Research Timeline

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Research Timeline – Upon registration, first-year students are assigned an MD/PHD Faculty Advisor. This mentor will closely monitor, guide and evaluate your progress throughout the years of the program. Students begin the program by completing a required rotation before their first year of medical school. During the first two years, students graduate from UMass Chan Medical School with an emphasis on problem solving and small group learning. In addition, students enroll in the MD/PhD course Designing Solutions for Research Problems. This course focuses on the basic sciences of the Morningside Graduate School of Medical Science Core Curriculum. This first-year scholarship supports the integration of medical school and graduate studies with the option of a thesis laboratory.

During the summer between the first and second year, students choose rotating laboratories and continue to participate in the development of solutions to their research problems. He has also completed the Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Science Course, Communication Science. Upon completion of the second year of medical school, students complete a 16-week presentation rotation in Care of Family and Care of Adults before entering the laboratory of their designated mentor. The Step 1 Board takes place between the end of Year 2 and the start of the Secretary.

Research Timeline

Research Timeline

Each semester of the doctoral program, students enroll in clinical skills courses. This course emphasizes the importance of participating in clinical practice in graduate school. In addition, all students in the program meet monthly for MD/PhD seminars. This provides an opportunity to learn and interact with the research of MD/PhD colleagues.

The Timeline Of The Research Steps In This Thesis

Upon successful completion of all PhD requirements, review and doctoral submission, students enter the third and fourth year clinical program to study clinical medicine. Clinical exchanges and appointments are tailored to the student’s needs and career goals to meet the requirements of the MD degree. Other requirements include advanced biomedical/translational projects and advanced undergraduate studies. Students usually complete the program in seven to eight years.

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