Physician Referal Form Arrigan Rehabilitation Center Rhode Island

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The City of Providence’s Workers’ Compensation Program is independent and self-administered. The Workers’ Compensation Division receives incident reports from workers describing alleged injuries. All claims are handled in accordance with Rhode Island workers’ compensation law. We are located on the 4th floor of City Hall in room 411. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island is the Workers’ Compensation Administrator for the City of Providence Medical Services.

Physician Referal Form Arrigan Rehabilitation Center Rhode Island

Physician Referal Form Arrigan Rehabilitation Center Rhode Island

Workplace Incident Reporting Policy and Procedures Employee Incident Report – Statement of Evidence Wage Dependent Certificate Form Employee Status and Preferred Supplier Network Update Instructions, next September.

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The Workers’ Compensation Division is available to answer your questions at *email protected*! For help with common requests, please click on one of the questions below:

A: If you are injured on the job or develop an illness caused by your workplace, you must notify your supervisor and fill out the Employee Incident Report (IRE) included in our forms section. You should also review the workplace incident reporting process and procedure.

A: Workers’ Compensation cash benefits begin on the fourth day from the date of injury. You also have the right to medical treatment, benefits for impairment or loss of use and/or participation in rehabilitation.


Community Health Network

A: You can choose your own medical provider. If you’re not sure who to deal with, you can choose a supplier from the City of Providence’s Preferred Supplier Network, included in our forms.

Your medical provider should contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island directly, the workers’ compensation insurance for all direct employees of the City of Providence for all referral requests or services. The application can be faxed to 401-459-1740, attention BCBSRI Municipal Division.

If you decide to change doctors and/or providers, prior authorization may be required. The application can be faxed to 401-459-1740, attention BCBSRI Municipal Division.

Physician Referal Form Arrigan Rehabilitation Center Rhode Island

A: You have the right to get the rehabilitation services needed to help you get back to work. Arrigan Rehabilitation Center provides physical, vocational and psychological rehabilitation services for people injured on the job. If you have more questions about repairs, call the Arrigan Repair Center at 401-243-1200.

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A: Medically necessary and reasonable services and/or bills related to a valid work-related injury claim are covered and fully covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island. There are no co-pays or deductibles.

A: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island is workers’ compensation insurance for all direct employees of the City of Providence. Medical expenses related to the injury will be covered and reimbursed in full by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island. There are no co-pays or deductibles.

A: If your injury claim has been accepted and you have been off work but are now ready to return to work, you must obtain a letter from your attending physician. This message must indicate that you can return to work full time. The message must include the actual date of return to work.

Share this story’s email icon. Click to share on twitter icon via email. Click to share on facebook twitter icon. Click to share on the linked facebook icon. Click to share on LinkedIn Dedicated and hard-working public servants are at the heart of state government. You provide the basic services that Rhode Islanders depend on and actively manage the government functions that move the state forward.

City Of Providence Workers’ Compensation

Our individual responsibilities are varied – from maintaining state roads and bridges and clean natural resources to educating and training Rhode Islanders to gainful employment – ​​but we all have one goal: to make the state a great place to work, live, reinvent and do business. Thank you for believing in our mission and doing your part to make it possible.

Below is each of the state branch agencies and an overview of the services they provide to the citizens of Rhode Island.

The Department of Administration was established in 1951 to consolidate and centralize the financial, procurement and administrative affairs of the state government. It holds two main functions: the provision of basic commercial services and the management of the activities of government agencies. The Department’s goal is to provide agency services through predictable, fair, efficient, and cost-effective processes so that all executive branch agencies can better serve the people of Rhode Island. The main business services include Human Resources, Strategy and Business Technology Services (ETSS), Fixed Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Division, and Purchasing Division. In addition, the Department’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Office of Diversity, Equity and Opportunity (ODEO), the Department of State Planning, the Office of Accounts and Regulatory Affairs and the Office of Legal Services fulfill the Department’s mission to provide strategic oversight and strictly. and accountability for agency activities. Special business units within the Department include the Office of Energy Resources and Health Resource RI, a state-run health exchange.

Physician Referal Form Arrigan Rehabilitation Center Rhode Island

The primary function of the Department of Business Regulation is to enforce state laws that regulate and license certain businesses, professions, professions and other activities. The department has five divisions and the main management, which includes the budget, regulatory standards, compliance and enforcement. The relevant departments are: Banking, Securities, Insurance, Real Estate, Architecture and Fire Professionals, Business Licensing and Gaming and Athletics, and the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner. The Director of Business Regulation is appointed by the Governor and legally serves as the State Bank Commissioner, Insurance Commissioner, Real Estate Administrator, Liquor Commissioner, and State Boxing Commissioner. The department also has other commissions, including the Real Estate Commission, the Real Estate Appraisal Board, the Rhode Island Board of Accountants, the Board of Certified Constables, and the Race and Judicial Advisory Board. ‘Athletics. The department issues more than 200,000 licenses and conducts administrative hearings involving issuance, administrative penalties, revocation, suspension and/or revocation.

State Of Rhode Island Employee Handbook

The Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) is the “principal agency of the executive branch of state government” (R.I.G.L. §42-7.2-2) responsible for overseeing the organization, financing, and delivery of health and social services funded by public. . . In this capacity, EOHHS oversees the state’s Medicaid program and provides strategic direction to Rhode Island’s four health and human services agencies: the Department of Health (DOH); Human Services (DHS); Children, Youth and Families (DCYF); and Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH). EOHHS and the agencies under its umbrella provide direct services to more than 300,000 Rhode Islanders. In addition, organizations provide various regulatory, health protection and health promotion services to our communities. The objectives of EOHHS are to manage the organisation, design and delivery of health and social services and to develop and implement an effective and accountable system of high quality integrated health and social services.

The mission of the Rhode Island Department of Corrections (RIDOC) is to contribute to public safety by maintaining a balanced correctional system of institutional and community programs that provide a variety of control and rehabilitation options for offenders. The population under the department’s jurisdiction includes all defendants, convicted prisoners and felons on probation or parole. RIDOC places great importance on programs to integrate prisoners into the community in order to reduce the number of prisoners and recidivism. To ensure public safety, it is important that offenders released from RIDOC facilities and/or supervised during probation and parole be provided with adequate skills to develop law-abiding behavior and be given effective release upon successful reintegration.

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is the state’s primary steward of natural resources – from beautiful Narragansett Bay to our inland waters and green spaces to the air we breathe. Our mission is to protect, restore and enhance our environment to ensure that Rhode Island remains a great place to live, visit and raise a family. We protect these valuable resources through the development and enforcement of environmental laws, and strive to provide guidance to many of our customers on how to comply with these laws. We work with our partners to restore our land and water, conserve wildlife and marine resources, and monitor environmental quality to build healthier and more resilient communities. We promote our natural resources – from our historic parks and beaches to our farms and delicious local food and seafood. We strive to help our state go “green” and build attractive neighborhoods that provide ample space to recreate and connect with nature.

The Rhode Island Department of Revenue is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of state government through the collection and distribution of state revenue, the operation of the state lottery, the oversight of municipal finances, and the administration of state laws governing driver’s licenses, motor vehicles . sales and cars. vehicle registration. The common mission of the Ministère du Revenu is to manage its programs and systematically apply laws and regulations with integrity and accountability, thereby maintaining public confidence in the work done by the Ministry.

Rhode Island Physician Referal Form

The Rhode Island Lottery operates and regulates all aspects of lottery and gaming operations

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