Printable Elmo Cake Template

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Printable Elmo Cake Template – Learn how to decorate an Elmo cake, a wonderful Sesame Street-themed birthday cake! I love this method because it’s so easy, even if you’re a cake decorating novice. Watch the video tutorial and see the recommended tools before starting

Of all my 1,200 recipes, you are looking at one of the most special recipes. To say my son loves Elmo is an understatement, so we made him a special birthday cake and I’m happy to share how I made it.

Printable Elmo Cake Template

Printable Elmo Cake Template

I am not an advanced cake decorator. While I’ve been practicing for years, complicated cake decorations just don’t feel right to me. I knew I wanted to decorate an Elmo cake for my daughter’s birthday, so I chose an easy way. Team member Stephanie visited and we decorated a practice cake. Practice is exactly what I need to shoot a video tutorial for you.

Elmo Cake (easy Decorating Tutorial)

The written instructions below include my time-saving tips for each step. For example, I recommend making Elmo’s eyes and nose while the crumb coat cools, and piping Elmo’s fur while placing the eyes and nose. I will also include in-depth tutorials!

You don’t need anything extra like gum paste or rolled fondant for Elmo’s eyes and nose. Instead, use the cake scraps you ground up. Is it uncomfortable?

Shaping Tip: Add just enough frosting to the cake crumbs to give a semi-moist mixture that you can shape into his eyes and nose. Elmo’s nose is between an oval shape and an egg shape. Make his eyes 2 inch discs and his nose about 2.5 – 3 inches long.

If you want to use natural food coloring, I really like the Supernatural brand- they have powdered food coloring that is great for frosting.

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I love this method for an Elmo cake because it’s so easy, even if you’re a cake decorating novice. Watch the video tutorial below and check the recipe and recommended accessories before starting.

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Printable Elmo Cake Template

This email series is a good place to start. I’ll walk you through some of my most popular recipes and show you why they work. Wondering how to make an Elmo cake without costing a fortune or taking up all of your time?

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I know many people who make Elmo birthday cakes for their child’s first birthday. In our house, after a while Elmo’s switch flipped.

Around the 18 month mark, our kids were obsessed with Elmo. Also, this is the second time we’ve had an Elmo themed second birthday in our family (and maybe three if we gave Kid2 the Elmo option).

For the first time, I ordered a Sesame Street Elmo Cake from BJ’s. It’s easy (and tasty), but it’s not unique or special. This year, I decided to make my own Elmo cake for my son’s birthday and it was a success – and one of the easiest DIY birthday cakes I’ve tried (and I’ve done it for years).

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Elmo Cupcake Topper

1 box of cake mix (you may need two boxes depending on how many you are serving and how many cakes you are cutting – details below).

1 10-inch pan (this has a lot of flexibility; see details below) or 1 Wilson’s Elmo cake pan

Wilton actually uses an Elmo shaped cake pan for your Elmo cake (see picture below). This Elmo Birthday Cake Tutorial can be made with or without special bread.

Printable Elmo Cake Template

If you think you will make an Elmo cake more than once, or if you have a friend who wants to make an Elmo birthday cake in the future, a pre-made Elmo cake pan is definitely a good choice. . Even if it’s not reusable, if you don’t mind keeping an extra pan around, I say “go for it!” They are not very expensive and they simplify things.

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That being said, I don’t want to have extra stuff in my kitchen cabinets. I already use most of the cabinet real estate to put random junk that I shove in there when company comes over and then I leave it there forever. Cabinet space is at a premium in our home.

Plus, I love making creative and original birthday cakes every year, so I knew I wouldn’t be using the Elmo cake pan again. Instead, I took the closest, logically shaped pan I could find and made it with PAM spray and some tin foil. In the next section I will show you how to make an Elmo cake without bread.

Decide on a good bread that you already have. For me, to create the easy Elmo birthday cake you described, I chose a 10-inch round pan because it is close to the shape of Elmo’s face (fairly) and it allows me to use only one box of cake mix.

Take some tin-foil and fold it into a fairly stiff, long rectangle. Place tin foil inside your large pan to make it more of an Elmo shaped pan. That tin foil forms a barricade for the cake batter in the pan (make sure the bottom of the tin foil is firmly planted in the bottom of the pan). Generously spray fin foil with non-stick spray.

How To Make Sesame Street Party Favour Box Decorations

Don’t stress too much about this – the shape of the tin-foil-assisted Elmo cake is not perfect and some of the batter will drip under/around the foil. However, creating this little temporary barrier will prevent you from wasting too much cake mix, which you will later cut to make the shape of Elmo’s face.

(Yes, cake mix is ​​cheap – I’m more worried about the inconvenience. Unless you’re blocking extra pan space, you’re going to need more than one box of cake mix. It’s a pain!).

You can make a whole large rectangle or round cake and cut an Elmo cake shape out of the finished cake if you want.

Printable Elmo Cake Template

Do your best to make an Elmo cake shape and pour the batter (*optional: reserve enough batter to make two medium-sized cupcakes; see note below). Soon place your Elmo cake in the preheated oven and bake according to package instructions.

Pop Top Sesame Street Faces

Take a good look at your Elmo cake. The cooking time will vary based on the size and shape of the bread you choose. When it starts to look a little done, look at it carefully and check often with a toothpick. If the toothpick comes out clean (or clean-ish), it’s done.

*Optional note about the two cupcakes: You can bake and mold your entire Elmo cake, including the eyes, or you can make two separate cupcakes to use as the eyes (I did this and it’s simple very – plus, my two older children are very happy to have Elmo cupcakes and cakes in one).

Allow the cake to cool and then remove it from the pan. Place it on a clean, flat surface.

Cut the sides of the cake to form Elmo’s face. I did it for free (two-year-olds aren’t picky and neither am I), but if it makes you nervous, you can definitely print a template (Pinterest has some great ones here). Place the Elmo template on the cake (you can remove it with toothpicks) and cut from there.

Printable Elmo Coloring Pages

Don’t worry if you make a mistake—just “glue” it back on with the icing (scroll to my next photo for proof).

I recommend doing a quick skim-coat of icing on your Elmo cake as this will hide any gaps you may have made while creating Elmo’s fur. I did my coat with white icing because that’s what I discovered, but red is probably the best option.

Once you’ve finished your skim coat, trace the outline of the face you want to create. I “re-drawn” Elmo’s mouth (using a toothpick) until it looked the way I wanted.

Printable Elmo Cake Template

Pros of “Skim Coat”: You won’t be able to tell that I accidentally cut pieces off Elmo’s face earlier. Don’t panic – it won’t look like an Elmo cake, but it will come together easily.

Artistic Anya Designs: Elmo And Friends

As I mentioned earlier, if you use a stencil/print-out to cut out the shape of Elmo’s head, you can use it to create his facial features (using a toothpick, you can create lines that go back – again pushing the paper. “Drawn.”

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