Select Multiple Items Drop Down List Excel

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Select Multiple Items Drop Down List Excel – Using custom lists in Microsoft Excel on the Mac makes it relatively quick and easy to enter boring data. Drop-down lists are no different; you can create one with just a few clicks.

Drop-down lists in Excel are great for limiting options for cell entries. They are useful for selecting elements such as colors, sizes, products, people, days and much more.

Select Multiple Items Drop Down List Excel

Select Multiple Items Drop Down List Excel

Open Microsoft Excel and the document you want to add to the drop-down list. Then follow these steps.

Multiple Choice Question

1) Enter your list items into a spreadsheet. You can use a new sheet in the workbook or existing cells where you entered the items.

6) Click inside the Source box and then drag the cells to appear in the drop-down list. (You can also type in the cell range yourself if you’re comfortable with the format.)

Note that the popup window will be minimized while you perform this action. When you release the cursor at the end of the cells you selected, the window will be maximized again.

The pop-up window will disappear and you should see that your drop-down list cell contains an arrow where you can select an item.

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If you want to use the same drop-down lists in an entire column or row, that’s fine. Select the entire column by clicking on the letter above or the entire row by clicking on the number to the left.

Then follow the steps we listed above, starting with step 2 for the Data tab and the Data Validation button.

Adding a drop-down list to the spreadsheet is convenient for selecting from several predefined items. And you can create multiple drop-down lists for different items on one sheet. Is this an Excel function you find useful? Or maybe you’ve never created drop-down lists in Excel, but are doing it now? Let us know! Bottom line: Learn how to select multiple shapes at once, including charts, slicers, images, etc. These techniques can help you save time when working with reports and dashboards that contain multiple objects on the same worksheet.

Select Multiple Items Drop Down List Excel

The ability to select multiple shapes at once can be a real time saver when you want to perform the same action on multiple objects at once. These actions may include:

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Below are five ways to quickly select multiple shapes at once. Which option you choose may depend on whether you only want to select some or all of the shapes in the spreadsheet, or whether you are more comfortable with keyboard shortcuts versus using the ribbon menu.

Key while clicking on the other shapes we want to select. This allows us to choose which shapes we want to manipulate. Using

When you select the first chart or shape, be sure to click on the edge of the shape, not just one of its elements. Otherwise, you can start editing the shape instead of selecting it. After the first shape is selected, you can click anywhere on the other shapes to select them (while holding

As with option 1, you will first select a shape, making sure to click on the edge of the shape, not one of its parts. Hold

How To Create A Dashboard In Excel

This option saves time if we have many shapes and do not want to select each of them individually. Because this option chooses

Of shapes on our sheet, if there are any shapes we want to exclude, we need to use

If you have already selected one or more shapes, click the Format tab and then the Selection Panel button to switch to the Selection Panel. It appears to the right of the spreadsheet.

Select Multiple Items Drop Down List Excel

If you haven’t selected a shape yet, you can find the selection pane on the ribbon under the Home tab, in the Find and Select drop-down menu.

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For future ease of use, you can easily add the selection pane button to the Quick Access Toolbar. You can see that option when you right-click the selection pane in the drop-down menu.

The selection pane allows us to see all the shapes on our sheet in list form. This is especially handy if our spreadsheet has a large area and we don’t want to hunt for specific objects. The route also gives us the ability to hide and show shapes, or promote shapes that are overlapped by other objects.

If all our shapes are grouped in the same area, you may want to use the Select Objects mode. It can also be found under the Find & Select drop-down menu on the Home tab of the ribbon.

When you turn on this mode, you simply mark the area around all the shapes you want to select. You can select by clicking on a corner of the desired area, holding down the left mouse button while moving to the opposite corner, and then releasing the button.

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Basically, you draw an area around the shapes you want to select. All shapes that are completely within the area you drew will be selected.

It is important to note that you must turn off the mode again to make changes to the cells in the spreadsheet. You can do this by clicking again on the Select Objects option in the Find and Select menu.

Select Objects is another great feature to add to the Quick Access Toolbar because it gives you the ability to toggle the mode on and off more quickly. See my post on how to set up the Quick Access Toolbar for more information.

Select Multiple Items Drop Down List Excel

You access this option from the Find and Select menu on the Home tab of the Ribbon. Click the Objects radio button to select all the objects on the sheet.

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This option is probably the least useful of the five because it’s not as fast as the select all hotkey. But it never hurts to know your options, right?

If you want to see how to quickly adjust shapes to look more professional and tidy, I encourage you to check out my quick tutorials on:

Leave a comment below with any questions or suggestions for other ways to select multiple shapes. Thank you! 🙂

Log in again. The login page opens in a new tab. After logging in, you can close it and return to this page. If you are creating an Excel spreadsheet for other users to enter data, drop-down lists are very useful for controlling what data they enter.

How To Create A Dynamic Drop Down List That Automatically Expands

This way, you can ensure that they don’t enter incorrect data that will cause errors in your spreadsheet when calculations are made based on user input.

Drop-down lists should be familiar because you often find them on the web or while working in other applications.

Are you ready for the ultimate resource guide to drop-down lists in Microsoft Excel? Grab a copy of the sample workbook and follow along!

Select Multiple Items Drop Down List Excel

The first method is the most basic where all items are placed in the Data Validation menu as a comma separated list.

How To Edit A Drop Down List In Google Sheets

The selected cell will now have a drop down arrow to the right. Click the arrow and your list will now appear as separate items based on the comma separators you entered.

Note: If you use commas and spaces to delimit your list items, Excel will remove the space in front of each item in the drop-down list.

The advantage is that the list can be created in a very simple way. All you have to do is type the list, or even paste it from somewhere else.

The downside is that it is hardcoded and not dynamic. There is no way to change the list based on the data entered into the spreadsheet.

Create A Drop Down List In Excel To Restrict Data

Any changes to the list items must be made in the Data Validation menu. If you want to use the same list elsewhere in the spreadsheet, you must copy and paste the list or set up the list from scratch.

This is the most obvious choice for your list items because the Data Validation menu has a button to select a column from the grid.

From the Data Validation menu, click the Select button to the right of the source input field. This allows you to select the desired range from the grid.

Select Multiple Items Drop Down List Excel

Another way to place list items in the drop-down menu is by placing them in a named range, and then referencing the named range in the Data Validation menu.

Drop Down Usability: When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use Them

This will create a name and when you select the column you will see the name displayed in the name box.

You can also use the name box to skip the Define Name menu and quickly create a named array. Just select the range of cells you want to name, then type the name in the name box and press Enter.

The selected cell will now have a dropdown arrow to the right and display all items within the named range.

The advantage is that you can use this column name as a single source for multiple data validation lists. You can easily edit the values ​​in the named area and it will show all

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