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military Corps proclaims slope insurance policy task at Curwensville Dam CURWENSVILLE, Pa. — The U.S. army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, will start a slope insurance policy assignment on the downstream slope of the dam embankment at Curwensville Dam the week of Nov. 9, 2020. The work will handle a vegetated enviornment that is simply too steep to mow safely, which could make inspections complicated all through high water movements. the general public is informed that heavy equipment such as bulldozers and excavators should be seen on the face of the dam right through the project. The dam is at the moment operational, and this project will make sure that it might proceed to deliver flood chance management to downstream communities for years to come back. The slope coverage task will not affect the dam’s flood possibility administration operations or endeavor at Curwensville Lake. building activities will consist of turf removal and topsoil stripping, placement of bedding stone, riprap (stone), and seeding and mulching. The work is being conducted by Firestone energy services out of enjoyable solidarity, Pennsylvania, and is scheduled for completion in December 2020. Curwensville Dam is an earthfill structure 2,850 feet long, rising 131 feet above the streambed, with a spillway and a gate-controlled outlet. it’s operated and maintained via the Baltimore District for flood risk management, water provide and environmental stewardship. activity on the mission is managed by Clearfield County. The dam is a unit of the complete flood handle plan for communities in the West department Susquehanna River Basin. since its completion in 1963, Curwensville Dam has prevented more than $229 million in flood damages for downstream communities. For greater tips in regards to the Curwensville Dam and Lake, please consult with our website at unencumber no. 20-031 virtual Preventive Care capabilities for Employers all the way through COVID-19 The buyer Product protection commission (CPSC) has posted a information concerning COVID-19-linked buyer items on its website that drew fire from one commissioner since it become developed and put up on the information superhighway absent formal approval by the whole fee. Commissioner Dana Baiocco, a Republican whose term ends in 2024, referred to, “this is now not an reputable CPSC policy position. An reliable CPSC coverage position requires a majority vote of the commission. No vote become taken on the counsel introduced on the site and positively no vote became taken on whether a ‘mask’ crafted all through the pandemic should be regulated as ‘apparel’ or ‘textiles.’” She additionally cited that no briefing, prison opinion or analysis of the office of management & funds (OMB) course changed into provided related to any of the opinions or “advice” contained within the communique, and there became no public comment or notice about it. Failure to conform to CPSC regulations relevant to those items might expose corporations to civil or criminal penalties, recalls and costly litigation. If those actions are taken sooner or later according to this information, Baiocco’s criticism might end up being cited in courtroom by using the defendants. The assistance holds that non-clinical grade very own shielding machine (PPE) bought to the public must comply with CPSC laws, together with trying out, certification, labeling and recordkeeping necessities. corporations presenting or promoting PPE for purchaser use may still carefully assessment the assistance and ensure that their items comply with CPSC and other federal regulations, advocate attorneys Alexandra B. Cunningham and Elizabeth Reese of the law enterprise of Hunton Andrews Kurth. “additionally, while the CPSC does not often have jurisdiction over items no longer intended for buyer use, we recommend that groups presenting PPE for employees take steps to be sure those items comply with CPSC regulations,” they stress. The CPSC tips says that face coverings (including fabric face masks and face shields), robes and gloves meant for client use are regarded items of “donning attire.” This means they are required to be validated for flammability tests required. items made utterly of acrylic, modacrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester, or wool, or made absolutely of undeniable-floor material weighing at the least 2.6 oz. per square yard, are exempt from flammability trying out. wearing apparel intended basically for children ages 12 and below ought to also include a everlasting monitoring label with (1) the company’s name; (2) the place and date of creation; (3) a batch quantity or different selecting attribute; and (four) some other counsel to facilitate the identification of the source of the product. infants’s donning apparel also should be certified with the aid of a CPSC-identified third-birthday party testing laboratory as compliant with total lead content limits. If a infants’s product contains paint or the same surface coating, it need to even be certified as compliant with lead in paint/an identical floor coating limits. Most wearing apparel products require either a widespread certificate of Conformity (customary use items) or toddlers’s Product certificate (toddlers’s products). These certificates confirm that the items have been tested and certified as compliant with all relevant CPSC rules. producers (domestically-produced items) and importers (foreign-produced products) are legally liable for issuing these certificates and ensuring they are in line with correct examine effects. Failure to challenge a certificates could be considered grounds for imposing a penalty, Cunningham and Reese clarify. different organizations concerned The CPSC regulates labeling for certain family cleansing solutions and standard soaps. The CPSC also regulates family unit cleaning solutions (including normal soaps) qualifying as “hazardous components,” which should bear labels with certain cautionary statements precise in its laws. beneath the Federal Hazardous elements Act (FHSA), a product is a “hazardous substance” if (1) the substance or combo of elements can cause tremendous own harm or great disorder throughout generic or fairly foreseeable coping with or use, together with fairly foreseeable ingestion via little ones; and (2) the substance or a mixture of materials is toxic, corrosive, an irritant, a strong sensitizer, is flammable or combustible, or generates drive through decomposition, heat or different means. The Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) also requires particular