Notary Journal Nebraska

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Notary Journal Nebraska – Modern Journal of Notarial Events v. Classic Journal of Notarial Events Notaries Rotary now offers two styles of notarial journals: classic and modern. The Classic Journal of Notarial Events was designed to respond to the needs of notaries in the workplace who encounter multiple individual notarizations in the performance of their duties. The Modern Journal of Notarial Events was designed to serve the professional audience

. Ideal for signing agents, this journal focuses on loan signing and common notarial tasks such as health directives and wills. In almost all states, it is common for notary signing agents to record eight or more notarizations on one line when signing a witness-only loan. This is achieved by using the checkboxes for notarial case/document type. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of each blade’s features:

Notary Journal Nebraska

Notary Journal Nebraska

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You have outdone yourself. This is the best magazine I have ever seen on the market!! And I don’t think you should even consider selling the others under there, including NNAs, ASNs or Victorias. It’s worth every penny of the $12 you put into the website. Like I said, this is the best of the best. And you can quote me on that! Even my mentor, Sylvia Mease, agrees with me that you definitely have a winner here.

I wish it had arrived a day or two earlier and I would have started the new year with it. As it is, I change today anyway.

Have a good and prosperous new year. (And I’m sure as soon as word gets out about this magazine winner!)

Thank you very much for this magazine. I have been a notary public for over 23 years and this is the best magazine, especially for loan signers, that I have ever seen.

Max Ploehm Affidavit

This is the best magazine I have seen for signing agents. Blows other signing agent magazines out of the water! I love it. Well designed. A lot of work has definitely gone into the design of this magazine.

I use the “Point and Sign” magazine, but this is just as good and much cheaper.

It looks excellent! I will be buying some as soon as I get close to finishing my NNA journals! I have several sources.

Notary Journal Nebraska

I looked at the sample page and I agree with Janet. It seems like it would work for my purposes AND save me the tedious work of multiple journal entries. Thanks Janet & Harry (not necessarily in that order)!

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This book works for everyone. I also don’t want a book that we only use one page for each notarization, this book holds 8 entries so it will work well for anything you want to do. There are 122 entries.

For the first time in 23 years, I am willing to try this new magazine and have the loan token just once.

This is what you call competition. This is a great book and I’m sure they’re glad they brought it.

It’s so exciting to think about writing less because I don’t even abbreviate. If I could give up my journal today, I would start this one tomorrow. I have 2 diaries left, as I order 10 at the same time. But I can give mine to someone else and start using this one.

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The other night I ordered this very magazine for the first time…I didn’t know it was new, I was at my wits end looking for alternatives to NNA (I hated the idea of ​​giving them more money). I ordered it on 12/31 late afternoon, received it yesterday…still wondering about it.

Anyway, I can’t wait to use it on Monday. It looks like it’s going to save tons of time and space.

I got mine and i thank you it really looks like something missing i like it the way it is

Notary Journal Nebraska

It really is a very nice diary. Not just for the signing agent, but for any notarial act. A lot has really gone into this. This is the best I have seen for signing agents.

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My journal just arrived and it is perfect for our practice. I don’t know how it can be improved. Thank you Rotary Notary

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