Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring Cleaning Checklist. Dusty fans and ceiling light fixtures can easily be overlooked, as we often aren’t. [2 6.mop floor or shampoo the carpet.

Spring Cleaning Checklist Cleaning checklist, Deep cleaning checklist, Cleaning printable
Spring Cleaning Checklist Cleaning checklist, Deep cleaning checklist, Cleaning printable from www.pinterest.ca

Spring cleaning checklist for each room of the house kitchen. [2 5.sweep or vacuum the floor. Spring checklist freebiefindingmom.com 1.wipe down lighting fixtures.

Sanitize Doorknobs Door Handles Light Switches Toys And Toy Chests Dust Ceiling Fans Ceilings Light Fixtures Window Blinds Baseboards Surfaces Sweep Or Mop Hardwood Floors Tile Entranceways.

Spring cleaning checklist for your home [free printable] if you’re ready to spring clean your home, you won’t want to miss this list of deep cleaning household chores that will ensure your home is squeaky clean in no time at all! Area specific spring cleaning checklist: Use a liquid dish soap solution to remove tough grease stains from your cooktop.

Clean Roof Drains Clogged Roof Drains Can Cause Standing Water That Will Reduce The Lifetime Of Your Commercial Roof.

[2 3.wipe down doors, knobs, light switch plates, floor registers, and vents. The thought of deep cleaning your entire home can be daunting, which is why most people avoid the task altogether. Scroll down for spring cleaning tips!

Deodorize And Degrease The Kitchen Drain ( Here’s Our Favorite Disposal Cleaner) Wash Dish Rags And Clean Sponges.

However, we’ve all heard the saying “proper planning prevents poor performance,” which holds true when it comes to spring cleaning. Your hallways need some spring cleaning love, too. I’m a big fan of spring cleaning in march.

Wash Sheets/Duvets/Pillows Dust Light Fixtures Wipe Down Blinds Wipe Down Baseboards Flip Mattress Clean Windows Get Rid Of Unwanted Clothes

There is a whole list of house cleaning supplies that you can use, but here are the ones you will need to get started with your spring cleaning routine: Dust and polish wood furniture vacuum the chairs and sofa, including under the seats vacuum the floor using baking soda, including underneath furniture launder or tumble dry throw pillows [2 5.sweep or vacuum the floor.

Remove Items From Cabinets And Thoroughly Clean Inside.

It opens in a pdf format and has boxes to check off as you complete each task. Wipe walls and ceilings use a vacuum to remove dust. [2 6.mop floor or shampoo the carpet.

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