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native land security’s Small business program Will focus on Viruses, protection and Networks in 2021 subsequent yr, the fatherland safety branch plans to tap the us’s small corporations to support resolve essential concerns round improving actual and digital security, screening for infectious illnesses—including COVID-19 and the African Swine Fever—and constructing safer cars. DHS is charged with staying ahead of rising threats and appears to the nation’s small agencies for inventive ideas for solving its greatest challenges through the Small business Innovation research, or SBIR, software, with outfits beneath the Science and technology Directorate and Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction office. Thursday, the program released a draft checklist of 12 center of attention themes for 2021, asking for remarks ahead of a ultimate request for proposals time table for Dec. 11. once finalized, all of the initiatives will function beneath a 3-phase constitution, every with its own timeline, aims and funding. section i will focal point on the “benefit and feasibility of the proposed effort … with a relatively small company funding earlier than offering extra federal guide in phase II,” the presolicitation states. “phase II is the predominant R&D effort and is anticipated to produce a smartly-described deliverable prototype.” phase I is capped at $150,000 over 5 months; phase II tops out at $1 million over two years. within the third and ultimate part, SBIR application executives will assist the contractors in marketing their options to the government and private sector as the first step in the know-how transfer method. “SBIR part III refers to work that derives from, extends, or completes an effort made below prior SBIR funding agreements, but is funded with the aid of sources other than the SBIR program,” the doc states. “under phase III, the SBIR awardee is expected to are seeking contracts and acquire funding from the inner most sector and/or the federal executive—non‐SBIR federal govt sources.” under the existing timeline, proposals could be due Jan. 15, to be submitted during the SBIR online portal. each focal point area comprises an aim, an outline of the software and specific details about each part of funding and building. Non-invasive “breathalyzer” detection system to monitor for the presence of viral respiratory infections: display plausibility of a cell, handheld or badge-type detection gadget as a diagnostic device to reveal breath for the presence of communicable respiratory viral infections, mainly those with pandemic competencies. conclusion purposes could encompass use as a private fitness computer screen or at assess or chokepoints in open space venues to consist of workplace structures, arenas, airports, subway systems and borders. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 coexistence for cozy federal networks: investigate the interoperability and protection of 5G and Wi-Fi 6/6E as coexisting technologies to guide at ease federal networks. more suitable curved transparent ceramic structural accessories: improve good value novel method/s to form and polish both convex and concave sides of transparent ceramic blanks for window purposes. deliver tremendous dimension polished transparent ceramic blanks fashioned to match the various geometry of at least 500 mm x 700 mm. automobile infectious illnesses protection: develop solutions to transform the present and future fleet of law enforcement cars to automobiles that present a vehicle infectious disorder insurance policy, or VIDP, potential to the whole interior compartment utilized to move detained subjects. Amphibious XTV for ice rescue: increase an amphibious intense terrain car, or XTV, for ice rescue transport to operate missions with sub-freezing temperatures. synthetic intelligence to augment the 911 telecommunicator function: determine a commercially plausible technical design to technique, analyze, and share multimedia video sent from 911 callers; augment the 911 telecommunicator function via decreasing burden and workload and to successfully share primary multimedia content with emergency responders. application give chain identification for compiled binary executables: increase a business ability to research compiled binary executables for windows programs that can notice and record embedded utility library counsel in multifaceted software packages. clever document design: Combating business developments incentivizing susceptible security: deliver a method and/or the start of a document protection feature(s) that will also be integrated into present security print processes that raises the security value of the document and offers frontline personnel a very good potential to notice anomalies in exact id documents. excessive throughput non-ionizing screening capability for opting for contraband: strengthen deployable, comparatively cheap, high throughput screening capacity that does not use ionizing radiation to notice lots of contraband and discriminate illicit from lawful materials. Screening sensor technology as part of passenger checked bags: increase a sensor for inclusion in passenger checked baggage that displays for risk publicity just before check in, streamlining and improving the baggage screening system. The program will also be box two themes beneath the CWMD SBIR application: Fieldable multiplex detection of biothreats: improve superior bio-detection expertise that should be used to detect assorted