Parts Invoice Template

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Parts Invoice Template – This blue-designed parts and labor invoice automatically calculates material totals, labor totals, and invoice totals. It can be downloaded in Excel.

Parts and labor invoices are for those who need to track materials used as well as labor hours provided to complete a specific task/project.

Parts Invoice Template

Parts Invoice Template

This work invoice is very simple, containing only the most basic information required in the invoice. The top section includes sections for the date, invoice number, billing from and to information, and the total invoice amount. A table of totals is provided to highlight material totals, work totals, and invoice totals. That way, you can check it easily instead of scrolling through the template to find any data.

Free Auto Repair Invoice Template

A separate table is also shown to cover materials and work details. It includes sections for material description, quantity, cost per item, total materials, job description, hours, hourly rate, total labor, total, total, total invoices, tax rate, total tax and payment terms.

For those looking for an automatically calculated invoice, this excellent blue design job invoice template is the perfect version to use. It has formulas that allow the template to automatically calculate the total materials, total labor and total invoice. All sections that require calculations will be displayed for you automatically, which will help you save time when creating your invoice.

This free printable job invoice is designed with customizable features so you can customize it easily. Customize the template according to your needs. You can also add rows/columns for any additional information. This Auto Parts / Auto Invoice Template is the sample invoice template shipped with Excel Invoice Manager that demonstrates the use of custom fields.

This invoice template in Excel is suitable for the sale of spare parts. Besides the required fields for invoice number, invoice date, etc., it also includes “Bill to” and “Send to” sections, and a 6-column detail table.

Best Free Business Invoice Template In 2o22 On Wps Office

This template activates all the “taxable” checkboxes within the printable area, and groups all the boxes, naming the new grouped object “oknWidget_taxablegroup”. It simplifies the process of receiving invoices and creating PDF invoices, as there is only one form factor to render. If you have multiple form items that need to be placed in a PDF invoice or retrieved, you should create a group. To do this:

This free printable and job billing format for Microsoft Excel includes shipping information, unit prices, rates, etc., as well as a box to enter the date and invoice number. You can also download the PDF version of this template here at Unlike our work invoice template in Excel, the detail part of this invoice form is divided into two parts, each part has its own tax formula and calculation.

Autocorrect Invoice Template is a free blank autocorrect invoice form that allows you to create autocorrect invoices quickly and easily. Vehicle repair invoice form includes fields for vehicle information.

Parts Invoice Template

There are also other sample formats online, such as Word, HTML or PDF, but Excel is our favorite here at The automated invoice example shown here demonstrates just one benefit of using Microsoft Excel-based form designs. By using a drop-down list box instead of a manually editable text field, you can draft an invoice faster than ever before.

Blank Invoice Template

The second way to quickly fill in the items in the invoice or account is that you can enter the product # (it can be your SKU number or a barcode obtained with a scanner) in the “Product ID” field, which is located outside the printable form.

As we can see from this example, Invoice Manager for Excel allows you to add new fields to all main database tables (as well as invoice forms in Excel), since the templates are available in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, you can also create. or explain the relationship between new fields and existing fields. Using the discount field is just a simple example. You can also add more complex features not found in existing Excel invoice templates, such as five free levels of price percentages and mixed invoice tax rates. You can find more examples by browsing our categories and search pages here at

With this new version of the standard invoice template, we’ve replaced all the ActiveX buttons with form buttons – which are actually “text box” controls designed with matching background colors to mimic the look and feel of buttons. With the release of UIS version 5, all templates posted here on have been converted to use these new types of buttons. Save PDF WORD EXCEL Export Email PDF Download Email Delivery Closed PDF Word Download Email Delivery Closed WORD Excel Download Email Delivery Closed Excel

A body shop invoice template is a document that contains fields to list the material and labor costs involved in repairing a car or motorcycle. The form can be used for any type of service that body shops provide, including (but not limited to) repainting, dent removal, panel replacement, frame repair and interior work. Like a bill, the invoice is given to customers after the services are completed.

Simple Service Invoice Templates [ms Word]

Body shops focus on more than just damaged vehicles. Luxury vehicles looking for customizations, paint jobs and aftermarket parts often turn to body shops to get work done. In addition, some warehouses only specialize in one (1) or two (2) types of vehicle, such as diesel trucks, luxury sports cars, motorcycles, etc. Common services completed by body shops include:

At the top of the page, write the name of the body repair company and the full address of the shop. Then, on the right, enter the time and date the vehicle entered and left the store and then the invoice number. The invoice number can be anything, although the order may improve the organization of the company.

List the service(s) provided to the customer. The description should be short but informative enough for the customer to understand what is being done. Next, enter the number of hours spent on each service, followed by the hourly rate ($/hour) charged for each service. Enter the total cost of each service by multiplying the hours by the hourly rate. Calculate the “Total Work” field by adding the entire “summaries” service.

Parts Invoice Template

As in the service chart, enter the number of parts and/or materials required for the job. Enter a short description and a product code in the “Description” field. Write the number (#) of parts required for each type of part and then the cost for one (1) part. Sum up the number of parts by cost and enter the result in the “Total” field. Then, sum the “Total” column to calculate the “Total Parts” field.

Bike Shop Invoice Template

Sum the “Total Work” and “Total Parts” fields and enter the result in the “Subtotal” field. If the customer receives a discount, enter the discount with a minus sign (“-“) before the discount. Calculate each tax and enter it in the “Tax” field. Finally, total the “Subtotals” and “Tax” fields, minus the “Discount” field (if applicable). Enter the resulting value in the “TOTAL” field.

In the “Customer Comments/Requests” space, enter any special instructions from the customer or any work notes the customer needs to know. You can also enter payment information in the field. After the work is done, the full invoice must be sent to the customer. A parts and labor invoice is a form of billing used to list the parts and time required to complete a job. The invoice is typically used by mechanics, who need a way to separate the number of hours spent repairing a motor vehicle from the cost of each part installed.

When billing customers for services that include the purchase of parts, it is important that the two fields are clearly separated from each other. There should be a separate table for “work” and “parts”.

For the job chart, there must be space to describe the services provided (eg: “oil change + filter”), the number of hours (if less than one (1) hour, write “.5 hours” offered), hourly cost ($/hour) , and the total cost of each service (number of hours x hourly rate).

Invoice Templates For Auto Garages

For the parts table, include space to describe each part, the part(s) (if applicable), the cost per part, the number of parts needed, and the total cost of the parts in general. At the bottom of the invoice, add the sum of the two values ​​in the table (total work + total parts), the applicable taxes and any miscellaneous costs to calculate the total cost of the service provided. This amount should be clearly stated in large letters on the invoice to ensure that the customer understands the total amount to be paid. In addition to tables and places to write total values, it is important that fields be included to provide space.

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