Shelby County Property Tax Alabama

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Shelby County Property Tax Alabama – Columbiana, Ala. – Shelby County government revenues from various tax sources, including property and tax, are on the rise, providing more money next fiscal year, according to estimates presented to commissioners this morning.

Butch Burbage, the district’s chief financial officer and financial services manager, told commissioners at the meeting that the main branch of the fund, which is generated by increased tax dollars, should generate about $1.8 million more revenue than the current operating budget period.

Shelby County Property Tax Alabama

Shelby County Property Tax Alabama

The district expects about $44.7 million in capital production fund revenue, compared to a forecast of about $42.9 million for the year ending Sept. 30.

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However, in the coming fiscal year, the general fund surplus is expected to decrease from $55.2 million in the current operating budget to $54.85 million. The decrease reflects capital expenditures on one-time facility and routine maintenance projects, as well as less money for federal housing prisoners.

Burbage released a report on revenue projections for next year as commissioners prepare for budget hearings later this month. Highlights include:

The increase is anticipated because federal inmate housing revenue is expected to remain at $150,000 in the next budget, similar to the current spending plan. The county initially expected $850,000 for the current fiscal year, down from a 2011-12 budget of $939,659.

When Federer asked about the sharp drop in inmate housing dollars, Shelby County Sheriff’s Capt. Jay Fondren, commander of the corrections division, declined to give a reason. “I’ll let the sheriff handle that aspect,” Fondren said, adding that the jail currently houses two federal inmates.

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According to Burbage, increasing the range of different incomes shows that the economy is improving. “We’re seeing a lot of economic activity there, so we’re raising quite a bit,” he said of sound and use taxes, which are “a positive sign for the economy to pick up.”

“It shows that our financial strength is starting to increase a little bit … I think people are getting used to what they have to spend,” said Burbage, who earns about $13 million.

Car titles at county offices are also beginning to recover, Burbage said. Although it hasn’t returned to the peak of 250 titles a week before the recession began, “it’s back. We’re now in the 125 to 150 range a week,” he said, adding that many of those are used cars. It has been said.

Shelby County Property Tax Alabama

Dudchok, a former Shelby County manager, told commissioners they expect pension contributions to increase by $100,000 for the next fiscal year, along with a 5 to 8 percent increase in employee insurance costs.

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We may receive compensation if you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site. For the first time in years, Shelby County saw a decline in home sales in 2009, while the median home saw its value drop. Tax targets rose 1.4 percent, a Birmingham News analysis of new property tax data shows.

But in some neighborhoods in the county — which traditionally top Obama’s growth list and have seen solid increases in valuations — home sales are down nearly 20 percent.

Of the 51,682 single-family homes in Shelby County, 41,375 — 80 percent — lost value in the most recent review, according to a News analysis. Combined for county taxes, the assessed value of single-family homes decreased by $171 million.

According to county statistics, 2009 marked the first time the median housing average has fallen since the annual review began in 2004. Under state law, property tax rates due at the end of 2010 will be set at market rates beginning October 1, 2009, based on the prior 12-month period.

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While that could mean lower tax bills for homeowners who see their homes in foreclosure, it could lead to tighter budgets for local governments and schools.

The hardest-hit neighborhoods were at the higher end of the price spectrum — Greystone Legacy and Highland Lakes — although mid-range neighborhoods and starter home communities like Ironwood and the George subdivision, both in Abster, experienced steep declines. good

The Shelby County Tax Commissioner’s Office sent out this year’s property recovery notices last week, but only those property owners whose assessments were going up, said Tony Akers, an assessor for the county. State law does not require a notice to be sent if the property in the situation has escaped.

Shelby County Property Tax Alabama

In Meadowbrook, where homes range in price from about $200,000 to $1 million, problems fell by about 9 percent. But at Habersham Place in Meadowbrook, the decline was closer to 20 percent, as was Greystone Legacy, an 86-home subdivision of upscale homes near the golf course in the Greystone community.

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Other Greystone neighborhoods, such as Greystone Crest and Saddlecreek, were down less than 1 percent. In Highland Lakes, which has 70 homes, the median price fell 16 percent to $883,000.

Richard Hayes and his business partner, Janice Folmar, have been with ReMax Southern Homes in Greystone for the past 15 years. Both live in the Greystone community, and both say homes in Greystone went up this spring.

Hayes attributes the drop in home prices at Greystone Legacy to serious factors, including foreclosures on two developer homes purchased by investors at below market value. He said he and Folmar sold three homes in the neighborhood last week, and less than 10 percent of the homes in the development are on the market.

“The average number of homes in good condition in the market nationwide is about 14 percent,” Hayes said.

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But Shelby County real estate agents admit prices are down from last year. Tom Brander, a real estate expert and publisher of the Rudolph-Brander Report, believes the county’s recovery has offset the decline in home values.

“In the last year, I’ve seen a 6 percent drop in prices,” he said. “The district is launching a lot of protests because the cuts are more than the county average of 1.4 percent.”

But the decline in assessed value has been the same for some affordable housing. Owners of Ironwood, a starter home subdivision in Abaster, saw their home values ​​drop an average of 14.6 percent from $125,423 last year to $107,079 this year.

Shelby County Property Tax Alabama

Speaker Paul Jacka, who has lived in the county for 30 years and represents homeowners in Ironwood, said he never knew Shelby County’s property would be in decline until the recent recession.

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Part of the expected reduction in property taxes will affect the Shelby County Board of Education, which, like other school systems in Alabama, is bracing for a 7.5 percent cut in state funding. This means tightening the belt more.

“We will continue to look at different ways to manage our budget during these challenging times,” said Shelby County Schools Superintendent Randy Fuller. “We are looking for ways to reduce costs through practices such as postponing major expenses, reducing spending on travel, materials, furniture and other related items. Therefore, we are considering not filling some locally funded positions due to attrition and growth.”

It can also harm individual homeowners. Some were forced to sell their homes due to circumstances and received lower appraisals on their mortgages. Such cases have fueled foreclosures in the Birmingham metro area and across the country.

Even if homeowners are above water on their mortgages, it’s hard to accept less than they believe the home is worth. “A home’s selling price is determined by the market — what the seller is willing to sell for and what the buyer is willing to pay,” Jacka said.

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In Abaster’s Norwick neighborhood, 138 of the 139 homes knocked down in this year’s Shelby County property rezoning. The average decline was 13.1 percent, and individual home declines ranged from 3 percent to 28 percent.

In Norvik, expanses of neatly mown grass are punctuated by rows of bright red Asiatic or knock-out roses. During the workday, only the chirping of a bird or two breaks the silence.

Robin and Vic Pasch have their Norwich Forest home on the market. They are trying to sell themselves.

Shelby County Property Tax Alabama

“The last time we put the house on the market, home values ​​dropped dramatically,” Pasch said. “The real estate fee is over $20,000. Last spring, the house was appraised at $297,000, and now the realtors can ask us for more than $230,000 or $240,000. , and then be prepared to negotiate.”

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The Paschs’ two-story, traditional-style brick home is down 12.1 percent from last year. They’re asking $267,900 for the four-bedroom, 21/2-bath home they bought in 2002. Both their children have passed high school.

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