Sample Data Breach Notification Letter

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Sample Data Breach Notification Letter – A security breach of a web portal for the US The Department of Homeland Security has released private documents and some financial information belonging to at least 114 organizations that bid on an agency contract last year.

“This letter is to inform you that your company’s bank account information may have been improperly accessed as a result of this incident,” reads a letter sent to affected organizations earlier this month by DHS privacy officer Christopher Lee. . “The incident appears to have occurred within the last four months.”

Sample Data Breach Notification Letter

Sample Data Breach Notification Letter

The letter was sent to organizations bidding on a 2013 contract to help DHS’s Science & Technology Division develop new communications technologies for first responders. According to DHS, the documents were downloaded from a departmental web portal by unauthorized persons outside the agency, although the reason or source of that access has not yet been determined.

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A DHS spokesperson said that as a result of this unauthorized access, 520 documents including white papers/proposals, decision notification letters, contract and award documents and other supporting materials were not properly accessed. The person said that of the approximately 114 organizations potentially affected, only 16 had banking information in potentially accessible documents, and all were immediately notified by S&T. In addition, all affected companies were provided with a list of their access documents for their specific determination of business sensitivity and impact,  DHS notes.

The portal in question is operated in Herndon, Va. based on REI Systems Inc. The company declined to comment for this story, so it remains unclear if the unauthorized access to REI Systems was limited to DHS data, or if it affected other REI government projects. According to this page on REI’s website, the company provides similar technology services to the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Justice, the General Services Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, NASA, and the Federal Aviation Administration. Administration, etc. . Sample HIPAA Breach Notification Letter Patient Name Patient Address Dear Patient: We are sending you this letter as part of the provider’s commitment to patient privacy. We take patient privacy seriously

The access information may include your name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, address and date of hospitalization. Access to data is limited to your address and social security number. There are no signs of attempts to obtain personal information from the data you provide. We understand that you may be upset in this situation, and we want to assure you that your privacy is important to us. We encourage you to contact the HIPAA administrator at your practice area or your hospital, if applicable, for information about steps you can take. If you​​ need to scrub your Social Security number, or we need to know your Social Security number, you must send the documentation and forward it to us. We appreciate your cooperation in making us take this step when we became aware of the incident. If you have any questions about this email or need more information, please contact [This post was edited by (edited 10-29-2004).

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Sample Data Breach Notification Letter

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We use cookies to improve security, personalize the user experience, improve our marketing activities (including collaborating with our marketing partners) and for other business purposes. Click here to read our Cookie Policy. By clicking “Accept” you agree to the use of cookies. … Read more Readless Earlier this month, the council of the British city of York contacted users of its One Planet York app, warning that an unauthorized third party had access to their personal information including name, address, postcode, e – mailing address and phone number, along with their “encrypted password.”

Sample Data Breach Notification Letter

The One Planet York app, which aims to improve the city’s environment by providing recycling advice and a bin collection agenda for residents, is said to have an API vulnerability that unauthorized parties could access personal data.

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According to City of York Council, the app has been permanently withdrawn and users are advised to remove it from their smartphones and change their passwords. According to a BBC news report, almost 6,000 people could be affected by the data breach which, the council said, was reported to the police.

It’s a story we’ve heard before, right? The bad guy hacked the service. A lot of personal data is taken with the possible purpose of defrauding innocent users, or entering their other online accounts. Policemen on the road…

Because if you read a little, you will find out how the municipality discovered that its app had a security hole:

How did City of York Council find out about the breach? A third party, who we believe is behind the deliberate unauthorized access, shared a small, edited sample of the information they obtained. Their email states that they are providing this information so that we can be aware of the problem and enable us to respond to it.

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That’s not a huge amount of detail, but that’s like a vulnerability researcher discovering a security hole in an app used by thousands of people, and reporting the problem privately and responsibly.

So what happened to the data now? City of York Council said it was not sure, but tried to reassure users that the person who contacted them appeared to be public rather than criminal.

Where is the breached data now? We cannot say what the third party responsible for the data has done. They informed us of the vulnerability and did not ask for anything in return suggesting that they are someone who is looking for data vulnerabilities in the public interest. We ask that they securely delete all data traces from their systems and advise you to follow the guidance below.

Sample Data Breach Notification Letter

Some in the computer security community felt that the municipality overreacted by reporting the incident to the police. Check out this tweet from HaveIBeenPwned’s Troy Hunt, for example.

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This breach notification from @CityofYork doesn’t feel right: They said they built a product with a vulnerability in it, someone reported it privately and now they’re calling the police? I hope not. — Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) November 26, 2018

Not that everything in that passage isn’t true. This is *intentional access, and it is being done without council permission. But the implication is that it is also done with criminal intent.

In fact, the last thing we want is to scare security researchers that the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities could lead to them feeling their collar.

On Twitter, the council said it tried to discuss the security incident with the person who informed them (and understand their actions), but there was no response.

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Ask yourself this, if you are a public body that openly exposes thousands of citizens’ personal information to unauthorized parties to access – don’t you think it’s better to cover all your bases, rather than crossing your fingers stabbing and hoping that things will turn out well?

Even if the vulnerability reporter did not intend to exploit the vulnerable data, who is to say that others might not use the same security hole with malicious intent?

Perhaps the advice to users of the One York app could have been written more carefully, but I’m not sure – from what has been made public so far – that they really did anything wrong in their handling of this incident.

Sample Data Breach Notification Letter

For their part, North Yorkshire Police’s Digital Investigation & Intelligence Unit today sent a positive message that reinforces their belief.

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