Suzuki Violin Dots Practice Chart Book 1

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Suzuki Violin Dots Practice Chart Book 1 – We learn in class. Always cycle back to old pieces to build them and bring them to higher music. This means that after a few months as a Suzuki family you have quite a few to follow!!!! How do you keep it organized? How do you know which piece takes the most time? Here are your answers to the 3 practice tables.

I realize this does not include things like scales, etudes or the monthly practice we do at Westminster Suzuki Strings. However, it goes to the heart of what needs to happen for successful implementation. Additional items vary widely from studio to studio, but the following are common across all Suzuki studios.

Suzuki Violin Dots Practice Chart Book 1

Suzuki Violin Dots Practice Chart Book 1

2. Rainbow overview table. The rainbow overview chart helps you organize all the parts into the daily activities of a week. So you can review and listen to all parts of the book within a week. You won’t forget anything and you’ll only spend a few minutes each day instead of trying to review 45 minutes worth of checking and listening in one day! Use Schedule to create daily playlists for your iPhone or iPad. Click here to learn how to create an iPad playlist.

Suzuki Violin Music Practice Chart Template

When it comes to the evaluation part of the performance, you will want to evaluate one piece before polishing your piece, daily. Spend the rest of your time revising older pieces so that you don’t get stressed for the next lecture. Once the ability has sprouted anything that is not watered will wither and die (you will forget about it). “Ability is born of ability” We cannot expect to grow with a rock foundation. Your old pieces are the basis for new pieces.

3. Am I ready to finish this piece? Mastery is essential for building skills but how can we keep track of which tiers have been mastered, which tiers we’re currently at and what’s next? According to the graduation schedule. I have a list of 15 things that are necessary to consider a graduation piece. All the pieces are memorable but this one is not on the table because it is a given. I printed this chart on two sides. List on one side, table on the other.

I use this method to track student progress but parents can use this chart to track it as well. I officially check things, but parents can fill out their charts to match me if they want to track progress.

The numbers in the table correspond to a list of 15 items. When we work on the first floor, I make a small note in the box. If we have mastered the question from the list, I put a mark in the box. We work in order from 1-15. Doing this also helps the teacher to have a picture of the work and can be sure to only teach one point.

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