biothreats within a sample in the box. Diagnostic equipment for detection of African Swine Fever virus: advance a quick laboratory diagnostic look at various and field screening equipment for detection of African Swine Fever virus. the description for every center of attention enviornment also includes a degree-of-contact that should be accepting questions through Dec. 10. The presolicitation specifies that every one questions should be despatched by means of email—no mobilephone calls—and need to be “restricted to technical guidance regarding enhancing the understanding of a subject’s necessities. Any questions or inquiries in the hunt for tips or suggestions on a solution strategy are unacceptable and should now not receive a response.” both-year On-Ramp Marissa E. Cameron became always occupied with science and dreamed of becoming an astronaut, however after her first yr learning on the institution of Texas at El Paso, nothing felt appropriate. She left faculty to are attempting the workforce for a couple of years, touchdown in a job in retail. “there have been americans that informed me that I made a large mistake,” Cameron observed. Now Cameron works as a planetary scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, performing landing web page reconnaissance for future mission ideas for Jupiter’s moon Europa. What made the difference? community college. The geosciences recruit a long way fewer neighborhood faculty college students into 4-yr levels than different science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. however some colleges are changing that. El Paso neighborhood college (EPCC) is one such school and has emerged as a mannequin for other 2-12 months institutions trying to recruit and put together the subsequent generation of geoscientists. At its peak 2 years in the past, the El Paso application produced 8% of geoscience affiliate’s degrees awarded annually nationwide. Cameron credit her time at EPCC together with her profession success. some of the champions of the program is Joshua Villalobos, a dean of academic programs and the campus dean of EPCC’s Mission del Paso campus. Villalobos grew up in El Paso and attended both EPCC and the institution of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). When Villalobos first joined the EPCC faculty, the geology application become defunct as a result of a lack of students. Villalobos knew that students desired an opportunity to be geoscientists. They readily crucial a course. handiest a number of group faculties have dedicated geoscience majors, in response to the American Geosciences Institute’s (AGI) 2018 team of workers report—yet college students have a transforming into interest within the self-discipline, and the team of workers wants new personnel. by using 2026, AGI estimates a surplus of 118,000 geoscience jobs as a result of retirements. EPCC geology professor Joshua Villalobos (bottom left) and college students explore paleo-karsts on a sunny day in the Franklin Mountains. credit score: Joshua Villalobos Villalobos also realized that community faculty students is usually a important population to recruit into the geosciences, specially on the grounds that the discipline is the least racially and ethnically diverse STEM field. Hispanic, Black, and Native American students are overrepresented at community schools compared with 4-year institutions. “because the united states’ population starts off to trade, we need to have a geoscience neighborhood that’s reflective of that inhabitants,” said Villalobos. Villalobos, along with a group of college, deans, and advisers, developed a brand new pipeline for community college students in El Paso. could their model be a template for others? Getting a (Booted) Foot in the Door Cameron took her first geology class with Villalobos on a whim to meet her ordinary science requirement. She’d began taking early-morning and night classes at EPCC while working full-time and wasn’t bound what she wanted to do however knew that she vital a transformation. She had at all times liked the Earth and space sciences: Her father took her rock gathering as a child and would deploy a telescope to peer on the stars. but she didn’t comprehend what profession options, if any, existed within the discipline. She’d on no account met a geologist. In each lecture, Villalobos committed the ultimate slide to career spotlights.regularly, discovering about careers takes place outside of the classroom, that can go away college students with a hazy picture of their future careers. To counter that, Villalobos committed the final slide of each and every lecture in his introductory geology type to profession spotlights. Lectures on mineralogy ended with tips on mineralogists, sediment lectures concluded with sedimentologists, and so forth. students have been even demonstrated on scientific profession paths. gaining knowledge of about professions “in fact unfolded the chance” that geoscience could be a true career, noted Cameron. Villalobos additionally disseminated profession and income suggestions to pupil advisers and displayed it prominently at the appropriate of the school’s on-line diploma plan. suggestions on careers in actual sciences can also be key to college students’ need to earn a baccalaureate. In a survey of 708 neighborhood faculty geoscience college students within the Journal of Geoscience schooling, career discussions with college students positively correlated with better intent to switch to a 4-12 months school in the geosciences. EPCC geology