Sample Employee Newsletters

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Sample Employee Newsletters – Between emails, Slack messages, and cubicle chats, it can be quite difficult for companies to communicate effectively with their employees. A well-designed employee newsletter can help organizations cut through the clutter and get information to their teams when they need it.

Many companies are using newsletters in their marketing efforts, which is not surprising considering that newsletters have one of the highest rates of successful nurturing of leads. With newsletter design, you can bring the power of newsletters to your internal communications.

Sample Employee Newsletters

Sample Employee Newsletters

Keep your team updated on the latest company news, share successes and challenges, or bring some relief to a stressful workday with our employee newsletter ideas and templates.

Employee Newsletter Ideas, Templates And Examples To Strengthen Team Engagement

Staff newsletters – also called company newsletters or internal newsletters – are similar to other newsletters, but the audience is internal rather than external.

So instead of doing things like sharing coupon codes or welcoming new customers to your service, employee newsletters focus on things like company finances, personnel changes, policy changes, internal job announcements, or announcing company events.

Customize the email newsletter above and choose to download as PNG or PDF for printing, or export to HTML and import into your email delivery tool.

Whatever the content of your employee newsletter, it serves the same purpose: to ensure that every member of your team receives accurate information at the same time. This is a good alternative to manual meetings because it is easier to create a newsletter than it is to gather your whole team in one room.

Brilliant Employee Newsletter Designs To Inspire You

But some employee newsletters do more than simply disseminate information if they are written with employee engagement and participation in mind.

Team members who know a lot about the company and their colleagues are more likely to be productive and invested in the success of the organization. Using company newsletters can help keep new employees informed of important company news and speed up the onboarding process.

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Sample Employee Newsletters

The content of the employee newsletter depends entirely on its purpose. Think about all the types of information you want to share with your team; This is the number of possible types of newsletters your employees can produce.

Gmail Newsletter Templates: 14 Professional Email Designs

The key to writing a good employee newsletter is to keep your audience in mind. What information do they need? How long does it take to tell them? Will it help them do their job better or better connect with colleagues or the company?

Not all employee newsletters need to be sent to everyone in the organization, but some should. Consider creating department-level internal newsletters when appropriate for your chosen audience.

We recommend email, but many companies still prefer paper copies of employee newsletters. Again, consider the audience; What format or structure of email encourages employees to use the content? (Learn more about email design best practices.)

Speaking of content, everything in your employee newsletter should be relevant to the team members receiving it. This does not mean that all content has to be serious or scary. In fact, funny and interesting newsletters can also be entertaining.

How To Create A Modern Newsletter Email Template

Your internal newsletter is your chance to reinforce your brand with your team members and include how you write it. Some companies have a bold and authoritative identity, while others are friendly and informal.

With the Newsletter Design tool, you can strengthen your brand by applying brand colors, fonts and logos to your design using the My Brand Kit:

It’s tempting to overload your employee newsletter, but it’s better to keep it short. Long paragraphs of text will turn people off and you risk limiting your newsletter readership.

Sample Employee Newsletters

Use images, illustrations, icons, charts, and graphics to enhance the visual appeal of your employee newsletter. Combined with short and clear text, this can be a great way to ensure team members are really retaining information.

Employee Newsletter Content Ideas That Will Boost Engagement

If you are editing an email newsletter template and want to replace an existing icon or image, simply double-click the icon/image and choose an alternative:

Ask your team members for feedback in your employee newsletter. Do they read? If they do not, why teach them? What information is valuable to them and does it help them connect with the organization and their colleagues?

Now that we’ve gone over some of the details of what an employee newsletter is and what it should include, let’s take a look at some examples of actual employee newsletters.

Employee newsletters are an ideal way to announce personnel changes, such as new hires and voluntary and involuntary separations. Depending on the circumstances of personnel changes, the newsletter may include information about the individual’s future career move or announce a farewell event.

Steps To Create Employee Newsletter People Want To Read (+19 Ideas)

Announce the sudden departure of an employee with this involuntary separation email. Sharing news via e-mail is a good way to avoid spreading rumors about departures, but it’s best not to share details of unpleasant events.

Email is not just for internal purposes; Check out this sample newsletter that you can use for various purposes.

It’s understandable to be upset when a valuable team member leaves your organization, but your newsletter announcing your employee’s resignation should be positive. Record their contribution, hope it well, and let their teammates know who will fill their responsibilities in the meantime.

Sample Employee Newsletters

This employee newsletter is quite different from the previous example, using the company’s established brand identity as the main image to help reinforce the idea that the organization will continue after this important team member leaves.

Editable Employee Newsletter Template

Share the details of the departing party with a select few team members, especially those in the departing employee’s department if the circumstances surrounding their departure warrant it.

The best scenario for an employee to leave is retirement. Send your valuable team members into their golden years with an employee retirement card that says thank you for their service to the organization.

Use an employee newsletter to announce a team member’s retirement and share information about their retirement party with this retirement email template. Looking for a different type of email template? Check out this example.

Or focus entirely on the most festive aspect of their retirement – the party. Share important details about the event, including when and where it is and how partygoers can find out more.

An Online Health And Wellness Newsletter Anyone Can Use 2022

Use the space in your staff newsletter to share health and wellness tips with team members. These tips can be focused on physical and emotional health and well-being. Remember to be sensitive to any chronic health conditions your team members may have and include as many as possible in your advice.

Maintaining physical and mental health is a challenge whether you work in or out of the office, so work with your HR and insurance team to create helpful tips for team members to improve everyone’s well-being.

Use your employee newsletter to let your team members know that their health is central to the organization’s performance and success, and that there is someone they can turn to if they need help.

Sample Employee Newsletters

In the early days of the pandemic, some companies are preparing to transition to remote work, and sharing tips and tricks with your team on how to adjust to their work is an appropriate topic for an employee newsletter.

Best Employee Newsletter Templates For Internal Communications

Keep your telecommuting tips short and to the point, and if you’re coming from experience, that’s fine. Employee newsletters that focus on tips for getting the job done are always best if the tips are truly insightful and beyond what you can get from Google.

Use this email newsletter template to share the do’s and don’ts of the remote work aspect. In this case, the focus is video conferencing, but it can easily be applied to all other aspects of the workforce in the same building.

Use the internal announcement staff newsletter to share tips for team members about announcements. This example is about returning to the office during the pandemic, but it’s easy to imagine how it could be used to announce the opening of an office or nearby construction and which streets to avoid.

All announcements should be sent to everyone in the organization, so it’s a good idea to make sure your tone applies to everyone in the company, not just specific team members.

Best Newsletter Design Ideas & Examples To Inspire You

Internal newsletters are also a great way to get your team members comfortable with a new procedure or process. In the example above, it’s post-pandemic social distancing, but use this template to change the policy you’re implementing.

It’s easy to seem aloof and unapproachable to executives and other executive management, but it doesn’t have to be. Use your CEO’s message as a baseline

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