Persuasive Speech Outline Template

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Don’t reinvent the wheel when asked to give a persuasive speech. Informative speech gives the audience information about a specific topic. The purpose of an informative speech is to help your audience understand and remember the information you have presented. Students will give a five minute informative speech on a topic of their choice. They should make sure that the topic is narrow and can be fully presented in 5 minutes.

Persuasive Speech Outline Template

Persuasive Speech Outline Template

Animals, for example, may be too broad a topic to cover in 5 minutes. Some breeds of animals, such as bulldogs, can be handled in less than 5 minutes. Students choose a topic and gather information from multiple sources. You can use books, encyclopedias, database articles, or use the Internet as long as your website evaluation can prove that the site is an authentic resource created by an authority on the subject. .

Sample Student Outline

Students read the source and choose three key points to cover in the body of the speech. Then, create a notebook (following the specific instructions in this packet) supporting your chosen points, and outline your work in three main points with general and specific purpose statements, notes, and supporting evidence. every.

The specific purpose of a speech is a goal stated in a complete sentence. If the general purpose of the speech is to provide information, the specific purpose will be a statement of specific information to be presented to the audience.

Example: The general purpose of his speech about field kicks is to provide information. His special purpose can be summed up in one sentence. “I want to define the steps of the corresponding kick.”

Many experienced speakers prepare their speech first, because the body of the speech contains the main ideas to be presented.

Persuasive Speech Outline (template)

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What is the best way to start a speech? How do you structure your speech? And what about your speech style? Watch the audio sample here

Persuasive Speech Outline Template

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Persuasive Speech Outline Template

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Persuasive Speech Outline Template

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Informative Speech Outline Templates

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