Office Space In New York

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Office Space In New York – 6 Super Easy Tips for Renting Office Space in New York By Simon Jackson Posted on Friday, 01 September 2017 11:03

New York City is known for many things and one of them is the extremely high rent required to start your own business. Even small business owners have to pay some money to start their own shop or service place. To get the most out of your money, be smart when making the final decision about the best place to rent an office in New York, and to help you, I have prepared my 6 super easy tips for finding the best rental for your business.

Office Space In New York

Office Space In New York

Since the real estate crisis in the US nearly a decade ago, more and more landlords are looking to diversify their tenants. The result is a unique opportunity for small business owners to find great office space at an affordable price. Furthermore, many landlords have subdivided large office spaces for the same reasons listed above. The key to making a smaller but better office space work for you is knowing your exact needs.

Apple Leases Office Space Near Madison Square Garden In New York City

Whether you’re looking for a new lease or renting office space to start your small business, you can negotiate your way to a great deal. As already mentioned, after the worldwide real estate crisis, landlords have completely changed their target customers and nowadays, both small and large businesses can take advantage of premium properties with very flexible lease periods, starting from just 2 years.

You can negotiate your way through the lease term as well as the rental amount. You might think it’s not that easy, but the reality is, you can easily negotiate a price reduction by asking for a discount – landlords are more than happy to offer discounts most of the time, even rent-free periods. Improvements in real estate or renovations.

Every landlord is more concerned about the risks associated with your business and loss of income, so be prepared to pay up to 10% upfront as a security deposit. Real estate professionals generally agree that small businesses tend to underestimate the importance of security deposits and therefore do not include them in the initial calculation of renting office space.

Take advantage of the many apps and websites that offer office space for rent in New York. Hundreds of new rentals are listed every day, so you’ll eventually find the perfect location for your business. Some of the most well-known websites to consider are, and

New York Office Space

While this may seem pretty obvious, it’s amazing how many business owners underestimate the process of researching more information about a landlord. There are several web services, as well as forums and message boards, where you can get honest feedback about the reputation of a particular landlord. After all, it’s better to spend a few hours researching than to be locked into a multi-year lease with someone who uses bad business practices.

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Office Space In New York

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience, provide personalized ads or content, and analyze our traffic. By clicking “Accept All”, you agree to our use of cookies. Click here to see the policy New York is one of the business capitals of the world. This means a lot of office and office related things. Lucky for you, we have a great collection of office space to rent for filming in NYC. From simple offices, to themed spaces, we’ve compiled this list to round out a bunch of different looks and aesthetics that you can use. So, join the New York office action in any of the 12 official offices available to rent for filming here!

Office Space For Rent New York City

It’s a naturally lit office and event space, open floor plan with white walls perfect for camera work. It is complete with a multipurpose room, conference room, kitchen and lounge. The office space features concrete floors and modern furniture, indoor plants, luxury furniture, all brought together for a scene that requires a modern office while introducing a camera touch to your scene.

Rent a location for your next film or photo shoot project – the best way to book a location.

Large office space with plenty of open space to accommodate multiple rooms, this location is within a large office campus. Office rentals have technical installations including smart boards, server racks, computers and projectors, which add authenticity to films and photos. There is plenty of room to move a few things around and the open floor plan allows you to capture many different deities and scenes here.

A slightly different office than the others on this list, it’s perfect for police precinct scenes, period scenes or industrial scenes that include newspaper offices or political offices. The factory space is an alloy facility that produces 3,000 different products, so lots of filing cabinets, paper racks and appeals on screens. They also offer reduced prices for weekend or overnight shoots!

Manhattan’s Office Buildings Are Empty. But For How Long?

It’s a beautiful open space with cement floors, exposed brick walls, wooden beams, large skylights and loads of character. It has workspaces, restaurant spaces, meeting spaces and lots of beautiful artwork and design. Perfect for showcasing your creative and modern office in production.

This midtown Manhattan office exudes style and substance. It has a downtown look and feel with cement floors, a landscaped roof terrace, 2 outdoor terraces adjacent to meeting spaces, multiple conference rooms, two levels of co-working and a lounge that transforms into an event space. What more could you want from a single office listing!

A well-equipped office space with luxury office suites, full-time reception, conference and meeting rooms and all business amenities, the space has a modern appeal in some places and a rustic feel in others. From simple to branded with multi-colored walls, multi-patterned floors and office furniture, this list has all kinds of charms and styles on cameras that you can choose from.

Office Space In New York

This creative office space is one of a kind with colorful and spacious offices and conference rooms. The space has multiple couches and creative workspaces for collaboration, along with a beverage bar and exercise room for a more casual atmosphere. There are 3 rooftop terraces with great views of NY – perfect for any corporate backdrop in New York.

Office Space For Rent In New York City

This fully equipped modern office space offers a unique advantage to filmmakers as it allows you and your team full control of the space during operations and allows you to restore the space to its original state in any shape or form. Declare before the end of the rental period. The office includes a reception area, a luxury kitchen, a lounge connected to the kitchen area, several private office spaces and two conference rooms overlooking the park with a direct view of the famous George Washington statue.

Perfect for film and TV filming, this space is an individually designed space in a former foundry filled with 1000 square feet of open living space, 12′ high ceilings, a large central skylight and natural light. Furnished with a mix of traditional mid-century and custom pieces, this office space is conveniently located in Williamsburg.

It’s a townhouse in the heart of SoHo with a modern loft feel — it also makes a modern co-working space or stylish startup office. There are many contemporary modern features including camera appeal, colorful, vibrant and new age furniture and decor. There is also a charming spiral staircase that makes a great backdrop for any photo or film.

It’s a multi-story co-working space in Brooklyn. It has thousands of square feet of open space, common areas, conference rooms, small meeting rooms, lobbies, private offices and hallways. This space has a variety of wall colors and floor textures, allowing you to capture different aesthetics in one space.

Th Avenue Coworking Office Space

This office tower has a prominent presence in the heart of Midtown, with ground-level conference facilities and Fifth Avenue rooftop event space. The ground floor lobby has a dedicated private entrance. There are 172 luxuriously furnished executive suites, from single units to team rooms for up to 100 people. It also has an “amenity level” with lounges, phone booths and meeting rooms. The Fifth Avenue rooftop offers panoramic views of the iconic Empire State Building, just steps from the iconic Macy’s Department Store and Bryant Park. Any office scene you might have might fit your bill.

If you shoot

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