Spanish Language Academic Achievement Certificate Template Mexico

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Spanish Language Academic Achievement Certificate Template Mexico – As a little girl, Daisy Bonilla switched between American and Mexican cultures every day as she went from home to school and back home. With parents and siblings originally from Mexico, Bonilla spoke Spanish with her family. In his American school, Bonilla spoke English.

“Spanish was my first language,” Bonilla said. “And then when I was entering (school) they wouldn’t let me speak Spanish … so I had to learn English.”

Spanish Language Academic Achievement Certificate Template Mexico

Spanish Language Academic Achievement Certificate Template Mexico

That bilingual upbringing, along with his continued study of English and Spanish throughout middle school and college, allowed Bonilla to graduate from Santa Fe South High School this year with a set of bilingual skills.

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Bonilla was one of 26 Santa Fe South students recently awarded a Seal of Literacy certificate through a pilot program that officials hope will one day be an option for all Oklahoma graduates.

Thirty-two states include a Seal of Biliteracy on a student’s diploma or transcript, certifying that the high school graduate is proficient in English and at least one other language.

“I believe (Oklahoma) students will lose out compared to students in other states (with the Seal of Biliteracy) who are able to apply to universities and demonstrate that they are bilingual,” said Taylor Tribble, president of the Association of -Oklahoma for Bilingual Education. “It’s one thing to say you’re bilingual, but if you have a state seal that recognizes you’re officially bilingual, I think that carries a lot more weight.”

Tribble’s organization is recommending that the state adopt the Seal of Biliteracy to be included on diplomas, which state Department of Education officials have expressed support for.

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Tribble said he is working with the state to clarify requirements and ensure Native American languages ​​are included in valid assessments. He hopes that a proposal will be presented to the State Board of Education soon.

In many states the Literacy Seal has become a separate status and colleges sometimes pay extra attention to it when reviewing applicants’ transcripts, Tribble said.

Santa Fe South Schools Superintendent Chris Brewster said the majority of students in his eight schools south of Oklahoma City are bilingual, and he believes that’s something that should be celebrated in -schools across the state.

Spanish Language Academic Achievement Certificate Template Mexico

“I worked at Deer Creek (schools) in Edmond for a few years, and if 75 percent of my kids at Deer Creek were bilingual someone would be talking about it, it would be celebrated,” Brewster said. “We want to celebrate the beauty of bilingualism and bioculturalism and I think this is a nice way to do it.”

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Brewster students awarded the pilot seal were honored at a ceremony last month, attended by Robyn Miller, the state’s deputy superintendent for educator effectiveness and policy research.

“Your studies and your proven competence are an advantage in the job market and in a global society,” Miller told the students.

Bilingual workers are in growing demand in many career fields, including the health care sector, which Bonilla would like to work in. She volunteered at a hospital while in school and acted as a translator for many of the Spanish speaking patients and families. members who were unable to communicate with hospital staff.

“When you have someone there that you’re comfortable with and that you can explain what’s really going on, it keeps someone calm,” Bonilla said. This section contains information and recommendations about grade level and subject area placements for students transferring from Mexican schools. It also includes a description of the guidelines used by some high schools to award credits earned in Mexico.

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A student who does not have report cards or certificates (diplomas) from Mexican schools must be treated as another transfer student until records can be obtained.

Individual schools in Mexico are not allowed to release student records. To obtain report cards contact the Mexican Consulate or the nearest Cultural Center/Institute.

If you are online, you can also visit the Binational Program website (in Spanish) for more information.

Spanish Language Academic Achievement Certificate Template Mexico

Also, when a student from Mexico begins the registration process, ask him or her for the following:

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School Personnel: Call your state director of education or the nearest Mexican Consulate, Cultural Center, or Institution for information and assistance regarding school and/or health records from Mexico , the Transfer Document for Dual National Students, exchange of teachers, distribution of free books. , or any other programs and services of the Program for Mexican Communities Abroad and the Binational Education Program.

