Summer Reading Challenge Certificate Template

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Summer Reading Challenge Certificate Template – I spend the entire school year working to instill a love of reading in each of my students. Certainly not an easy task!! I have to pick the right reading aloud to get everyone involved. I work individually with students to set reading goals and find books they love at their reading level. We practice responding to texts in a meaningful way, teaching them important reading skills while loving to read. At the end of each year, I am a proud teacher when I see how much my students have matured and how much they love to read!! However, I still worry that summer will come and undo all their hard work!! (and mine!!)

This year I am trying a few new approaches to keep my students reading throughout the summer. We start with a summer reading list. My students always have a list of books they want to read. When the school year ends, there are still many titles on their lists. The plan for this year is to bring titles to the summer reading list and brainstorm to add more titles to it. It’s a great time for students to share with their classmates the different books they’ve read and loved all year!! I also like to make recommendations for students too!!!

Summer Reading Challenge Certificate Template

Summer Reading Challenge Certificate Template

Side note: I personally allow students to borrow books during the summer. I know it’s a huge business!! But I hate the thought of all those books sitting in my classroom all summer unread!! I just keep track of who took what and make sure parents sign the “agreement” to return the books at the start of the new school year. Of course, I always lose a little. However, I rarely have a problem and I love knowing that my books end up in the hands of willing readers!!

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This is something new that I am also trying this year!! I challenge students to read different materials, to different people, in different places, at different times and in different ways!! My kids will enjoy it!!!

Finally, if your kids are up for an extra challenge like I know mine are, I’ve put together an extra Summer Reading Challenge tab. This tag book is available in my tpt store!!

With this tag book, I challenge my students to read 20 books this summer! These could be picture books they read to their younger siblings, novels they borrowed from the library, or comic books recommended by a friend.

They’ll use the first page in their bookmark book to keep track of the 20 books they’ll read over the summer! They will then use the extra pages to answer the various books they have read. Page 2, “History Summaries,” asks students to write a 1-sentence summary of each book they read.

Summer Reading Program

On pages 3 and 4, students will draw pictures and write answers about their favorite characters and scenery from their favorite books!

On page 5, students write down new words and their definitions, and on page 6 they can collect favorite quotes from various books they have read.

The last page is my sneaky way to squeeze in a bit of grammar!! Throughout the year, we love to “pick” different parts of speech that stand out when reading. This site will allow my students to continue their search!!

Summer Reading Challenge Certificate Template

I have included two different cover options, one for boys and one for girls! Although I always give them a choice! πŸ˜‰

Summer Reading Challenge

Finally, when students return their completed notebooks early next year, I will have these handy little certificates to give away!! (Most likely with an extra treat!!)

While I created this resource with my current students in mind, I also plan to share it with other teachers in my school, especially those in grades older than mine. I would love for my new students to return to school for next year fresh from the Reading Challenge!!!

I hope you and your students enjoy much-needed summer reading as well!! I know I will!!! Ah, dog days of summer. Memories of long, luxurious days in the warm sun with a sparkling and ready pool. I’m ready for popsicles, watermelon and a beach vacation. are you

The nice thing about a day at the beach, by the pool, or at home with a conditioner is that everything goes very well with a good book and a summer reading challenge for our kids!

Ocean County Schools Summer Reading Lists

Here are some great ideas for summer reading programs – I hope one or all of them will work for you and your family as well as mine. Enjoy!

A scary summer reading slide is a big deal, and yes – it’s a real thing. When children are not exposed to reading and learning during long breaks from school, such as during the summer months, they can regress.

But the great thing about the summer months is the incredible amount of great learning opportunities all around you!

Summer Reading Challenge Certificate Template

When you’re on vacation, explore the places around you. Find out facts about places you haven’t been, even in your hometown.

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And of course – read! Make sure your child’s summer is full of reading and great books. This will give your child such a boost in development and education.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube about a great mom who won’t let her kids take time off from school even though they’re on vacation!

Start in May or earlier to have a really big, solid reading plan to make your child’s summer reading more successful. But of course, if you’re reading this in June or July, just start today!

There are so many creative ways to solve summer reading challenges. All you really need to do is select the program (or programs you want to execute, print the information you need, and get to work!)

Adult Summer Reading Program

If you and your child choose several programs, you can either run them at the same time and count the books for the same reading challenges, or schedule the programs in sequence. You can’t go wrong in any way!

Don’t forget your local public library with reading programs they’ll be preparing, and you can always join or form a children’s reading club for extra fun!

Get your Summer Reading Challenge here, plus all kinds of book freebies like Popsicle Bookmarks and Bookmarks for July!

Summer Reading Challenge Certificate Template

I did a little research for online programs that encourage children to read. Here’s a list of reading program choices, although I’m sure you can find more! Many companies organize reading programs as an incentive for customers, as well as to strengthen the community.

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The Barnes and Noble summer program is a great option to get a free book! You can complete this form to get your book and then take it to a Barnes and Noble store to get it exchanged.

Half Price Books has a great 15-minute daily reading program to keep kids and teens reading all summer long. There are reading journals, online stories, weekly community giveaways, and free coloring sheets.

Here’s a great way to get your kids involved in summer reading – Scholastic Summer Read-a-Palooza! We encourage children to follow their reading on free online resources provided by Scholastic with books, games and events. When kids meet tracking goals, they earn rewards and unlock book donations for others. Double Win!

This can not only get your child to read, but you will also increase literacy rates. Coaching for Literacy aims to raise awareness of illiteracy and funds for literacy programs serving students in grades K-3. They are the connectors that bring people closer to the problem of illiteracy, with the fundamental belief that literacy is a fundamental right of every person. Here are the points to know about their summer reading program.

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Do you want your child to read on their own? Then sign it up for Ultimate Book Adventure – virtual delights await you in this fun, free program.

Kind of a fun “game system” where kids who read at home record their reading, take little quizzes and get into the game further. A great platform for positive reinforcement to encourage children to read. I especially like the “virtual reading pet”. Looks fun!

Appeal to all football fans! The Denver Broncos have a fun summer reading program where kids can write down 10 books they read in the summer in their textbooks.

Summer Reading Challenge Certificate Template

Rewards include a certificate, a bookmark, an event at Empower Field, and other rewards offered by IHOP!

Free Printable Summer Reading Challenge

Or are you a Boston Red Sox fan? If you live in the area or are traveling to Boston this summer, check out this book for kids to read and get a chance to be

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