Minecraft Steve Costume Template Face

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Minecraft Steve Costume Template Face – Profile: Mechanical engineer by training, but always looking for fun projects at home to meet my need to create things. I love Halloween, cardboard projects, and it’s important to try to teach my kids to make things… more on pjkumpon »

For years, we’ve worked hard to convince our kids that Halloween is about making your costumes, not buying them. Unfortunately, this has fallen on deaf ears year after year. Our vision of what is awesome and their vision of what is awesome have never aligned… until now! Thank you my world!

Minecraft Steve Costume Template Face

Minecraft Steve Costume Template Face

Our kids are as obsessed with all things Minecraft as millions of other people around the world. Although I’m not into games myself, I can definitely appreciate the good things about this game – namely the simplicity and open creativity it offers. It’s especially simple that makes it a logical choice for this year’s outfit. The pixelated, blocky look of all the characters makes them perfect for building out of cardboard – which happens to be cheap and plentiful.

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After carefully considering the possible characters and skins, my son chose “Minecraft Steve”. He wanted to be recognized by as many people as possible. Our main goals for the costume were to (1) make it as close as possible to the actual game character, and (2) to allow the required movement during trick-or-treating. After 2 weeks, 10 sheets and many late nights, it’s safe to say that the results exceeded our expectations.

I’ve found that one of the keys to making great clothes is getting the scale right. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Minecraft costumes where the head is too small compared to the body, or the arms are too big compared to the body and head. These appear to have been made from former cardboard boxes. To scale our own, we need to make our own boxes. And to do that requires a complete set of dimensions.

The problem with Minecraft Steve is that there are no real measurable figures (at least not in my house). However, there are hundreds of paper art templates on the web. The first step is to find high resolution templates. This will give you all the measurements you need for each part of your body. It also gives your box a “skin”…but more on that later.

After collecting the measurements, you need to determine the scale factor. Since this suit is for my son, we took the main scaling measurements from him. Our scale size is measured from the shoulders to the ground. The idea is that the body part of the suit is supported by his shoulders, so Minecraft Steve’s shoulders must match this height.

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A scale factor can then be applied to all dimensions of the stationery template. You can now start cutting the cardboard.

The rectangular box shape of the body is constructed from three different parts. The front and sides are made of a piece of cardboard with two small flanges – one on each side – for easy attachment to the back. We use liquid nails to fasten the pieces together. Sheet metal screws are used to fasten the pieces together and hold them in place while the glue cures. This has the added benefit of allowing the partially assembled box to be handled before the glue dries.

The end caps are added next. There are also flanges for gluing to the body part. A square hole was later cut in this end cap for my son’s head to fit through.

Minecraft Steve Costume Template Face

Then the arm holes must be added to the sides. Get too many of these to speed up the process of wearing and getting dressed.

Minecraft Steve Classic Men’s Adult Halloween Costume, One Size, (42 46)

The head is basically a cube made of three separate parts. The first piece makes up the top of the head and the three sides. The three sides are folded down from the top surface, starting to form the shape of the cube. The edges are held together with cardboard corners and liquid nails. While the glue dries, use the sheet metal screws again to hold everything together.

Add the fourth side and attach the cardboard corner again. If my cardboard is big enough, I fold it from the top.

Finally, the bottom must be added. There is a square hole for the head to go through. This is with the cardboard angle attached.

The arm is basically a rectangular box with a roof on one end. Measure, cut and fold your cardboard to create the box sections. The cap is made of a flat piece with two flanges. We tried several different ways to adjust the ends of your arms for a good fit and found the most comfortable design was to leave the ends open and add a large “D” cutout. Then put a round hole in the “hand” end to allow a pickaxe or sword to be held.

Amazon.com: Steve Costume For Kids, Official Adaptive Minecraft Costume Jumpsuit And Head, Child Size Small (4 6)

The first step is to make your skin. As mentioned earlier, we used a high resolution paper template as the source image for our Minecraft Steve. It took a while to find one that was high enough that it wouldn’t lose as much sharpness when zoomed in to 18x.

Once the image is ready, open it in Photoshop. Then open a blank Photoshop file and set the size of the canvas to exactly match the dimensions of the surface of interest on the fabric. For example, each side of our head measures 16.25 x 16.25, so we set the canvas size to be the size of each surface of the head.

Back in the drawing paper icon, select the surface you want to extend and paste it into the new canvas. Free transform to stretch it to completely fill the canvas. The file can then be saved as a .pdf. I have attached my .pdf file to this step. Remember, these sizes are for 10 year olds. They are high resolution so you can stretch them to any size you need.

Minecraft Steve Costume Template Face

The file can then be opened in Adobe and printed to a color printer. Make sure you print without scaling (100% size). To do this, select: Page Scaling > Tile Large Pages. You need to cut the resulting pictures and glue them together. The easiest way to cut prints is to use a sharp Exacto knife with a straight edge.

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Tape all exposed strips to the cardboard before applying to skin. This fixes the movement and covers the cut edges.

Glue the epidermis to the cardboard using 3M spray glue. Tape the open seams again – but this time with Scotch tape so it’s not visible. As much as I like the 3M adhesive, it does peel off the edges over time. Tape prevents this.

Velcro Head: The head is fairly large compared to the body and needs to be fastened in place so it doesn’t fall off accidentally. We used strips of 2″ Velcro and Gorilla glued them under the body and head.

Eyes: Next, cut a hole in the head so the wearer can see out. We cut down pixel boundaries to make it as clean as possible.

Printable Minecraft Steve Papercraft

Handling: Since the arm of the garment is much larger than the arm of the wearer, we need to add a feature that can be grabbed by hand to prevent the arm from falling off. We cut a U-shaped piece of Styrofoam and glued it around the round hole with liquid nails. This is very effective and provides maximum flexibility when protecting yourself from climbers or boulder mining.

Shoulder Pads: Also put foam under the upper body surface to prevent the cart from digging into my son’s shoulders. This greatly improves the comfort of the garment.

* Legs: We considered adding legs to the outfit, but ultimately decided that this would make climbing stairs almost impossible. This will greatly discourage trick-or-treating games. No doubt there will be a lot of Steve running around on Halloween, as Minecraft still has a huge community, but the bystanders are probably just buying their Minecraft costumes. Isn’t the best part of creating Minecraft? So why let someone else make your costume?

Minecraft Steve Costume Template Face

Unfortunately, it’s hard to get away from playing Minecraft to make cool Minecraft clothes. So, most of you probably shop for clothes at the last minute. But it’s very easy to do, as long as you have foam board, cardboard boxes, heavy paper, cutting tools, glue, and a template.

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Check out the video tutorial below from BeforeAndAfterTV to learn how to make Steve’s avatar. If you don’t want to make a Steve avatar, you can always get one from Amazon.

The video below was used to make a pixelated foam replica of the pickaxe and sword. again, if so

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