Restaurant Line Cook Job Description

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Restaurant Line Cook Job Description – The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs for cooks, including line cooks, will grow 10% from 2019 to 2029. This would equate to more than 327,000 additional jobs for chefs working in restaurants over a decade. This growth is due to increased consumer demand for high-quality food and an increase in restaurants and catering services to meet this demand. Chefs and managers will seek experienced line cooks to support these efforts.

Although the industry is expected to grow significantly, you may still have competition for positions. A well-written resume is an important element that helps you attract the attention of hiring managers. Below are downloadable resume examples for experienced line cooks and those just entering the profession, as well as tips for crafting a quality resume and tailoring your resume to the job description.

Restaurant Line Cook Job Description

Restaurant Line Cook Job Description

Team-oriented high school graduate with knowledge of restaurant kitchen operations. Those with experience preparing appetizers and desserts understand the general cooking methods for making entrees. Demonstrated ability to communicate well and work effectively in a fast-paced environment. The current food safety certificate expires in June 2021.

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Creative, professionally trained line cook with nine years experience in a chaotic yet efficient kitchen environment. Self-starter who generously shares knowledge and promotes creativity, efficiency and safety among employees. Expertise in developing and arranging recipes to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Experienced Line Cook with 10 years experience working in restaurant kitchens. Skilled in preparing entrees, appetizers, sides and desserts and familiar with all local food safety regulations. Supervise kitchen staff while preparing daily meals. The food safety certificate will expire in January 2022.

Hiring managers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to evaluate the resumes they receive. ATS scans each resume, looking for key skills and job descriptions that match the company’s needs. Resumes with lots of matches The more skill keywords you include in your resume, the better your chances of being invited for an interview.

While on-the-job training can take you to a higher level in the kitchen, a culinary education can demonstrate that you have a higher level of culinary skills. It shows that you have a passion for cooking and a desire to learn about flavors and techniques. Details about your education will help your resume attract the attention of recruiters, so make sure you include the name of the course, the institution you attended and the year you graduated. Any relevant courses or projects will help you stand out from other applicants.

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Using specific numbers to demonstrate your restaurant’s accomplishments will help managers understand that you can work under pressure to produce multiple meals on time. In your professional experience section, include hard numbers in bullet points answering “how many.” or “How much?” Questions These numbers can tell the story of your restaurant experience.

Worked as part of a 10-person team to prepare food for over 150 people every night, and worked with teams of 15 to prepare food for special events of over 200 guests

Hiring managers need people with specific skill sets and experience to match their needs, and they look through a large pool of candidates to find the right person. Job descriptions help them define their top priorities, and including skills and experience on your resume that reflect these needs will help you stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Restaurant Line Cook Job Description

If you’re not sure what to include, start with the requirements listed first or mentioned more than once. These are usually the most important requirements. Take a look at your resume and make sure it describes how you can meet these requirements. Hiring managers often look at generic resumes from the past, so avoid copying and pasting and instead focus on your key accomplishments.

Line Cook Responsibilities: 6 Tips For Success As A Line Cook

Acme Restaurant is an upscale restaurant that offers delicious and modern American cuisine. We are seeking an experienced Line Cook to join our kitchen team to create outstanding dining experiences for our customers. You will be responsible for preparing food to the chef’s expectations, setting up your station, stocking inventory, and maintaining hygiene standards. The successful candidate will have multiple kitchen station experience, strong communication skills and the ability to multitask.

Take the skills and attributes you listed and build your resume around these requirements. Be sure to include experience that shows you can meet these requirements. Below is an example of how to include them in your resume: A line cook is a kitchen worker. They work generously to order and sell when the kitchen is full of weed.

The most important part of nailing a busy shift. He is the unsung hero of many restaurant operations in the hospitality industry.

So, if you don’t know what this hero does, read on. We also have a mock line cook resume to give you an idea of ​​what it’s like to be a potential line cook as a competitor.

The Bear’s’ Jeremy Allen White Fuels Hot Line Cook Summer

Line cooks cook and plate food under the supervision and direction of an Executive Chef, Sous Chef or Head Cook. Restaurants typically have multiple line cooks, each working a different station based on that restaurant’s menu.

The reason they are called “line cooks” is because of where they work: the line. That kitchen is a little rude. A line cook is also known as a “chef de partie” or “station chef”.

The line in the kitchen indicates the area where cooking takes place. This is where fryers, ranges, flat-top grills and broilers come in. All of them are usually set horizontally and form a line. Unlike the bar layout design. A cook working at one of these cooking stations is called a line cook.

Restaurant Line Cook Job Description

Prep cooks don’t work on the line, so they don’t actively cook, plate or sell dishes. Prep cooks do all the prep work behind the scenes: chopping vegetables, portioning ingredients, cutting meats and making sauces. All the preparation work is given to the line cooks so that it can be prepared into the final product.

Restaurant Posts Line Cook Job With 44 Over The Top Requirements

What does a line cook do? A lot of things. It depends on which part of the line they are working on.

Some line cooks are hired to specialize in one station. Other line cooks are hired as jack-of-all-trades and work at any station required. Of course, the more stations a line cook can handle skillfully, the more value he adds to the kitchen.

The sauté station is reserved for one of the most talented line cooks in the kitchen. A cook works on a gas range or stove top in a kitchen.

This includes preparing meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and sauces. They use a pen. Lots of pitchers. Sauces come in a sauté pan because leftovers from previous cooking often leave useful deglazing options for sauce preparation.

Line Cook Job Training Course Available At Hcc

A flat top station is a cooking range that combines the elements of a grill and a griddle. It doesn’t have a grill; It is a flat cooking surface. Apart from cooking food directly on it, it can also be used to heat and heat pots and pans. This is where hot, non-grilled cooking is done, with no need for pans.

A grill station is usually an open grill and/or broiler. This is where steaks, kebabs and other standard grill fare are cooked over an open fire.

It is widely considered the most difficult line cook station for two reasons. First, the meat should be cooked hot. A moderately well-done piece is worthless. There is no cost-cutting in restaurants.

Restaurant Line Cook Job Description

Second, does the grill cook all of these things at once? They all look the same. This is the station that requires the most experienced line cooks.

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A fry cook operates a deep fryer. They are in charge of a small freezer with fry baskets and tongs.

Fry stations and lower pantry stations are more entry-level line cook roles. Also, the fryer can roll over to second line cook duties if the menu doesn’t have many fried items. For example, a grill cook may be tasked with putting out fries and onion rings in a small kitchen.

Pantry is a name often used to refer to dessert and salad stations. This is where salads, desserts and cold appetizers are prepared and sold.

Often, pantry cooks (not to be confused with pastry chefs) rely on other line cooks to complete their dishes. Think grilled steak salad that calls for grilled steak from the grill cook. That makes time management and coordination skills critical to a successful pantry cook.

Restaurant Line Cook Job Description Template In Word, Apple Pages

It’s also a station with as much variety as you can imagine—apps, desserts, and salads. It requires a good memory and the ability to pivot quickly.

Line cook job descriptions vary because a line cook may be required for one or more cooking stations using the kitchen. But, in general, a line cook job description covering all possible cooking stations would look something like this:

It is quite a comprehensive list of duties

Restaurant Line Cook Job Description

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