Sales Support Staff Job Description

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Sales Support Staff Job Description – You want your salespeople to be able to focus on closing deals, but they often accept tasks that don’t help them achieve that goal. This is where sales support comes in.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what sales support is, how this function can be a valuable addition to any sales department, and what to look for when hiring the best sales support talent.

Sales Support Staff Job Description

Sales Support Staff Job Description

Sales support encompasses the tasks, roles and technologies within an organization that enable sales representatives to do what matters most – close deals.

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It’s a term that can refer to an activity or set of tasks, such as generating leads or training product sales representatives. It can also include marketing tools and software that help salespeople close deals, such as an email automation tool or a real-time online chat tool such as .

In the sales support function, you will also find people dedicated to supporting sales representatives. These sales support professionals help generate leads, follow up with customers, and do some background work for the larger sales team.

Although they may work closely together, the roles of sales support and customer support are often very different. Their job titles include support, but one is primarily customer focused and the other focuses on internal teams.

The job of customer support staff is focused on providing the best possible service and support to your customers and potential customers.

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Instead, sales assistants focus on your internal team, giving them the resources and help they need to engage customers and guide them through the sales process. They may interact with customers, but their primary role is to assist your sales department.

Sales support partners and experts help you make it easier for your sales reps so they can focus on closing deals and bringing new customers into your ecosystem. They are a key component of any sales team and a profitable investment.

Too often, sales reps spend a lot of time prospecting and evaluating leads before calling to see if they’re a good fit. It’s a time-consuming process that robs them of their ability to build relationships and negotiate.

Sales Support Staff Job Description

Instead of asking your sales reps to handle lead generation, delegate this task to a dedicated sales support role.

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Someone in this role can more freely search for potential clients using their networks, social channels and their own research. Once they’ve found potential leads, they can pass them on to your sales reps.

Another area where salespeople all too often get lost is in post-sales communication with customers. When they close, you want your sales rep to be able to move on to the next lead instead of researching information and dealing with the new customer’s questions.

Let the sales reps get back to selling and get someone to focus on post-sales follow-up with customers.

This dedicated sales support role can focus on building customer relationships, providing support and increasing customer satisfaction. Ask them to work closely with your wider customer support team, but focus on supporting your sales team.

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Whenever you introduce a new feature or bring something new to market, your sales reps need to know about it. They need the inside scoop on your product or service offering – down to the last detail. Without it, it is more difficult to stop selling – especially in a competitive situation.

Give your sales reps the best chance of closing sales calls by engaging a support professional who provides in-depth product training. Ask this person to develop your sales force and inform them of product changes, updates, sales strategies and benefits – so that your prospects get the best information without wasting time and the attention of your sales representatives.

There are so many different stages in the sales process, and all too often each one is in the hands of individual salespeople. They are expected to understand the latest product developments, prospect potential leads and handle admin and back office processes. This means they spend less time doing what they do best – selling.

Sales Support Staff Job Description

Hiring a sales support staff gives you the opportunity to provide much-needed assistance to your sales team. However, this support role can also benefit your marketing team, providing a link between sales and marketing and making it easier to create and distribute marketing materials to the right people.

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This extra pair of hands can help create templates for frequently used sales processes, help with data entry, and support the distribution of press releases to relevant audiences.

The right sales support staff can help your sales team and wider teams in a variety of ways so they can focus on their core role.

When hiring for any role in a sales organization or department, consider what key qualities, skills, and personality traits you’re looking for. Think about what is most important to you, your company culture and your role.

If you’re looking to add a sales support person to your department, here are some key skills and attributes we think are good.

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Being a professional sales support person starts with being able to communicate well with others. This is a role where candidates will need excellent interpersonal skills as they will always be working with others.

You want your sales support staff to feel confident, comfortable and excited about working with and helping others – whether it’s your internal sales team or a new customer. They should excel in empathy, clear communication, and a passion for serving others.

If you provide sales support to customers across multiple channels, look for someone who is comfortable not only on the phone but also in front of the camera.

Sales Support Staff Job Description

With tools like , you can provide customer support and sales support on your website via live video chat, so having a partner whose passion for support comes through the camera is a huge bonus.

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Since your sales support staff are mostly there to assist your sales team and help them work more efficiently, they need to pay close attention to detail. If they don’t, they can create even more work and lose time troubleshooting.

Look for candidates who follow excellent guidelines, value the power of process, and pay attention to every detail. They need to be very accurate, especially when dealing with customer or lead data or product training.

It is important for them to spot and correct mistakes, check facts and maintain order. After all, they have to run things smoothly for the team they support to succeed.

Things don’t always go as they should, and the sales process is no exception. You may notice that some of your information is out of date, discover an error in the exchange of a new product, or face a difficult situation with a brand new customer. No day is the same as the last, so your ideal sales support partner should be a natural problem solver.

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Add people to your sales support team who are curious and skilled enough to identify a way to fix the problem. They need to be able to think clearly, consider risks and evaluate options to find the best way to solve problems – whether it’s a broken process or a disgruntled customer.

With excellent problem solving skills, this person will be a great asset to your team and provide much needed practical and emotional support when problems arise.

Your salespeople need the space, freedom, and ability to focus on what they do best—closing those deals. Give them all the support they need and an excellent team by investing in sales support staff and software. With the right tools and support team, your sales department can continue to succeed.

Sales Support Staff Job Description

If you’re looking for a sales enablement tool to help you move your prospects closer to results, give this one a try. Our live, real-time video chat means your prospects can talk to your sales team without even leaving the page. See how it works with our free plan today. Are your salespeople struggling to stay on top when deep technology opens up customer conversations? Then throw them a lifeline and hire a technical sales support team.

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However, just because a sales support candidate is “technical” doesn’t mean they have the background to provide the support that salespeople need.

After evaluating more than 400,000 sales professionals, our research identified 140 success-related characteristics that apply to 14 different sales roles. Here are six common characteristics of the best technical sales support professionals.

Successful sales reps are much more than walking Wikipedia. They act as leaders, helping to drive the sales process. Look for them:

A sales support representative can do all of this without having to step into an account manager. They meet before the client’s visit to decide what the purpose of the call should be and how best to organize their efforts.

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Some sales support representatives calmly

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