Navpers Form 1320 16 Temporary Additional Duty Temadd Travel Orders

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Navpers Form 1320 16 Temporary Additional Duty Temadd Travel Orders – 1 NRC N1 BUPERS INSTRUCTION C From: Chief of Naval Staff Subject: ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY AND PROCEDURES FOR CHRISTMAS TOWN AREA RECRUITMENT PROGRAM (HARP), OFFICER TOWN AREA RECRUITMENT PROGRAM (OHARP), PROGRAM CHRISTMAS TOWN AREA RECRUITMENT (HARP), OFFICER TOWN AREA RECRUITMENT PROGRAM (OHARP), CHRISTMAS TOWN AREA RECRUITMENT PROGRAM AND BJPHARP WORKSHOP (WORKSHOP) Ref: (a) NAVPERS 15560D, Military Personnel Manual (MILPERSMAN) Attachments: (1) Recruitment Program in the Hometown Area (HARP) (2) Officers Hometown Area Recruiting Program (OHARP) (3) Bluejacket Hometown Area Recruiting Program (BJHARP) (4) Senior Minority Assistance to Recruiting Program (SEMINAR) 1. Purpose. Develop policies and procedures for the Hometown Enhancement Program (HARP), the Hometown Officer Training Program (OHARP), the Bluejacket Hometown Area Recruiting Program (BJHARP) and the Senior Minority Assistance Program (SEMINAR ). This information is a complete update and should be reviewed in its entirety. 2. Cancel. BUPERSINST B. 3. Context. HARP, OHARP, and BJHARP send Navy personnel back to their hometowns to help local recruiters recruit, recruit, and deploy qualified personnel. The SEMINAR is helping to shape the Navy in these communities. 4. Work. Recipients adhere to the policies and procedures contained in references (a), , and appendices from (1) to (4).

2 5. Records Management . Records created as a result of this directive, regardless of language or format, must be handled in accordance with the Secretary of State’s November Booklet (SECNAV). NAVPERS 1070/613 (Rev ), Management Information and NAVPERS 1306/92 (Rev) Special Project Review Form, available from Distribution: Electronic only, through the BUPERS website E. MASSO Rear Admiral, Vice Chief of Naval Service, United States Navy combined 2

Navpers Form 1320 16 Temporary Additional Duty Temadd Travel Orders

Navpers Form 1320 16 Temporary Additional Duty Temadd Travel Orders

3 HOMETOWN AREA RECRUITING PROGRAM (HARP) BUPERSINST C 1. HARP is a non-funded program in which workers return to their hometown for 12 days (starting on Monday and ending on Friday of the following week (more recently) to help local recruits by sharing their Navy experience with their peers. Participants should be prepared to visit high schools, former workplaces, and community spaces where friends gather to discuss Navy opportunities while wearing the Navy uniform. day. Members participating in the program may serve under Additional Duty Authorization (TEMADD) orders without pay, during leave and Change of Station (PCS) orders. 2. ARPA Criteria a. For reference (a), personnel must be screened by the commanding officer (CO) to determine their program eligibility using NAVPERS 1306/92, Special Program Screening Form, Sections A and D, and strong support of the CO. HARP participants are expected to exemplify the highest standards of military conduct, conduct, and courtesy. b. There are no fees, charges, or discretionary fees; however, enrolled employees are strongly encouraged to participate. c. HARP Applicants must be high school graduates from the city in which they wish to join HARP. Members with a General Educational Development (GED) are not eligible for HARP. No breaks will be given. Members must spend a minimum of 1 year on their first permanent duty station. d. HARP participants who wish to provide their own transportation from the designated Recruiting Station (NRS) must sign in and out in person with a uniformed attendant. of the day Now. Volunteers must not be absent from work due to illness or physical infirmity that prevents them from participating in the program. Certified medical personnel on board (1)

