Shape Train Express Template

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Shape Train Express Template – For young students, learning and remembering words and symbols is an important foundational skill. In order to master all this new information, students need a lot of practice and repetition! By bringing fun and engaging 2D shape activities into the classroom, students will be excited to learn about shapes. Here are some of my favorite ways to teach basic shapes in kindergarten.

Most students arrive in kindergarten knowing the basic names of shapes. However, there are forms that have not yet been fully introduced. Often, students need to learn more about shape characteristics. There are many useful activities and tools that can help students learn and practice forming words and symbols.

Shape Train Express Template

Shape Train Express Template

Another way for students to learn about shape names and symbols is to make 2D shape students. These printable shape books have space for students to write the name of the shape, the number of sides, and the number of vertices/corners. The same information can be displayed on a 2D shaped bulletin board with these fun posters! There are different options based on size, word options, and clipart options. These posters are useful to keep on display throughout the year so that students can continue to refer to them when needed.

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Another way for students to practice shape names and symbols is with these All About 2D Shapes worksheets! Students will retrieve the diagram and draw three shapes. Then they will write down the number of vertices and sides. Students can create a virtual person or a real object.

Another fun part of teaching shapes is showing students that shapes are all around them! Shape sorting activities are a great way to help students see different examples of shapes.

The first shape-building activity useful for students learning 2D shapes is the “Is ____?” activity This division activity can be done individually as a worksheet or as a whole group using flipcharts. Students will be able to look at different examples of shapes and decide if they are the focus shape or not.

This is another fun activity that students love! Using a magnet on the fishing line, students can fish cards with different shapes. After describing the shape, students can sort the cards based on the 2D shape. This is definitely an engaging way for young children to get lots of practice identifying shapes.

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As students become more familiar with the shapes, it’s fun to practice them on their own.

This multi-step 2D shape sheet is great for math center or small group work. Students begin by tracing and coloring the correct shapes at the top of the worksheet. They can then take small items and build their own version of the shape. It’s fun to make with pretzel sticks, cereal, or any other small item you have on hand.

Your students will love building shapes with these fun 2D shape puzzles! After coloring and matching the picture containing the 2D shapes, students can find and count the number of shapes in the picture below the puzzle. This activity also gives students the opportunity to trace the name of the shape as they color (or write in black) the name of the shape on top of the puzzle.

Shape Train Express Template

After building 2D shapes themselves, it’s fun for students to make shapes too! This is important because it helps them see the relationship between different shapes and sizes.

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I created a plan where students can make fun pictures of an owl, lion or train and count the different shapes they used! This resource is available as a free download; fill out the form below and I’ll send it straight to your inbox!

The fun of nature doesn’t have to end there! As students learn more about 2D shapes, it is important that they apply the knowledge they have to many activities. I love creating opportunities for students to share what they’ve learned about shapes, and these final activities do just that.

These fun books are a great way to get students talking about shapes! These shaped books are fun for young readers to create and share with family and friends. There’s something about little books that captures their attention and makes them excited to show off what they’ve created!

If you’re looking for more ways to get your students talking about shapes, try 2D Shape Hats! Without a doubt, they start a conversation when students get dressed during the school day and when they go home. Students will have fun identifying the shapes to stick on the hat, trace the shape and word in 2D and color the shapes. They will wear their hats with pride after the work they put in!

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All of these fun 2D shape activities can be found in my newly updated toolkit of ten 2D shape activities. These benefits include activities of the following forms:

The activities included are minimal and many require no preparation at all – just print and go! If you want to take a closer look at everything included in this resource, you can find it at the Learning Spoon store or at Teacher Pay Teachers.

If you’re short on time, be sure to save this post for later! Just add this pin to your favorite math board on Pinterest to get these 2D shapes all work whenever you’re ready to download and print. I hope you and your students enjoy these fun and engaging activities!

Shape Train Express Template

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd FREE!!! 10 Winter Activities for Preschool 11 End of School Activities for Kindergarten 7 Fun Activities to Prevent the Summer Slide I remember watching this movie and wishing I could ride a train like the one in the movie.

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We want kids to have fun while working on their arts and crafts, so we created this printable train craft template.

This printable school craft template is perfect to include in a week of travel at school or at home.

They can start by painting the train in black and white or immediately cut out a colored train template.

Cutting and placing the train pieces one at a time will help our children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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Looking for fun transportation ideas? Check out our flights and flight taxis. Perfect for those days when staying indoors is all your family can do! Easy Preschool Paper Train Craft Ideas

Here are some of the best ideas we have for incorporating this train printable art template into your daily routine.

Shape Train Express Template

We’ve created this printable train art template to make your travel week a fun learning experience for you. Polar Express Round Trip Train Ticket

Invite other family members to play the train matching game with them when the children have finished their craft.

Let the kids play with this awesome train game in their free time so they can learn about trains while they play!

We ensure that our vehicle technology can be used and integrated into a range of educational areas.

With the help of this printable art template idea, preschoolers, beginners, and preschoolers can discover basic shapes.

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We make toilet paper train crafts because we want kids to have fun and be creative when they do crafts.

We will only need materials that we can find around the house to create this printable art template idea.

You don’t need to buy expensive supplies to make this train craft, which is a great activity for kids!

Shape Train Express Template

Toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, paint, scissors, string or any kind of string you have on hand and hot glue are all you need.

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After they are dry, you can start using hot glue to attach the bottle caps to the side of each toilet.

Once you’re done gluing the bottle caps to the toilet paper rolls, poke a small hole in each end of the roll so you can thread the yarn through to attach the rolls.

To build the train engine, cut the toilet roll in half and place it on top of the first toilet roll on the train boat.

Apart from art, this train sponge painting activity helps children’s motor skills, creativity and tactile senses.

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Whether you want to help your kids improve their sensory skills or engage in an artistic activity like painting, this idea should be on your list.

By cutting the sponge into a circle, you can also use it as a stamp to make train wheels.

We’re sure that soon, your kids will be spending a lot of time learning about transportation.

Shape Train Express Template

We’re sure the kids can’t wait to get started on this craft, so gather your supplies and get going

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