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A good promotion doesn’t sleep… it gets views 24/7! Create a creative presentation with this Prezi template featuring a colorful pie chart and a clock concept in the center on a world map background. A great Prezi infographic to explain topics that are also somehow related to time and deadlines. Present your project, show different parts of a business or just present creative business ideas and talk about cycles or circular processes.

Prezi Design Templates

Prezi Design Templates

Zoom in on the colorful areas, add the icons you need and insert your content. The template has 8 predefined color schemes: blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, red, green and blue. You can also customize the look by deleting the clock elements and adding your own background image or logo in the middle. Use the Prezi Insert menu to find the appropriate icons for your presentation material, or simply replace the icons with short text titles or numbers that illustrate the circular process.

World Sketch Prezi Template

A simple and minimalistic flowchart template with 8 colorful layouts for different topics: suitable for a professional company or a simple personal presentation. Discuss project deadlines, events, create a timeline or create an infographic circle design. Shows the relationship between the different components and how they form the whole process. A professional presentation layout that uses an even more creative Prezi unlimited canvas effect. Order and move the topics and move the presentation clockwise, without leaving the audience dizzy in a smooth flow. Category: Prezi Next Templates Tags: 3d circle structure, 3d circles, 3d circles prezi next, business, business presentation template, business overview, business presentation template, images , multipurpose, presentation template, prezi next template circles, professional business presentation, professional prezi next template circle layout, round images, structure, structure

Looking for a simple and professional 3D presentation template with circles? No awkward mega-zooming or rotating – multipurpose Prezi template with circular 3D structure. Insert your own round images and create a minimalistic yet professional presentation for any content. Customize the color of the content circles or add your own icons instead of the text cover. A well-planned presentation suitable for a short business presentation or presentation of projects. The 3 images give a great overview of the presentation and give the audience a hint of the content.

How to make circular pictures? If you do not have access to Photoshop or similar software, we recommend Lunapic (offline) NOTE: The color or shape of the main ring cannot be changed.

Overview slide of the presentation template for the structure of 3D circles. A white design element made of circles that are perfect placements for images and text. Expand into the content circles to introduce your slides and fill the rest of the blanks with images that illustrate your presentation content.

Big Data Powerpoint Template On Behance

Circles are an important part of any design solution – here’s a 3D presentation template that gives a great overview of your subject at a glance. Use larger placeholders to insert round images that show off your presentation. A versatile and professional design solution with circular architectural design components. Use the default background image or replace with your own solid/gradient background image or color scheme. Customize the slides or completely replace them with your own content.

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