. Apellidos are surnames, and the student almost always has TWO. In Mexico, the order does not change: the first surname is the father’s surname and the second surname is the mother’s name.

For example: José Carlos Martínez Salas and Carmen Luisa Gómez Hernández are married and have a son. They call him José Carlos. His name is José Carlos Martínez Gómez. The first surname is used to make an alphabet.

Phone numbers may be spelled differently, and may not have the same number of digits as in the United States. Examples: 8-53-96-28, 2-85-13, or none. The area codes in Mexico have recently changed, and in some areas local numbers have become eight digits.

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The order is usually expressed differently, with the street name first. For example, 1190 Alcalde Ave would be written. as Av. Alcalde N0 1190. The following are other abbreviations that may be useful.

The following table explains the terms and codes used in official school documents to indicate known student disabilities.

The awarding of Students in the Right Grade and Level Grade Level and Class Selection depends on the following:

Spanish Language Academic Achievement Certificate Template Mexico

A completed Dual National Student Transfer Document must be provided to all students transferring to a school in Mexico. As of the 1999-2000 school term, students transferring from Mexican schools to the United States may also use the Transfer Document. The following table can help to interpret the grades of students using the transfer document.

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If you are online, you can also visit the website of the Binational Program (Spanish) for more information.

In Mexico it consists of six grade levels. Students who are 6 years old by September 1 start first grade. Until 1993 completion of Primary School met the legal requirement for compulsory school attendance. Currently, Article 31 of the Mexican Constitution obliges parents to ensure that their children complete Elementary School (the equivalent of grades 1-6 in US schools) and Secondary Schools ( the equivalent of grades 7-9 in the United States). National Council for the Advancement of Education

There are also options for youth over 15 and adults. The federal government offers adult basic education and adult literacy classes through the National Institute for Adult Education

(b) meet in the evening in school buildings, houses, churches, factories, or other facilities. Adults can also study for a primary school diploma at Adult Primary Education Centers (

National Autonomous University Of Mexico

). Credit is awarded by examination. The following is a summary of the grading policies that were in effect during the 1999-2000 school year. For information specific to each grade level, see the appropriate translation on the cover of the report.

For more information on Primary School (Elementary) policies in Mexico (enrolled in the 1999-2000 school year), you can see the Primary School Policies page.

) intended for the work of young people and adults. The curriculum is the same for the four types of secondary schools.

Spanish Language Academic Achievement Certificate Template Mexico

Until 1993 completion of Primary School met the legal requirement for compulsory school attendance. Currently, Article 31 of the Mexican Constitution obliges parents to ensure that their children finish primary and secondary school, although in some areas, especially in states with very limited resources, there is not enough money to secondary schools are completed build and staff.

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Students who are less than 15 years old and have passed Primary (grades one to six) must be enrolled in Middle School. Students under the age of 16 can enroll in high school classes delivered by satellite, known as

For more information on Middle School policies in Mexico (1999-2000), you can see the Middle School Policies page.

). It is offered at federal and state-aided public institutions, which do not charge tuition, and at private schools. About 80 percent of students attend publicly funded schools. In some states, the public university owns and operates one or more

It is usually a study program of three or four years, usually for young people between 15 and 18 years old. Vocational technical education can take two to four years of study, it is a terminal course, and therefore graduates are NOT eligible for university admission.

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In the 1998-1999 school year, 58.2 percent of upper secondary students were enrolled in academic high school, 14.4 percent were enrolled in professional technical school, and 27.4 percent in technological studies in high school. (

54). For more information about these types of high schools, you can read about the types of Mexican high schools.

The Grading Scale: In most Mexican High Secondary schools, the grading scale is the same as that used in Primary and Secondary School (5 – 10), or an equivalent percentage (5 = 50%, or not exceeding). Some schools use the same grading scale identical to the Transfer Document for Dual National Students. School personnel will be required to award credits according to state and local guidelines

Spanish Language Academic Achievement Certificate Template Mexico

Recommendations for awarding ninth grade credits as established

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