Sap Send Email With Excel Attachment

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Sap Send Email With Excel Attachment – The report distributor tool allows users to schedule and distribute reports via email, send reports to an FTP server, or run reports offline. First and foremost, create a package with the required reports, then select the items to distribute, destinations, recipients, and schedules.

This blog provides details on how to create a report bundle with the required reports and then distribute the report to users via email in Excel/CSV format as an email attachment.

Sap Send Email With Excel Attachment

Sap Send Email With Excel Attachment

Third-party providers / external service providers such as security, café, office management, etc. Daily update of employee data required to provide services to employees, but they do not need to have access to the SAP SuccessFactors system. In addition, the right filters can ensure that only department, BU or location-specific information is sent to relevant external service providers across locations.

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Export type and export format define the form in which the user receives the report. Note that the export type does not offer MS Excel or CSV as a download option. However, it is possible to download/export the report in CSV or MS Excel format. The option to export the report in MS Excel/CSV format appears after creating the bundle.

Step 2. Click the “Add Item” button under the item to add the item you want to the package. Multiple reports can be added to a single package.

The next version of XLSX was introduced in 2007 and is the default format of Microsoft Excel. XLSX delivers the same content in a smaller, more efficient file size, benefitting both SAP SuccessFactors resources and your on-premises environment.

You can download the Excel file for single domain and cross-domain spreadsheets and export it in XLSX format by default.

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Reports created with “Integration Center” have files that are “encoded as UTF-8” and reports created with “ORD” and defined in CSV format via “Report Designer” have files that are “encoded as UTF-8 BOM”. UTF-8 BOM markup is expected for CSV export. Without them, Excel won’t work when opening CSV with foreign characters.

There is no row limit for CSV reports (which means that CSV reports with more than 1,048,576 rows can be exported from SAP SuccessFactors). Microsoft Excel limits the number of rows to 1,048,576.

Option 2 supports Microsoft Excel based output while Option 3 supports CSV format. Even if the PDF or MS Word export format is selected when creating the package, it will be replaced with the Excel or CSV spreadsheet selection.

Sap Send Email With Excel Attachment

Step 3. Click on the “Target” tab to set the report target. In this blog we will focus on the email option as the destination where the Excel file will be transferred as an email attachment to the recipient’s setup for this package.

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In the wildcard search field, enter the user’s username and click Update. Select the user and click Add.

The user is added to the recipient list. Similarly, you can add or remove report recipients for the selected package on the screen below.

To schedule the report distributor to run at a specific time, click the Add button to set the schedule.

Once the bundle is successfully created, you can customize the report output format. This step verifies that the report is generated and sent as an attachment in Excel format. In addition, the Excel format can be switched between XLS and XLSX as required.

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The Edit Bundle option displays the Excel file format based on the Excel spreadsheet added to the bundle in Step 2.

Here you can optionally choose between XLS and XLSX to create a report. The file is also created and sent as an email attachment.

SAP currently has no way to change the domain to anything other than

Sap Send Email With Excel Attachment

Results: With this blog, you can successfully schedule reports to run offline, generate reports on a regular basis, and then email reports to users in Excel/CSV format as email attachments.

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Upcoming: As a continuation of this blog (Part 2), I will discuss scheduling reports to run offline, especially data-intensive ones, and how you can send reports to a Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) site to offload report processing . For large amounts of data. In order to send e-mails with Excel files from ABAP, the use of SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 is required. This function module is available in SAP R3 and SAP HANA, it depends on your SAP version.

To do this we select data from the SPFLI table and save it in an internal table, then we copy this data into the lt_attachment table, this table becomes our excel file and then we send this excel file via email. Please see the source below

After you run this code, you will get an email and an excel file sent from abap. You can restrict who sends emails to your program with a password. For this you need a password field type in abap.

After running this source code, you will receive an email with an Excel file attached to the email. It is very important that your SAP server has SMTP configured to send emails and the port is open.

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After you run this program, you will get email with Excel attached from ABAP program. If you don’t receive this email, you need to investigate what happened. To do this, please go to Tcode: SOST, this code will show you all the emails sent by SAP. .

We use cookies to ensure that we offer the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Ok In this article I will show you how to use SAP Intelligent RPA to create and send emails with or without attachments in Outlook. For this tutorial I will create a popup interface in UI Designer so that email details and attachments are dynamically displayed by the user. This example can be adapted for other use cases, for example you can use data stored in an Excel file instead of entering it manually in a popup. Emails are sent from your current email account that you are logged into.

To create our interface we need to go to the UI Designer view and right click on “POPUPS”. We have two possible options to choose from: an empty AppBar and an empty AppBar. Select the second one and name it. I named mine ‘selectionScreen’. After creating a pop-up, you need to create a project.

Sap Send Email With Excel Attachment

To create a UI, make sure you select “Design Mode” – the second icon from left to right:

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To create an item, right click on the red rectangle and select the item you want to add. First create a container. In the function view you will see some functions that you can customize. You can also use the settings.js file to customize your components using code. If you make changes in the settings.js file, be sure to save the file so that the changes are reflected on your screen. As you add elements from your UI, make sure to close and reopen the settings.js file so that the code we’ve updated is updated.

After you’ve created your container, you can start adding more items. For all of the following we use the container as the parent (you can define it in the properties or setting.js file):

The two buttons “Cancel” and “Submit” are buttons with icons to which I added labels. Your parent row is the row you inserted earlier, and each button is placed in a separate column.

You can choose any color, logo and style for your design and you can also resize the popup and elements.

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Important: Make sure your screen resolution is set to 100% for the pop-up to save correctly. You can change it under Display Settings -> Size and Format. In order for Desktop Studio to register changes, you must close and reopen it.

After you save your toast, you should be able to see it in the Workflows view under the Pages view:

In the workspace of your new workflow, you can use various features to access and manage Microsoft Outlook files. In order for your project to compile and run without errors, you must first enable the Outlook library script in your project:

Sap Send Email With Excel Attachment

In your workflow, go to the context view and create folders and items below. To create a folder, right-click anywhere in the context view and choose Create Folder. To create a list within a folder, right-click the folder and choose Create List. Objects can be renamed by right clicking on them with the “Rename” option.

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The first activity (named Initialize Parameters with the InitializeParameters step) is the popup itself, as I want it to appear so I can enter the details of the email. After connecting the popup page to the start node, you can double click on it to add some activities for example. Make sure each item is correctly labeled with

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