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Sleek Business Card Designs – Sometimes less. This is especially true in our minimalistic template. This affordability allows our excellent design and quality products to communicate how confident and capable your company is. The minimalist design uses fully die-cut holographic foil to create a pearlescent effect that reflects your company name. This print feature has been extended to the back of the card, featuring your contact information and social media logo. Black foil stamping is used to ensure continuity of the linear graphic pattern. The black foil adds a subtle yet metallic feel to the design, which contrasts with the matte leather-like texture of the 30PT hard velor casing. The black and white combination of this material continues the contemporary feel of this card, providing a sharp contrast that will make your business card memorable for current and future customers. Creative companies will benefit from this template because of its forward thinking and efficiency.

The unique hard milk potato has a fluffy texture that resembles a thin crust. This stock is 30pt thick and very dense, making it suitable for stamping with foil, metallic ink and white ink. Available to order in black, white and red, our hard velor mats can be produced in any combination of colors to suit your needs. This potato can be carved and removed, but due to the density of this potato, the result will be less. Our Hard Milk Potatoes are the perfect way to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Sleek Business Card Designs

Sleek Business Card Designs

We take our clients’ core business values ​​and express them creatively and visually. Our experienced designers are specially trained in our printing works. They bring this perspective to produce high-quality designs that lead to the best results. In the world of digital marketing and online sales, it’s easy to see that some people’s business cards are no longer important. After all, you can find the information your customers need online.

Black And White Modern Business Card Template Stock Vector

But there’s something about the tangible nature of a physical business card that appeals to today’s entrepreneurs. Imagine getting your hands on velvet lamination by downloading a copy of someone’s business card onto your mobile phone. What a difference, right?

Sleek Business Card Designs

With travel the new normal, business card printing is more important than ever. We’re not just talking about ordinary business cards – we’re talking about ones that make a big impression on your customers. Think of impressive, professional designs that will mean business to clients.

Have you ever wondered which business card design will make the most impact? Get inspired by these small business owners whose business card designs are the norm.

Sleek Business Card Designs

Creative Modern Business Card Template Design

If you’re a dog lover, you can let them all out in Rebecca Moss’s colorful business cards. Bex, as she is known to her friends and clients, is a photographer for GirlLilly Productions.

Beck captures the beauty of animals through portraits of pets lovingly commissioned by pet owners. Every item raised helps Bex get closer to her goal of breeding dogs. The recent Bubblegum Pet Project aims to raise funds for Bex’s therapy dog.

Sleek Business Card Designs

To promote her latest work, Beck created a stunning business card in bubblegum pink and blue. In the spotlight, his favorite subject is the dog.

Creative Business Card, Modern Business Card Template With Photo, Minimalist And Clean Business Card, Visiting Card 2916459 Vector Art At Vecteezy

A business card is undoubtedly impressive. Hot pink has bold edges and demands attention. When you pick up this card, you’ll be amazed at its thickness and weight.

Sleek Business Card Designs

On the front you will see the usual business information. Turn the card over and you’ll see one of Beck’s best photos, scaled down to tiny size.

Did you like Bex’s work? Check out her submissions on the GirlLilly Productions and Bubblegum Pets websites. Check out these Painted Edge business cards to create an extraordinary marketing tool.

Sleek Business Card Designs

Modern Black And Red Elegant Visit Card Template Design

As the founder of a high-end video production company, Trent Owens knows exactly how to present himself at his best. This versatile ad is sure to make a great first impression and business cards are ready to stand out from the crowd.

Trent needed a quick way to showcase his previous work to potential clients and created a great concept to showcase his work to his clients. The challenge is finding a way to make the experience fun and interesting.

Sleek Business Card Designs

Enter QR codes – an innovative way to direct your potential customers to where you want them. In Trent’s case, his portfolio site. Trent printed the codes on plastic business cards that he opened on his website. It’s a great way to showcase your business and attract customers.

Red And Black Business Card, Modern Business Card Design Template

What is Trent interested in? Check out his company’s Instagram page to see some of his creations. If you want to create impressive business cards like Trent, check out our plastic business cards.

Sleek Business Card Designs

What happens when traditional Chinese calligraphy and modern design combine? The result is a sophisticated business card that reflects the owner’s heritage and personality.

Raina Lo is a Taiwanese-American calligrapher and artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. The artwork is inspired by its Asian roots with a modern twist and features a business card design.

Sleek Business Card Designs

Modern Business Card Template. Stationery Design, Flat Design, Print Template, Vector Illustration. 2134452 Vector Art At Vecteezy

The gold “brush strokes” that form the Chinese characters look stunning on the black canvas. Roses have a lovely touch of femininity. If we were to put our own interpretation behind the design, we could call it an exercise in meditation and slowing things down. Look a little closer and you can see a beautiful dragon silhouette forming a beautiful calligraphy.

Meet Rayna Lo and view her work on the Rayna Lo Art website. To print a similar business card design, check out our foil business cards.

Sleek Business Card Designs

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