Southern New Hampshire University Psychology

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Southern New Hampshire University Psychology – Southern New Hampshire University is a nonprofit, accredited institution with more than 3,000 students on campus, more than 80,000 online students and an alumni network of more than 90,000, making us one of the fastest growing universities in the country Is. ,

With an 85-year history of meeting the needs of our students, SNHU offers over 300 undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs that keep pace with new technologies and educational needs. US Recognized as the “Most Innovative” regional university by U.S. News & World Report, SNHU continues to reinvent affordable higher education.

Southern New Hampshire University Psychology

Southern New Hampshire University Psychology

The rankings are based on detailed analysis of key data from the US Department of Education and millions of reviews.

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Before now, I was a dual-enrollment high school student at Oakland University. I took my gap year with full focus and an embrace of nature. Within that time, I decided to switch colleges and transferred to Southern New Hampshire University, which turned out to be the best decision I ever made! SNHU is tailored to every student’s needs, the best professors, and the most comfortable work/life balance on the planet. It’s the same course, but a completely different vibe. I also encourage you to take action at SNHU and get your degree with ease! I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. Not only am I pursuing a degree, but I am very engaged and enjoying my journey. I’ll rock my graphic design, web development degree easily… Thanks, SNHU! Olivia Swaggert

I find SNHU to be the best choice! This is the best online school! I really enjoyed my experience at SNHU! From my amazing advisors, to tutors, to the financial aid office. They are helpful, knowledgeable and caring. I got a great education, with challenging module assignments, classmates who helped me learn, and tutors who were always available. Instructors will be available via email, text and/or phone if I have any questions. They were willing to help me understand the material, take the time to explain anything I was confused about, and at the same time the school encourages me to achieve my goals! I feel that the education I am receiving is valuable and that earning a degree in liberal arts has given me the freedom to choose the classes and subjects that really interest me. Overall I am happy with my education at SNHU, but you have learned. Be willing and able to learn on your own at a fast pace.

Online learning wasn’t easy when I started out as a working adult. My first semester was challenging to say the least. It took time to learn how to better balance work, family, and school. My teacher was a great ally of mine. From signing up to encouraging me when I needed it most! The learning environment is great and the online discussion boards help you continue to feel engaged in the classroom. The tools and resources available seemed endless! My experience has been good. My only calling is teachers of different kinds. Navigate the infinite inner workings of the human mind with an online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University.

When you earn an online psychology degree, you’ll be able to engage with cutting-edge theories using case studies and experiential learning to develop a skill set that translates to any field that involves understanding human behavior. is important.

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The program includes a 12-credit Embedded Certificate in Data Analytics in Psychology, which helps you develop the knowledge and skills you need to integrate data and theory and present findings to professional and academic audiences.

You’ll have the opportunity to apply what you learn in your classroom to your online psychology degree program—and even before you graduate. Take advantage of experiential learning and internship opportunities, both of which can help you better define your career path and fill your resume with work to show future employers.

But, you’ll get support from day one through graduation and beyond. And with no set class times, 24/7 online classroom access, and valuable learning resources on the go, you’ll have everything you need to reach your goals.

Southern New Hampshire University Psychology

The cycle of addiction takes the form of many behaviors – drug abuse, gambling, video games, shopping and exercise – all of which can affect a person’s life. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Concentration in Addiction Studies can help you understand how people’s behaviors and activities can turn into addiction and how to treat that cycle.

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This addiction studies degree examines theory and current research on addictive behavior, preparing students to understand themselves and the compulsions that affect them. This program combines the basics of addiction with a solid foundation in psychology to teach you the knowledge and skills needed to address a wide range of addiction-related situations.

During this online addiction study program, you will develop an understanding of biopsychology and how it affects behavior. You’ll also look at the social causes of addictive behavior and learn how to identify, prevent, and treat conditions that affect people in ways that affect them, their families, communities, and society. The BA Concentration in Addiction Psychology takes a close look at current research and issues, giving you the foundation to explore the ethical and moral issues that come with this topic.

For those interested in drug and alcohol counseling, we also offer an online Substance Abuse Counselor degree in Human Services.

While other career options may require additional experience or training for successful completion of an online psychology degree program, an alcoholism studies concentration builds skills and knowledge that can be used in many professional settings. It can also prepare you for graduate programs in counseling or psychology.

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“My [psychology] degree is what got me into my current career,” said Sarah Cudlip ’21. “Compared to the education of my colleagues, they say they find it hard to believe I don’t have more than a bachelor’s degree because I’m so knowledgeable about consulting.”

Cudlipp also talked about how his professional counselor’s guidance in choosing addiction treatment helped him become certified in his state. [Note: This program does not lead directly to licensure because the licensing process and educational requirements for drug and alcohol counselors vary by state.]

To efficiently navigate business and personal relationships, you must have a deep understanding of human behavior. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Concentration in Applied Psychology transforms psychological theory and working methods, general concepts, and current research into real-world solutions.

Southern New Hampshire University Psychology

Our online Applied Psychology degree focuses on human behavior in specific contexts, taking a close look at how basic theories and research are used to investigate and influence society. Some graduates go on to obtain online master’s degrees in counseling or psychology. Others use a BA in psychology to solidify careers in fields such as marketing, business and community service.

Online Graphic Design Degree Program

This applied psychology concentration gives you the opportunity to explore how different areas of psychology are used to answer questions and create real-world solutions. Using appropriate research methods, you will learn to explain behavior and mental processes through a variety of psychological perspectives.

This online program focuses on specific areas of human behavior in practice and research, covering a variety of fields including education, sports, health, industry, society, and forensic psychology.

Although it does not lead to licensure or certification, this online applied psychology degree program leaves you with the psychology concepts and communication skills to succeed in many industries such as business, human services, and education.

Your degree opens you up to roles such as market research analyst (19% increase by 2031), human resources manager (7% increase) or public relations specialist (8% increase).

Snhu Psychology Graduate Wants To Advocate For Others

“I’ve always been interested in psychology,” said Ali Stephens ’21. “I chose the applied psychology concentration because I am going into the field of applied behavior analysis.”

Embark on a career path that will make a difference in the lives of children with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Development.

Learn how children grow and develop from birth to adolescence and gain the experience you need working with young people in a variety of settings. This focus on a targeted child psychology degree can also prepare you to enter a graduate program in psychology or the social sciences.

Southern New Hampshire University Psychology

“I decided to choose child and adolescent development as my concentration,” said Cassandra Mack ’21. “I’ve always had a connection with children and wanted to help children who were struggling with behavioral, communication and social skills issues.”

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Concentration in Forensic Psychology Pursue a career in psychology, criminal investigation, and the law by earning your psychology degree online.

This online forensic psychology degree concentration emphasizes research skills, psychological skills, and critical thinking abilities to address the diverse issues facing the legal system.

“I chose this conference because I wanted to work with them and help families with legal problems,” said Kimberly Custodio ’18.

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