principal Joshua Peterson experiences his Brunton compass for a strike and dip meas-urement within the Franklin Mountains, Texas. credit score: Joshua Villalobos besides an absence of career assistance, Villalobos spoke of that neighborhood school students can face an extra hurdle: cultural perceptions of a “a hit” profession. “for many minority families, in case you give you the chance to send one among your little ones to school, you’re going to want them to be a physician or a lawyer, things that are inside the cultural mental framework of what success is,” Villalobos pointed out. Three in 10 neighborhood school college students are the first in their families to pursue bigger schooling. folks of students began displaying up at Villalobos’s office asking if their newborn may even get a job in geology.Language will also be one other barrier and may result in misconceptions about geoscience. Researchers use the term fieldwork to explain research carried out in an outside atmosphere, for instance, but in Hispanic cultures, “the time period ‘doing fieldwork’ potential that you are…getting a job literally within the box, like determining crops or digging ditches,” Villalobos pointed out. the majority of scholars at EPCC and UTEP are Hispanic, and the campus Villalobos calls home is in an agricultural enviornment. folks of scholars started showing up at Villalobos’s office asking whether their newborn may even get a job in geology. And why were their little ones working in the field? Villalobos quelled fogeys’ fears by taking note of their concerns and explaining that studying the geosciences does result in career opportunities. When doing out of doors work, Villalobos requires that college students “gown like a scientist,” with a pc, mountaineering boots, and protecting apparel. “That suitable gear is like your uniform,” Villalobos referred to. “It’s your image of being a geologist.” Pointing the Arrow At group schools, students can fall prey to “cafeteria-fashion studying,” observed Nikki Edgecombe, a senior research student on the neighborhood college research center at academics school, Columbia institution. students take a random mixture of classes that don’t necessarily result in a level, commonly basing their choices on peers or scheduling, as opposed to the culmination of commencement. EPCC’s software makes use of a distinct strategy: The faculty offers a level plan with seven geology and environmental lessons and labs, as well as freshman- and sophomore-stage math and science classes. This guided pathway harnesses college students’ exhilaration after their first geology class into a focused song and permits them to retailer money if they wish to switch to a 4-12 months institution. Geology and geophysics college students from El Paso group college (EPCC) collect round a ground-penetrating radar to survey a dried reservoir in El Paso, Texas. credit: Joshua Villa-lobos Villalobos knew that coursework was most effective the first step, despite the fact, and that a vital part of researching happened in the laboratory. Villalobos recollects washing beakers as an undergraduate in a geochemistry lab at UTEP and how a lot of a pleasure it changed into. Overhearing conversations between professors and graduate college students brought Villalobos to a brand new language and scientific world. besides the fact that the work turned into menial to beginning, quickly Villalobos was studying to operate scientific gadgets and flying to Stanford college to run high-powered equipment. The adventure “cemented my want to be a geologist,” stated Villalobos, and there was no intent EPCC students shouldn’t have that chance too. “excessive-impact researching experiences” can have a powerful impact on college students, but community faculties commonly don’t have the substances to deliver them. offers are scarce, and faculty are as much as their eyeballs teaching classes, now and again six per semester. The students enthusiastically trudged throughout the wetland each week.Villalobos knew it become time to ask for aid. step one became making use of for out-of-state funding from the tuition of Arizona for $2,000–$3,000 grants to boost the number of minoritized students in STEM. Villalobos used the cash to pay two college students to analyze a close-by wetland using primary container kits. The students enthusiastically trudged in the course of the wetland each week, taking soil and water samples, and developed a hypothesis that the wetlands are partly fed by using up to now unidentified springs. using the small offers as a proof of conception, Villalobos secured a $200,000 provide from the country wide Science groundwork to build a research program. in the scholar alternatives for getting to know superior research within the Geosciences (SOLARIS) software, EPCC college students achieved one- or two-semester analysis tasks, from time to time on the college and different instances at UTEP. right through the heyday of SOLARIS in 2017, EPCC had 70 students in its geology essential, a big number even compared with 4-12 months associations. The connection between EPCC and UTEP became out to be key. After the birth of Villalobos’s pilot analysis courses in 2008, enrollment in UTEP’s geology diploma application quadrupled over 7 years, and the number within the environmental science degree software nearly doubled as EPCC college students transferred to UTEP. building the Bridge As an EPCC scholar, Cameron desired to switch to UTEP however wasn’t bound she may find the money for it. She stands