Professional Development For Afterschool Staff

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Professional Development For Afterschool Staff – After-school staff can play an important role in education, so teachers would do well to find ways to work with them, Eva Jo Meyers wrote in an article for

As a teacher, Meyers was frustrated by the inconveniences created by the extracurricular program at her school, such as being kicked out of her room at the end of the school day and returning the next morning to find her confused. She didn’t connect with any of the after school staff, and it wasn’t until she became an after school teacher herself that she realized the missed opportunities. Now she has advice on how teachers can become more involved with their after-school colleagues.

Professional Development For Afterschool Staff

Professional Development For Afterschool Staff

Share your observations: Mayer urges teachers to break down barriers. She suggests inviting after-school staff into the classroom to observe for a half or full day. β€œIt helped start conversations about teaching strategies, behavior systems, and classroom expectations, and even led to conversations about how to support special students, with both sides contributing ideas,” says Meyers. If full-day supervision is not possible, invite after-school staff to participate in the transition from the regular day to the after-school program.

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Create an inclusive community: Ask your after-school colleagues to attend class meetings so they can plan extra activities that complement the lessons at school. Involve the after-school staff in school activities, such as holiday parties and class celebrations.

Encouraging participation of after school staff in parent-teacher conferences. This will create a more inclusive work environment and can provide parents with information they may not otherwise know. “Extracurricular staff see a side of students, a side that isn’t always seen during the school day,” notes Meyers. If they are unable to attend the conference, ask after-school staff to provide written feedback or meet with them before conferences to get their thoughts on individual students.

Get after school staff involved in student assignments: After school staff often find it difficult to help students with homework because students come from different grades and in some cases, different schools. Another obstacle: “I’ve seen faculty sometimes resist sharing this information because of concerns that after-school staff will respond to students,” Meyers writes. “The goal here is to help out-of-school staff quickly see what homework needs to be done, and sometimes understanding homework done correctly can make a big difference in a staff member’s ability to keep students on track. lead in the right way.” Educators can also volunteer to participate in an after-school program to model how to properly help with homework.

Share a place: It sounds simple, but giving your colleagues a physical place for their materials after school can make a big difference in their work. In addition to providing access to space, Myers encourages students to keep the materials they use during the school day during the off-school period, even if that means things get lost. We believe that when after-school program workers have access to quality and equitable professional learning resources, the impact on youth and society can be enormous. We create professional development offerings that meet the unique characteristics of Indiana’s post-school workforce so that practitioners can continually strengthen their individual skill sets and continuously improve our programs.

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We know that the quality of the staff affects the quality of the program. In particular, better engagement and learning for young people leads to positive programs and outcomes. Quality programs are programs that are purposefully designed with engaging content that meets specific program goals and are taught by trained, dedicated professionals who have proven effectiveness in working with youth. Supporting staff with continuous professional development is essential for a continuous quality improvement process.

A strengths-based self-assessment tool that helps youth programs evaluate their activities against the Indiana Out-of-School Learning Standards and Special Education Standards.

A place to find resources for your program, including lesson plans, participation ideas, and links to Indiana after-school organizations and individuals.

Professional Development For Afterschool Staff

Tools that facilitate continuous professional learning to increase your expertise in the field and build confidence in serving your community.

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Our ongoing series of professional development sessions empower out-of-school professionals with strategies to create impact in their programs.

Y4Y focuses on training every youth program worker as well as the children you serve. Y4Y provides professional training opportunities to help you achieve your career goals. What you do with the children in your program helps them achieve their dreams in life.

Mizzen by Mott partners with the community outside of school hours to provide quality resources and experiences to youth service professionals that ignite curiosity, joy and a love of learning in children and youth. Sponsored by the Moto Foundation, Mizzen is available for free to those who empower young learners everywhere!

The Child and Youth Care Worker Certificate is a national credential for child and youth care professionals. CYC certification allows doctors to demonstrate their progress as professionals and contribute to real career development. Over time, physicians can combine on-the-job training, formal education, and work experience to qualify for advanced positions. Or they can continue to work in the same setting, with the opportunity to meet a wide range of young people’s needs.

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The core knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by OST professionals can be used to guide the development of compensation structures, inclusive and cultural hiring practices, professional development, career development, and clinical competency screening mechanisms.

The National Afterschool Association (NAA) publishes fresh, new content every week covering a variety of topics related to afterschool. In addition, NAA offers many opportunities for virtual professional development with meaningful content, interactions and connections. It is committed to supporting all educational environments for children and young people to develop the 21st century skills needed to succeed in today’s marketplace and in life. Our programs focus on developing workplace-ready skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, technological and digital literacy, and initiative and problem solving. In addition, we help young people develop life skills including self-management, perseverance, leadership, social responsibility and global awareness.

We have developed online and in-person professional development trainings based on evidence-based practice for teachers, young professionals and leaders to support them in creating a 21st century learning culture that prepares young people for today’s world. always changing prepares.

Professional Development For Afterschool Staff

To encourage our youth to thrive, we must teach them to think critically, communicate effectively, and think logically, analyze information productively, and make socially conscious choices.

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We design our professional training to support teachers, staff and leaders to create a 21st century culture for all learning environments.

Classroom Strategies and Techniques for Creating a 21st Century Learning Culture for K-12 Teachers and Youth Development Professionals.

Equal communication and support from both teachers, as well as the ability to be designated as a mentor when the time comes.

I appreciate the quality of service. They really empower both youth and staff. Services are also very expensive.

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The goal of the California AfterSchool Network is to expand access to quality afterschool programs that support success for all children and youth.

Professional Development For Afterschool Staff

We are committed to providing you with the resources and tools you need to build quality after-school programs in California. Stay informed with all the news and events.

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In this conversation, Heather Williams of the California AfterSchool Network is joined by Michael Funk, Director of the California Department of Education’s Extended Learning Division (EXLD). This starts the conversation

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