Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord Paul Baloche

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Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord Paul Baloche – For this reason, when I heard of your faith in Jesus and your love for all the saints, I never cease to thank and remember you. In prayer may the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Father, bless you with the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to know Him. to enlighten the eyes of your hearts, brethren, so that you may know to what hope he has called you. how great is his glory What is His heritage among the Saints? and His great and infinite power over those of us who believe (Ephesians 1:15–19).

Paul’s prayers for these believers may sound a little strange. even if it’s inconsistent Paul wrote: “Since I have heard of your faith (may God), give me the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to know Him. to make your eyes shine the hearts of brothers.” If Paul believed that these people were already believers, Why did you ask God to open your eyes and heart? I think we just pray for unbelievers.

Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord Paul Baloche

Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord Paul Baloche

He prayed this way—and we should too—because God hadn’t shown us Himself and His work when we first believed the Gospel. Even though we have known Christ and surrendered ourselves to Him, But we don’t even know who He is and what He accomplished for us through His death on the cross.

Open The Eyes Of My Heart

It’s just like everyone else in our lives. We don’t stop getting to know someone after we fall in love with them. As if it were the end of our relationship with them, no, our love drives us to get to know them more and deeper. and there will be something new Always know and love about the Savior. if we have eyes to see

Paul specifically prays that believers see three things and know more and more clearly as they walk with Jesus: our hope in God. our riches from god and our safety with God

Paul prayed to God to let these loved ones know. “The Hope which He called (they).” They need God’s help to maintain their hope. Like the disciples on a boat in the storm We are all too easily frightened of situations in this life. Darkness surrounds us, strong winds blow, waves rush into our lives. I often feel helpless. But that is only because we forget that we are now with Jesus.

In the end, nothing can harm or destroy us because we are saved and protected by God in His Son. And this God—who was once indignant at our sins and promised to punish us forever—this God has become. “The God of hope” for us (Rom. -ma 15:13). Now, by faith, “we hope for joy in the glory of God” (Romans 5:2).

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Second, Paul prayed that they would be aware of Paul loved his divine inheritance and depended on it daily to overcome the poverty, persecution, and temptation he experienced in this life. Nothing that could be given to Paul, and nothing that could be taken from him, could compare with all that awaited him with God in glory.

Think of all the things that we might experience and lose if we had an idea of ​​the true wealth and happiness that we would gain in millions of short years on this planet.

The hope of an everlasting legacy will empower you to sing in the midst of loss now. and will help you reject the deceitful desires of this world. It’s a sure protection from less than happy. The constant race of war with Christ for our hearts and devotions. May God open the eyes of our hearts to see the value of what we have in him and with him. as well as the emptiness and vanity of other things and the people we worship

Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord Paul Baloche

God has saved you. And He guarantees you an eternal and infinite inheritance. Third, Paul prays that we know that “You have unlimited power over those of us who believe.” Do you feel weak? We all do it, some more often than others. But we are all weak

Paul Baloche And His Beloved Song

You may fall back into old sinful patterns. Or trying to believe that God can forgive your past? or seeing your shortcomings as a spouse, parent, or child, or feeling a physical, emotional, or mental burden that you cannot even explain or describe. Experiencing a thousand other weaknesses

God wants you to know that the power to heal, the power to continue, the power to love and minister, the power to obey — whatever power you need — does not come from you, but from you, sir. and if the power of God is within you You will have infinite power. benevolent and invincible which will sustain and develop you in every situation. His divine power is for you. not against you Remember that the Lord himself said, “My grace is sufficient for you. for my strength is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

We can spend the rest of our lives asking God to give us a new perspective on Himself. Even in heaven — sinless — we will never run out of everything we need to know and love about Him. That’s what’s important to satisfy heaven. We will meet an infinite God—our Creator, our Redeemer, and Father—and will never reach His end. and will never see all that is visible .

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