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4 beards must be approved by the CO of the Navy Recruiting District (NAVCRUITDIST) in charge. Pregnant volunteers may participate in the HARP program if the CO determines, in consultation with medical professionals, that you are physically fit to perform HARP. f. Requests to participate in HARP are not accepted as a substitute for humanitarian action or waivers. g. Black days are Thanksgiving week, the last 2 weeks of December, and the first week of January. Today, no HARP applications are accepted. 3. Procedures for Submitting a HARP Application a. Upon command approval, Career Counselors (CCC) submit HARP requests in writing to the Navy Recruiting Command (NAVCRUITCOM) (N1) 1 month prior to the required date for TEMADD orders sue. b. Faxes may be made to commercial (901)/DSN 882, fax copy must show all signatures. c. All applications must be completed on the HARP Application Form located on the Recruiter Assistance Programs website and NAVPERS 1306/92. All other forms are not accepted. 4. HARP and PCS applications. Members applying for HARP Duty with PCS orders must submit a HARP application to NAVCRUITCOM (N1) 6 to 9 months prior to the required date (prior to completion of PCS orders). . NAVCRUITCOM (N1) forwards all approved HARP requests to the member’s merchant, and includes in the P-Text the provisional obligation for the NAVCRUITDIST or NRS member assigned to him, and the dates accepted. Members are not reimbursed for travel, transportation, per diem, or other expenses related to the HARP service. Entrants must obtain NAVPERS 1070/613, Administrative Information, from the responsible officer, signed by the CO of the NAVCRUITDIST where the member is assigned, documenting the member’s enrollment in the HARP program. . This document, sent to the following work station, confirms the authority for the service 2 Appendix (1)

5 Duplication of Employee Support Services (PERSUPPDET) to credit the member for 12 days of unpaid leave. 5. Confirmation of HARP applications. NAVCRUITCOM (N1) accepts all possible HARP requests. If acknowledgment is not received within 3 weeks of posting or 1 to 2 weeks prior to the requested start date, the CCC should contact NAVCRUITCOM (N1) at no. business (901) /DSN 882. NAVCRUITCOM (N1) will acknowledge ‘NAVCRUITDIST address, phone number and dates approved for enrollment. The main command issues TEMADD commands. 6. Cancellations and changes. Commands must notify NAVCRUITCOM (N1) of cancellations and date changes as far in advance as possible. 7.No Evidence of HARP activity. Orders are issued for members who are not reporting on the HARP process. Once the order is issued, the member must be paid for 12 vacation days. 3 reasons (1)

6 OHARP RESERVATION PROGRAM (OHARP) 1. OHARP sends Navy officers back to their home regions for 14 and 90 days to assist recruiting officers in recruiting for Navy officer programs. . Participants must be prepared to accompany authorized NAVCRUITDIST delegates on field trips to colleges and universities, centers of influence, and community events. They wear casual clothes and discuss Navy and career opportunities. 2. OHARP Criteria a. Ideally, the participant is a current or former member of or has attended college in the area served by the NAVCRUITDIST for whom OHARP is interested. b. There are no age or seniority restrictions. c. The timing of OHARP is determined by NAVCRUITCOM (N1) and approved by the briefing officer. d. Requests to participate in OHARP, in lieu of humanitarian work, or opt out, will not be accepted. 3. TEMADD or temporary unpaid service (TEMDU). Officers who volunteer to participate in OHARP will serve on TEMADD acceptance and commendation orders, or on TEMDU pay and PCS orders. OHARP Grantees agree to serve TEMADD or TEMDU and understand that they are not entitled to reimbursement for travel, transportation, per diem, or other expenses associated with this service by reference ( a), If the Bidder is unwilling to pay this expense, he must cancel participation in the project by notifying NAVCRUITCOM (N1) before the scheduled reporting date. 4. TEMADD (Travel and Per Diem Authorization) paid. Depending on the Navy’s membership requirements, a stipend (community-specific) may be issued for officers attending the college they attended. A travel and sickness allowance is provided for a period decided by the financial authority. Contact member details to determine if funding is available. Cases (2)

7 5. Procedures for Submitting an OHARP Application . OHARP applications must be submitted using the OHARP application form from the Recruiter Assistance Programs website after approval from the CO. NAVCRUITCOM (N1) at business address (901) /DSN 882 can be contacted by phone one month in advance of the required date for TEMADD free orders and 6 to 9 months in advance of the required (before PCS orders are completed) for free TEMDU orders. a. Members of the Officer Candidate School (OCS) are eligible to participate in OHARP on the TEMDU basis only. Individuals participate at the end of the OCS training period. (1) Requests for OHARP TEMDU are submitted by memorandum through Initial Assignment Counselors in OCS (Code 04D) prior to the fourth week of training. (2) Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis if submitted within the fifth training week. Applications received after the fifth training week will not be considered. b. Air Force officers who are part of the flight training corps and all other officers are eligible to participate in OHARP on TEMADD.

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