infant-proof packaging for household items containing any of the materials listed in federal regulations. keep in mind that other federal businesses, together with the Environmental insurance policy agency (EPA), Occupational protection and health Administration (OSHA), and the meals & Drug Administration (FDA), have jurisdiction over definite types of disinfectant and cleaning products, the attorneys word. truly, it’s the EPA that regulates anti-microbial items and floor disinfectants. surface disinfectant products making SARS-CoV-2 efficacy claims must be registered with EPA and blanketed on EPA’s list N as accepted to make such statements. products may additionally no longer make efficacy statements past these accredited by means of the EPA. “Any enterprise within the deliver chain may be held answerable for promoting a product that does not comply with EPA rules,” Cunningham and Reese emphasize, together with making false or deceptive claims about those items, which has develop into a turning out to be concern all over the COVID-19 pandemic. When it involves business cleaning products, they must comply with OSHA regulations, including Hazard communication general labeling necessities. Hand sanitizers and soaps intended to treat or stay away from ailment are “drugs” area to the FDA’s jurisdiction. devices using UV light to disinfect surfaces are considered “medical devices” that are also regulated through the FDA. furthermore, soaps supposed to moisturize, add fragrance to the epidermis, or deodorize the body qualify as “cosmetics” and fall under the FDA’s jurisdiction. moreover criticizing the shortcoming of authority for the webpage, Commissioner Baiocco also expressed her disapproval of its contents, putting forward that it’s going to serve to snare neatly-that means businesses in ex publish facto rule making. “Many american citizens stepped up all over this disaster. Some producers retooled their amenities and produced materials to fulfill the demand for hundreds of hundreds of primary people, patrons and the American public generally. lots of small companies, people and volunteers with a stitching laptop also contributed to the giant hole in supplies created by the cases,” she stated. “as opposed to celebrating the American spirit, this unilateral book suggests the advantage for frequent felony liability and/or CPSC enforcement motion—retroactively—with out perspective, notice, or any deliberative process.” Eroded Streambank Wall receives an intense Makeover about 20 americans gathered close what gave the impression to be a mere wall to rejoice the completion of a undertaking that has an enormous affect on six communities. The U.S. military Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District, in partnership with gratifying Hills Authority, hosted a ribbon-slicing ceremony in entrance of the newly completed holding wall along the Lick Run streambank in Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania, Oct. 21. in case you ever drove down Cochran Mill road in Jefferson Hills, you unknowingly handed Lick Run stream. driving circulate, you doubtless would no longer observed the erosion at bottom of the steep financial institution. You additionally won’t have seen that erosion became also slowly compromising the sewage treatment facility infrastructure located simply along these banks – a facility that handles an average of 3-million gallons of sewage per day for eight,300 Allegheny County residents living in pleasing Hills, Stanley Baldwin, South Park, Whitehall, Bethel Park, and Jefferson townships. The penalties of the enjoyable Hills Authority Wastewater medicine Plant failing induced the $1.three-million restoration undertaking. It repaired 1,700 ft of streambank, supplying a permanent answer to this ongoing difficulty. "These are the types of initiatives we like to do because they provide direct price to our community. And there is whatever special that occurs should you can supply a true public provider," observed Lt. Col. Albert Butler, deputy commander, Pittsburgh District, right through his opening remarks. In attendance become Chairman of satisfying Hills Authority, Richard "Dick" Nieman. He mentioned the original move of Lick Run circulation turned into redirected to accommodate adequate space for the amenities. however, this action turned out to be a temporary solution. Nieman defined how a massive typhoon in the Seventies caused the circulate to revert to its long-established path. Over time, the erosion worsened and jeopardized the facility’s aeration tanks, influent pipeline, storage tanks, and different infrastructure. "we now have been combating a combat ever due to the fact that," mentioned Nieman. "It was counseled we go seek the individuals who are experts at this form of issue, the U.S. military Corps of Engineers." under section 14 of the Flood handle Act of 1946, the corps is given authorization to partner with a non-federal sponsor to devise and assemble emergency streambank and shoreline coverage for public amenities in hazard of failing due to natural erosion. Andrea Carson, who labored intently with the stakeholders on the assignment, explains the value. "via our distinctive authorities, we will assist communities similar to this one. It permits the corps to companion, cost-share initiatives, support examine the situation and find a solution," pointed out Carson. The district’s Planning and Environmental branch’s goal is to kind partnerships with local communities to get to the bottom of water resource management issues. The crew accomplished the feasibility study the use of a cost-share agreement of sixty five p.c Pittsburgh District and 35 % PHA split. Carson delivered, "in the case of this assignment at Lick Run, we are able to take that study into design and implementation, which is why we are here nowadays." construction began on March 17 with a five-person crew from Aspen building company. They put in the keeping wall the use of a mixture of riprap and precast concrete-modular block with sufficient draining the use of building cloth and gravel. Lt. Col. Butler said, "This changed into a extremely real problem in our neighborhood that we have been able to be actively engaged in." The Lick Run Streambank insurance policy mission turned into achieved in less than a year from when the contract become awarded on September 27, 2019 to the completion of development on June 26, 2020. The derived solution resolves erosion considerations, enabling the PHA Wastewater remedy Plant to continue to serve its communities for a long time to come back..

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