out as the first in her family unit to get a bachelor’s diploma. She’d completed every thing correct: entire her geology classes, achieved analysis, and checked off her prerequisites. but when she idea in regards to the bigger training charge, “i was like, man, I bought all this way, and that i’m not going to be capable of continue on.” The commonplace annual 4-12 months public in-state faculty lessons become basically 3 times as high priced as that of community college in 2019. And the can charge is going up: Between 2008 and 2018, the expense for undergraduate education rose 31%. fortunately, UTEP had a software known as Pathways that paid undergraduates to habits research. The money would simply barely cover tuition. as a result of Cameron had already accomplished research at UTEP via SOLARIS, she determined to take the soar into a bachelor’s program. aside from navigating fees, group school college students eyeing a bachelor’s diploma need to transfer their credit. students lose an estimated 43% of their credits when they transfer.Transferring credit within the U.S. education system may also be a headache. The executive Accountability workplace investigated college transferring in 2017 and concluded that the technique is a mess. Between 2004 and 2009, college students lost an estimated 43% of their credits after they transferred, the document discovered, which wasted students’ cash, time, and economic assist. a part of the problem is that colleges fail to disclose switch agreements, referred to as articulation agreements, online. The branch of schooling does not require them to accomplish that. Some schools don’t have articulation agreements at all. EPCC and UTEP have such an contract. The geoscience associate’s diploma at EPCC counts at once for 2 years at UTEP. This two-plus-two program makes a bachelor’s diploma that tons faster and more cost-effective, observed Villalobos. Even greater, by means of working together proactively, highway bumps will also be prevented. for instance, transfer students may lose a whole yr in the event that they birth at UTEP while not having taken chemistry. Geoscience students must subscribe to a direction that requires chemistry (mineralogy) within the fall of their junior yr, and spring courses build on that abilities. for this reason, EPCC college students have to take chemistry before transferring. To keep away from pitfalls, advisers from each faculties meet to coordinate their curricula, and that they provide every other a heads-up when changes ensue, referred to UTEP geology professor Diane Doser. One mannequin among Many The success at El Paso impressed college at Texas A&M college to make investments of their own program for switch college students. Texas A&M extended admissions of switch group faculty students through 107% within the first 12 months.About 5 years ago, the college eased its coursework requirements for switch college students. The changes multiplied admissions of group school switch college students to Texas A&M by using 107% in the first yr. “We noticed that we had been lacking a large demographic,” mentioned former Texas A&M affiliate dean Chris Houser. but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. For one, El Paso is a little of an anomaly. It’s remoted from the rest of the state’s training system in an “schooling wilderness,” with EPCC and UTEP being the best public institutions of higher training in that corner of the state. against this, there are 32 community colleges near Texas A&M. but the situation wasn’t insurmountable: Texas A&M accepts introductory courses from surrounding neighborhood colleges with out an articulation settlement, talked about Texas A&M dean Christian Brannstrom. as a substitute, the school offers a handout with recommended courses that community faculty college students can take over a 2-year span to prepare them for school. The sheet proclaims “your degree at A&M begins at your neighborhood college.” This year the incoming classification has forty% community college students, spoke of Brannstrom. still, might this strategy work outside of Texas? There are three large challenges. For one, Texas is a minority-majority state, and both EPCC and UTEP are Hispanic-serving associations; the majority of El Paso’s inhabitants is Hispanic or Latino. As analysis has shown, equitable and inclusive places of work require greater than with ease increasing the representation of racially minoritized groups. people working in predominantly non-Hispanic white associations need to actively trade the subculture in these areas to be inclusive and equitable. 2d, Texas has streamlined the transfer process by means of regulating which courses will also be offered by using community colleges. That isn’t the case nationwide; some states allow group colleges to set their own course offerings. “a lot of people just wish to leap right in and clear up it within a semester or two. That’s simply not going to occur.”group college faculty member Eric Baer pointed out that he would like to re-create the El Paso model, however his domestic establishment of Highline college close Seattle exists in a completely different academic ecosystem, with wonderful direction choices and countless 4-year options local. He noted that while standardizing path choices makes for a clearer direction, educators chance creating cookie-cutter students. Third, the El Paso mannequin relied heavily on one-time supplies. The SOLARIS software that led Cameron into area science is no longer round, besides the fact