Morning Routine Planner Template

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“Morning is an important time of the day, because spending the morning often tells you which child of the day you will have.”

Morning Routine Planner Template

Morning Routine Planner Template

Your morning determines whether you go about your day with energy, patience, and focus or whether you spend your day feeling scattered, rushed, and 2 steps back until you fall on the bed.

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It can also mean the difference between developing good daily habits (like exercising regularly) and feeling like you don’t have time to exercise.

And to help you start your day off right, we’re going to go over 8 powerful morning habits to help you start your day feeling calm, happy, and energized.

In addition, you can find 2 morning routine checklists for adults to help you start your own morning routine.

It’s human nature to want to go looking for the best breakfast ever. To find magic tomorrow will change

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For example, after reading the miracle this morning, I was very motivated and 100% determined to follow everything to a T.

But as a working mother of 4 young children, doing all 6 daily habits (meditation, reciting affirmations, visualization, exercise, journaling, and reading) is a long series.

I have to wake up every day at 4:00 in the morning (not true) or rush through my routine (not peaceful).

Morning Routine Planner Template

If you read about successful people’s breakfast routines (like this long and short book), you’ll know that no cookie-cutter method works for everyone.

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It’s not about finding a magic formula as much as collecting tools and finding which one works best for you.

What this checklist and this entire post is about: let your tools know your morning routine.

This list of common morning exercises gives you 8 simple (and very simple) things that can help you start your day.

If your morning determines your day, your evening determines your tomorrow. And prepare the night before the day starts right and you will get a

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It’s like pushing your body to the limit and saying “I’ll sleep when I die” in a way that makes you more virtuous or work harder than those who receive advice 7 -9 hours of shut-eye are needed by adults.

But this is not the end of the search. Chronic lack of sleep causes many health problems and most importantly, premature death. In addition, it is only compacted and reduces the yield.

For more help building an evening routine, check out 4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Mornings (and How to Fix It)

Morning Routine Planner Template

I know how easy it is to pick up the phone, open an email or a news article and look forward to 30 minutes of mindless driving and reading.

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Your phone and all those nice things are designed to steal your focus and attention (that’s how they make money).

Checking your phone (even for “just a minute”) takes your focus from preparing yourself to about 50 gazillion other things. Also, it wastes a lot of your precious morning time.

Wait until AFTER your morning routine is over to check your email, text messages, news, social media, and anything else you check.

And not only will you feel better and more productive, you will know that you did not miss anything by waiting for a moment to look at your phone.

Self Care Routine Planner For Moms (free Printable Schedule Template Pdf!)

To make this easier, you may want to set out a glass or bottle of water the night before so all you have to do is grab it and drink.

Don’t force yourself to drink a large glass of water when feeling down. Just start with 6-8 oz and see how you feel.

This is another very simple habit that brings many benefits. It is good for hygiene and helps to wake you up and feel alert.

Morning Routine Planner Template

I used to be 100% on the “making my bed is a waste of time” bandwagon, so get it if you don’t believe me.

Find Focus Every Day

Making your bed in the first few minutes of waking up gives you an instant sense of accomplishment. Which puts you in a more productive frame of mind from the moment you wake up.

And not only do you get a boost just by doing something useful, but you also make your room a more relaxing place.

While you can ideally write a 300-page scientific paper in your pajamas, most of us struggle.

Like when I get dressed at the end of the day (after the kids go to bed), I quickly switch to rest mode.

The Morning Routine Checklist To Start Your Day With Energy & Focus

The truth is that when we get dressed at the beginning of the day, we consciously change what we do to dive into our day.

When we get dressed, we leave sleep and put on clothes that tell us it’s time to do something.

Dress W. And I almost always wear shoes. It may sound crazy, but I think it’s better with shoes. Something about being able to run through a field of rocks or out of a burning building puts me in a mental space to think more.

Morning Routine Planner Template

Now that you’re physically ready, it’s time to prepare your mind for the day. You want to center yourself and focus so that you know what you want to achieve.

Free Printable Morning Routine Chart {plus How To Use It}

Remember that “moving your body” does not have to mean “going for a 3 mile run” or “going cross fit”.

Well, if you are trying to develop the habit of exercising every day, morning is a good time to do it.

Because you exercise better the earlier you do it. If you leave at the end of the day, you increase your chances of skipping your workout and watching Netflix.

And you don’t need to start an exercise routine by working out for a long time. Choose an activity that you enjoy and start doing it for 10 to 15 minutes. And build from there.

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To create your own breakfast routine and find what works for you, I’ve also created a breakfast routine chart that can be used for adults.

It also helps you track your morning routine over the week so you can build a good routine over time.

We are more likely to make changes when we set strong goals. Decide what your main goal is for your routine each week.

Morning Routine Planner Template

Plan your wake up time/goal. Sleep research suggests that we function better when we go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.

Simple Weekly Schedule Template In Excel

For help waking up early, check out How to Wake Up Early Even If You’re a Night Owl

In the Morning Tasks section, you can list your daily habits such as your morning routine and check how you are doing throughout the week.

I’ve found that creating a schedule with my to-do list is a powerful way to create routines that last. Because I can look at the clock and see if I’m focused.

The key to building a habit is to create a habit. And the key to making it a habit is to repeat it until it becomes automatic.

Daily Routine Planner Printable Flylady Morning Routine

So, after your week, you’ll have a good idea of ​​what worked and what didn’t. You can print a copy of the new routine chart and adjust your routine/schedule to work best for you.

If you are ready for a good morning routine that will allow you to control your day, take the list below. If you want to use the sample list of breakfast habits for adults with 8 simple (but powerful) or you want to build your own with a specific example, you have what you need to get started Have a great morning.

5 Day Morning Makeover Email Challenge: In this free 5 day email challenge you will create a morning routine that will help you start your day with focus and energy.

Morning Routine Planner Template

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How to wake up early (even if you’re a night owl): Waking up early makes it hard to be a night owl. These tips will make it easier.

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It gives us energy for the next day and allows us to dream for 8 hours in our heads. But what’s next

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