egg

4 Metric System Challenge Title 1. An instrument used to find mass. – _ metric unit of length _ volume of space occupied by an object m/s 2 _ metric unit of mass instrument used to measure volume _ volume of mass _ meter = 100 _ 4 9. metric unit of weight metric unit of liquid volume _ amount Object substance Gravity force acting on the object size Metric unit of temperature _ Liter = 1000 _ Name of foam gram = Tool used to measure length Milliliter = 1 _ Formula for calculating width, height, thickness or distance Volume _ x _ x _ 2 Why did the teacher’s eyes cross? _ _!

5 Metric Mania Name LENGTH: 1. What is the default unit for length? 2. Circle the unit that best fits each distance. Eyelash thickness mm cm m b. Length of pencil: cm m km 3. Use metric tape or metric ruler to find each measurement. everything. The width of this page is mm or cm b. Length of unsharpened pencil in cm 4. Modify the following measurements: a. 34mm = cm b. 3 km = m s. 234cm = MD. 35 m = mm mass: 5. What is the basic unit of mass? 6. Circle the unit that best measures each mass. Number of spices in a batch of cookies: mg g kg b. Your mass is: mg g kg c. Mass of ten pennies: mg g kg 7. Find each measurement using a three-beam balance. everything. The mass of the ink pen is g b. Mass of soda can in grams 8. Change the following measurements: a. 16mg = g b. 4.7 kg = g s. 12, 345 g = kg d. 2 g = mg Temperature: 15. What is the basic unit of temperature? 16. What are the freezing and boiling points of water on this scale? 17. Circle the best choice. Temperature on a hot summer day: 0 o 35 o 90 o b. Room temperature: – 20 o 0 o 20 o 18. Change the following measurements: all. 90 o F = o C b. 45oF = oC

VOLUME 6: 19. What is the basic unit of volume? 20. Circle the best unit of measurement for each volume. Amount of soda in 1 can: ml L p. Bath water: ml L 21. Determine the volume of each item. everything. Using L x W x H, find the volume of the circuit breaker in cm3. b. Use the displacement of water to find the volume of four beads mL or cm3 22 . Change the following measurements: a. 160ml = L b. 23 kl = L c. 456 cl = ml c. 120ml = cm3 Time: 23. What

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