that children spinoffs are. “We’re making an attempt to be as inventive as viable,” observed Doser, as a result of “you don’t at all times get funding to do the equal issue again and again once again.” “We’re normally attempting to find aid,” she added. That doesn’t suggest that exchange is inconceivable. It takes time, observed Villalobos. “a lot of people simply wish to start appropriate in and remedy it within a semester or two. That’s just no longer going to happen.” delivery by way of realizing your college students and your establishment, learn the way to bring together data, and establish your group partners, Villalobos advised. “once you get a grasp on all of these, then which you can beginning laying down the groundwork for some thing really astounding.” For Cameron, the bridge from EPCC and UTEP got here at exactly the appropriate time. After throwing in the towel of premed, she wasn’t bound what she’d do. Now she goals up space mission ideas for a far off icy world. “Even now, thinking back on it, Joshua [Villalobos] and EPCC have been the things that in reality set that direction in movement.” community school also taught her that a 2nd chance is all the time viable. “It doesn’t be counted what’s came about to you,” Cameron talked about. “in case you need to make things occur now, you nonetheless can.” —Jenessa Duncombe (@jrdscience), body of workers author
move laptop Market size with international Demand evaluation and enterprise alternatives Outlook 2024 The MarketWatch information department turned into not concerned within the introduction of this content material. Nov 11, 2020 (AmericaNewsHour) — Kenneth analysis has currently delivered a market analysis look at on movement laptop Market 2024 which provides a complete finished evaluation including the information through Segmentations, through Geography and as neatly as the aggressive panorama of the precise 10 companies during this market The global movement computer market generated a income of USD 925.sixty nine million in 2018 and is expected to attain a market price of USD 1474.13 million by 2024, registering a CAGR of eight.49%.In 2018, the global GDP stood at USD 84,740.3 Billion as compared to the GDP of USD eighty,144.5 Billion in 2017, marked a boom of 5.seventy three% in 2018 over outdated 12 months in accordance with the information quoted by means of international financial Fund. here is likely to impel the boom of circulation computer Market over the length 2019-2026. download pattern of This Strategic document:- Market photograph The international move computing device Market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 8.forty nine% all the way through the forecast duration 2019-2024.A move computing device is a really expert computing device that uses algorithms and sophisticated calculations to calculate and list the flow expense of a specific flowing substance according to the business standards at a particular element of time. It gives accurate and consistent results using sophisticated programming, damage-resistant hardware components, and graphical person interface to screen the readings. circulate computing device manufacturers make movement computer systems that use either wired or instant networks to hook up with its distinctive hardware gadgets similar to power gauges, temperature probes, fuel sensors, and disbursed control programs. The ultimate record will cover the influence evaluation of COVID-19 on this business: down load sample of This Strategic report:- The increasing developments in circulate computer systems and growing to be demand for movement computer systems for wastewater medicine purposes are the basic components using the growth of the world move computing device market. via part, the international circulation computer market has been segmented into hardware, software, and features. The hardware component contains field-mounted devices and panel-hooked up gadgets. These hardware gadgets are classified according to the category of mounting stream desktop is the use of. A application element is put in on the consumer’s contraptions akin to laptop, tablet, cellular, or computer to talk with the stream computer systems. various features for the circulation computer systems encompass technical help, restoration and maintenance, product training, ingredients alternative, and consulting services. agencies covered the key avid gamers of world flow desktop market are ABB Ltd, Honeywell international Inc, Schneider electric SE, Yokogawa electric powered organization, Emersion electric powered Co, Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley), ProSoft expertise Inc. (Belden Inc.), KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH (KROHNE community), OMNI circulate computer systems, Inc, Schlumberger constrained, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Contrec Ltd, Dynamic move computers, Inc, stream techniques, Inc, Kessler-Ellis products, Co, TechnipFMC PLC (FMC applied sciences dimension), and Flowmetrics, Inc. Regional evaluation The circulation desktop market, by area, has been segmented into North the us, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the center East and Africa, and South the usa. North the us accounted for the greatest market share of 35% in 2018, with a market value of USD 321.seventy four million; the market is expected to register a CAGR of seven.33% all the way through the forecast length. Europe turned into the second-greatest market in 2018, valued at USD 237.48 million; the market is projected to reveal a CAGR of 8.74%. The market within the middle East & Africa is expected to register the maximum CAGR of 10.19%. down load pattern of This Strategic file:- North the us is the dominating region when it comes to market share due to the presence of quite a few key players who’re developing new and superior flow computers techniques. The expanding demand for superior and reliable computing in industries is one of the most important elements contributing to the increase of the market within the place. the us accounts for the biggest share in the flow computing device market in North the united states due to the early adoption of the circulate desktop technology/techniques. additionally, the presence of a variety of oil & gas corporations in the US, comparable to Chevron Corp., ExxonMobil Corp., Abraxas Petroleum Corp., Adams materials & power Inc. and California components Corp., which use flow computer systems for the dimension of materials comparable to liquid and gas, make a contribution greatly to the boom of the market in the country. The geographic evaluation in Europe has been carried out for a variety of international locations reminiscent of UK, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, and the rest of the eu nations. Europe has a number of industries, together with chemicals, petrochemical, and oil & gasoline, which use stream desktop programs. The rising cognizance for wastewater medication is an additional aspect using the growth of the circulation desktop market in this area. Key developments  In may additionally 2018, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced the launch of Thermo Scientific AutoXP circulate computer, presenting valued clientele with greater manage and connectivity. Thermo Scientific AutoXP move computing device is a two-in-one stream dimension instrument that helps the oil & fuel industry container technicians to generate, control, and interpret stream information in downstream, upstream and midstream operations for gas and liquid purposes. In February 2019, Schlumberger limited and Rockwell Automation announced an contract to create a three way partnership, Sensia, the first thoroughly built-in digital oilfield automation options company. The Sensia joint venture will develop into the totally built-in company of size solutions and automation for the oil & gasoline industry. it is going to offer scalable, cloud, and area-enabled method automation options. In September 2018, KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH launched the FLEXMAG 4050 C, an electromagnetic move meter with biocompatible disposable move tube for biopharmaceutical functions that encompass filtration processes and chromatography. The electromagnetic movement meter gives reliable, direct, and accurate volumetric movement measurements for assembly the biopharmaceutical necessities. Request For Full record- In February 2019, ProSoft technology Inc. launched its more advantageous in-chassis move computer for Rockwell Automation CompactLogix techniques. This circulation computing device presents hire computerized Custody transfer (LACT) accuracy options for oil & fuel businesses, reducing the maintenance prices. Market Segmentation by way of part — Hardware, software, and capabilities by way of Operations — Single circulation circulation computers and Multi-circulation stream computers by Connectivity — Wired circulate computer systems, and instant movement computer systems via machine — power Gauges, Temperature Probes, gas Composition Sensors, Meter Prover, Sampling gadget, Density size machine, and Others via applications — gas Monitoring, Liquid & gas size, Wellhead size and Optimization, Pipeline Transmission and Distribution, and Others Key questions addressed via the report What become the ancient market measurement (2018)? Which segmentation (element/ Operations/Connectivity/machine/applications) is driving market? What can be the growth fee through 2024? who’re the key players in this market? What are the thoughts adopted by means of key players? About Kenneth analysis Kenneth research is a reselling agency featuring market research options in different verticals similar to car and Transportation, chemical compounds and substances, Healthcare, meals & Beverage and buyer Packaged items, Semiconductors, Electronics & ICT, Packaging, and Others. Our portfolio contains set of market research insights equivalent to market sizing and market forecasting, market share analysis and key positioning of the gamers (manufacturers, deals and distributors, and so forth), realizing the competitive landscape and their enterprise at a ground level and many extra. Our analysis experts carry the choices efficaciously and with ease inside a stipulated time. The market analyze supplied by way of Kenneth analysis helps the business veterans/buyers to suppose and to act accurately of their standard approach formulation Contact Us name: Kenneth researchEmail:income@kennethresearch.comPhone: +1 313 462 0609 The put up move computing device Market dimension with international Demand analysis and business alternatives Outlook 2024 regarded first on the usa information Hour. COMTEX_374272179/2606/2020-11-11T01:55:56 Is there an issue with this press release? Contact the source company Comtex at that you may also contact MarketWatch client provider by means of our consumer center. The MarketWatch information department become not concerned in the creation of this content material..

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